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SUMMARY: The team have a little surprise.


DISCLAIMER: The characters, songs, films, ideas, don’t belong to me. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this story.

NOTE: The sequel of Primrose.




The three couples arrived at the hub and parked the motorcycles. Rhys was still very excited, "It was a wonderful celebration. With you I've seen the most incredible things. Thanks for taking me." Owen added "It’s actually Teaboy who we have to thank, he has some friends quite bizarre." Ianto raise his eyebrow "It’s Winnie who has these friends." Tosh and Gwen started to yawn and Jack said "Well, go to sleep. You can return after lunch, go to rest, Yan and I will stay here in case there is any rift activity." All were dismissed. Jack and Ianto went to Jack's office. "Coffee??" Ianto said softly, Jack looked at him intensely, "Come here." Ianto approached Jack and he hugged him tightly "You know what I really want..." Ianto smiled "I couldn’t imagine in a million years." Jack picked him up in his arms, Ianto asked to be lowered to the ground, but Jack ignored him and went to the room. Ianto sighed when he was lying in bed "I like to live in the flat, but sometimes I need to be here with you." Jack lay down on him "You're right, here's where I made ​​love to you for the first time." Ianto blushed "Yeah, it was wonderful." Jack kissed him sweetly "I'd like to remember that moment." Ianto nodded. Jack undressed Ianto, who began to feel like he was floating, he could feel Jack touching and kissing him, but like in a dream, he also felt waves of heat that enveloped him. At the moment Jack got into him, the feeling was transformed into ecstasy. When Jack arrived at his orgasms, Ianto also exploited for pleasure, but it was more intense than ever. "Yan, baby, why are you crying, did I hurt you?" Ianto felt hot tears running over his face, mixed with sweat "No, cariad, don’t worry, I’m fine, indeed, I’m very happy." Jack kissed him "I love you, Yan." "I love you more, Jack."

On the afternoon of that day, the team was working. Ianto went to feed Myfanwy "Hello, beautiful, how are you??? Are you hungry?" Myfanwy stared at Ianto and approached him, she put her head on his shoulder and snuggled into his neck making affectionate noises, Ianto could not help laughing "What is it, my little girl?" Myfanwy looked back at him and then she began to eat. Ianto stared at her a little surprised, but if Myfanwy had always loved Ianto, since that moment she didn’t lose him from her sight when Ianto was at the hub, it seemed that she was protecting him.

A month and a half later, the team was reunited in the boardroom to dinner. "I'm starving," said Gwen. Owen looked at the bags that Ianto had brought "What's for dinner, Teaboy?" Ianto took the bags "I bought fish and chips, also cookies and honey for dessert." Tosh was amazed "Honey?" Ianto turned to her "Yes, for the coffee as well." Jack sat "Well, let’s eat." All were eating, when Tosh started looking Ianto. She nudged Owen to look at him too "Hey, Teaboy, what the hell are you doing?" The others turned to see Ianto, Gwen gasped "Oh, pet, you're eating chips with honey." Ianto rolled his eyes "I like the taste, a taste of honey." Jack grimaced "Let me try one." Ianto handed him a chip, Jack made ​​another grimace "It tastes awful" Ianto shrugged "I don’t care what you say, I like it."

The next morning, Jack reached down and found Ianto wasn’t laid beside him "Yan?" Suddenly, Jack heard him vomiting in the bathroom. Jack jumped out of bed and ran there, he found Ianto kneeling on the floor with one arm over the toilet and his head resting on it. Jack was very worried, "Baby, are you OK?" Ianto snorted, "Of course, I'm having the time of my life." Jack replied, "Hey, I'm trying to be nice." Ianto sobbed "Sorry, Jack, is that it’s not pleasant to see again what you ate the day before." Jack stared at him "That’s because you ate chips with honey." Ianto was greener "Oh, God." and returned to vomit.

