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Torchwood Recs

I believe in sharing, so below the cut are just 'some' of my favourite Torchwood stories and writers. This isn't a complete list because I don't always bookmark an author and my memory sucks. There's no order to this either...although I will admit that Moving In tops the list.

  • Fic: New Venture

    Title: New Venture Author: badly_knitted Characters: Ianto, Jack, Nosy. Rating: PG Word Count: 1124 Spoilers: Nada. Summary:…

  • Fic: Back In Business

    Title: Back In Business Author: badly_knitted Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys. Rating: G Word Count: 1058 Spoilers: Set…

  • Double Drabble: Unavailable

    Title: Unavailable Author: badly_knitted Characters: Ianto, OMC. Rating: PG Written For: Challenge 674: Speak at tw100 .…

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