When Jack and Ianto reached the hub, the other three were already there. Tosh waved and noted that they were very serious "What happened, why those faces?" Jack snorted "Yan was throwing up and he refused to stay home." Ianto replied, "I'm fine, I can work." Owen intervened "That happens when you eat rubbish." “Squeak” Myfanwy shit over Owen’s head. “Bloody stupid bird!!” Owen yelled. Tosh scolded him “Do not mess with Ianto, Myfanwy not allow anyone to approach him lately.” Gwen was concerned "It must have been indigestion." Ianto nodded "Yeah, I'm fine now. I'm going to make coffee." Jack called "Meeting in the boardroom." Ianto began to brew coffee, but the smell made him nauseous again. "Oh God, I don’t want to throw up more." At the end, he was able to prepare four mugs of coffee. Ianto couldn’t smell the coffee, so he prepared for him a cup of milk ... with lots of honey.

Almost two weeks later and Ianto was not feeling well. He felt tired, nauseous and he only could eat honey and potatoes.  Ianto did not want to worry Jack and he had not told him of how he felt. Ianto could not stand the coffee, the only thing he could drink was milk. Ianto was in the archives, when the bells rang "Hello Yan." Two small elves appeared. "Hi, Winnie." They embraced. Ianto looked at the other elf. "You're Mara. Hello!" Mara made ​​a small bow. Ianto grinned "What are you doing here?" Mara was the one who answered "Mother Nature sends you a gift." Mara gave him a bag "It’s a tea made with the first blooms of Spring. She thought you would like it." Ianto was very pleased "Thanks, tell Mother Nature that I really appreciate it." Winnie took Ianto by the arm, "We must go now, we have to do other jobs. Take care." Ianto embraced the two girls "You too." When he was alone, Ianto went to the kitchen and made a tea, which made ​​him feel much better.

Nearly three weeks later, Owen and Ianto were with Detective Swanson and Andy collecting the body of a rather nasty alien. Owen set out to collect the remains "Okay, Teaboy, give me the bag. Teaboy, Teaboy." The Detective was the one who answered "I think that Baby Face has a very delicate stomach." Owen frowned "What? Andy added "Ianto is throwing up at the dump." Owen turned and saw Ianto's headed in the dump. "Shit, that's fucking amazing, bloody Teaboy!" Owen picked up alone the dead body, Ianto was laid in the SUV. Owen was angry "Damn, Teaboy, since you're Jack’s little wife you turned so delicate." Ianto was very green. "Sorry Owen, I felt terrible." Owen grumbled all the way back to the hub.

A week later, Jack, Owen and Gwen were returning from a mission with remains of another alien. Owen lifted the bag "Look, Teaboy, what we brought." Ianto looked in the bag and passed out. When Ianto awoke, he was laid on the autopsy bay, Jack was very concerned at his side. Owen grabbed Jack by the arm "Let me check him. Mmm, your blood pressure is a little low." Jack finally spoke "Yan, you're not fine. You don’t want me to know, but I know that you almost didn’t eat." Tosh nodded "It's true, besides, I've heard you throwing up." Gwen added, "And you're very pale." Ianto had to accept what the others said, "It is true, I don’t know what happens to me, I am very tired, I just want to sleep and all I can eat is potatoes and honey. I can’t stand coffee, I can only drink milk and a tea that Mother Nature gave me." Owen jumped "Let me make some blood tests." The doctor took some samples and he went to work. When he finished the tests, he was very surprised. Jack looked alarmed "Owen, what’s going on?" Owen smiled scared "Teaboy, you have a little bun in the oven." "What?" said the other four at the same time.



“Yours was the kiss that awoke my heart,
There lingers still, 'though we're far apart,
That taste of honey... tasting much sweeter than wine.”




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wanda1969 on March 26th, 2011 05:42 am (UTC)
Very cute- and I don't even like anything to do with male pregnancy!
toshiani007 on March 26th, 2011 02:03 pm (UTC)
***blushed*** I feel very honored with your lovely comment, thank you very much!!! I'll keep it as a treasure. Luv ya!!! ***hugs*** A
punkchick1995 on March 26th, 2011 09:58 am (UTC)
Aww cute :) will there be more? xx
toshiani007 on March 26th, 2011 02:08 pm (UTC)
***giggles*** Honestly, I do not know, I did not plan this story, I just sat down to write, and it appeared, we'll see, I have my brain cells working. Thanks, sweety!!! Luv ya!!! ***hugs*** A