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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 6/?
Rating:  PG
Characters:   Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Martha and Tosh investigate.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD
A/N: Usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.

Story starts here:

previous chapter: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5343409.html#cutid1


Chapter 6.

 “ Tosh,” Jack’s voice broke through the stunned silence, “ We’re just waiting for Owen to bring the SUV nearer, once we load up the weevil we’ll be on our way back...” An alert sounded in the Hub, and on Jack’s wrist strap, “..or not as the case maybe. Tosh ?”

 “ Another weevil Jack, about a mile east of your current position. Coordinates being patched through.” Tosh looked to Martha silently asking if they should mention what was happening in the Hub. Martha shook her head.

 “ Thanks Tosh, looks like we’ll be a bit longer.”

 “ OK. Do you want me to coordinate from here ?”

 “ No it’s OK, just keep an overview for us just in case, thanks.”

 “ Sure Jack,” Tosh replied, then muted the coms as she turned to face Martha properly. “ We should tell the others.”

 “ We should.” Martha agreed. “ But do you think it’s wise to do it right now ? They are trying to track and capture a dangerous creature, if we tell them that an energy reading has registered and the source appears to be where Ianto’s body is, do you really think they will be totally focused on catching the weevil ? Even if Owen and Gwen keep their minds on what they’re doing, Jacks won’t be totally on the job at hand. I just think it will be better to have some idea of what’s going on when we let the others, and especially Jack, know.”

 “ I suppose so.” Tosh didn’t sound too sure but could see Martha’s point.

 “ How long until they get back ?”

 “ It depends. They’ve got to get there, locate and capture the weevil, deal with any clear up required, then head back here. If it’s all straight forward maybe thirty to forty minutes.”

 “ Right , we’ve got that long to find out what’s going on downstairs.” Martha stood as she spoke, pulled out her gun and checked it.


 Tosh and Martha had headed quickly but carefully down to the vaults, scanning all the time for any intruders or anything out of the ordinary. Nothing had shown up and now the two women were standing in the vaults next to draw 0107. Both kept their weapons drawn as Tosh checked her PDA once again.

 “ Anything ?” Martha asked.

 “ Nothing.”

 “ This is definitely the source of the earlier readings ?” Martha looked to Tosh for confirmation.

 “ Yes.”

 “ We need to...” Martha’s eyes moved their gaze back to the draw containing Ianto, “...take a look.”

 Taking a calming breath Martha waited for Tosh to unlock draw 0107. It appeared that Jack had used a personal code to lock Ianto’s draw rather than using the normal ones; consequently Tosh took a few moments longer than usual but it was soon unlocked. Both women trained their guns on the draw. Tosh pocketed her PDA and with one hand holding her gun, the other she used to ease open the draw containing her best friend. A faint gasp left Tosh’s lips as she took in the sight of Ianto’s body covered with Jack’s greatcoat, before she could say anything however, Martha spoke.

 “ We need to make sure nothing’s underneath. You remove the coat, I’ll cover you.”

 Tosh nodded, and with her free hand she lifted Jack’s coat off of Ianto. Much too both women’s relief the only thing under the coat was the inert body of the young Welshman. Both women let out the breaths of air neither of them had realised they were holding. Tosh got the PDA out of her pocket. After quickly checking the teams’ whereabouts, - it appeared they were still trying to capture the weevil, - she started to scan Ianto’s body and the draw itself. Although her gun was still trained on the now open draw Martha relaxed a little, looking at the body of the young man she barely knew a frown crossed her face.

 “ Tosh, didn’t at least one of the wounds show above the neckline of the scrubs ?”

 “ Yes. Why ?” Tosh lifted her gaze up from the PDA to focus where Martha was looking at Ianto’s neck. Where previously there had been a deep, angry wound, there was now only a faint red line. Tosh quickly started tapping on the PDA trying to figure out what was going on with her friend. Martha meanwhile was carefully undoing the scrubs at the neck and easing it down to reveal Ianto’s chest. It had been marked diagonally across it with five deep, open wounds, as well as a smaller puncture wound to the centre of the chest, now however, the only sign of what had taken Ianto from them were faint red lines and a small red area where the alien’s talon had stabbed him.

 “ What the ..? Tosh !”

Tosh looked up from the PDA and seeing the healed wounds muttered something in Japanese.

“ Anything from the scans ?” Martha asked hoping something had shown up that could explain the sight before them.

 “ Nothing that shouldn’t be there. Do you think this has anything to do with Jack ? You know with them being together.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth Tosh knew it was probably a silly thing to say, but right now she was trying to process what she could see in front of her. The only person she knew could heal like that was Jack and if this did have something to do with him, and you worked it through to its logical conclusion, – Jack heals, therefore Ianto heals, Jack dies then comes back, Ianto dies and ...She was clutching at straws, Tosh knew that, but right know she’d take whatever she could get.

 “ Sexually transmitted ?” Martha sounded sceptical, “ Well if that’s the case, with Jacks track record there would be a lot more cases like this around !” Both women smirked slightly. “ No, I doubt it’s got anything to do with them being together. You would have noticed it before when Ianto’s been injured. Considering the energy readings that registered it must have something to do with the incident at Torchwood One, but what exactly... We need to get him upstairs to run more in-depth tests than can done down here. Jack’s not going to like it.”

“ I know, but what other option do we have ? We need to find out what’s going on, there’s only so much we can do here. Once in the hub we can utilise everything we have. If we’re doing this we need to do it now,” Tosh had checked on the team again and discovered that they had just caught the weevil. Once witnesses had been dealt with they would be heading back; she and Martha didn’t have long.

 “ Let’s get him upstairs and find some answers.”

 Tosh deactivated and reversed the cryogenics to Ianto’s draw, they would need his body pliable to be able to take samples. Then she went to get a trolley to transport the Welshman up to the autopsy bay. Returning a few minutes later, Tosh moved the trolley next to the draw and Martha helped her manoeuvre Ianto’s body on to it. With the now empty draw closed, the two women moved the trolley into the lift and headed up to their destination. Tosh was just about to speak when her PDA registered something, taking it out of her pocket to check, her head looked up when she heard Martha gasp, “ Oh my God !”

 There was no sudden gasp of air, or flailing of arms, just the faintest rise and fall of Ianto’s chest. A glance was exchanged between the two women before Tosh quickly checked the PDA.

 “ Life signs, faint but improving.”

 “ Brain activity ?” Martha asked looking back down at the now breathing body.

 “ Yes. Showing as similar to a coma patient.”

 “ Is there any sigh of alien possession, or other outside forces ?” Martha asked, her UNIT training kicking in. As much as she hoped that this was truly happening, that Ianto had somehow come back, the truth was that this couldn’t be happening without some sort of intervention, and in their current environment the odds were it would be alien.

 “ Nothing alien is showing. Just human life signs.” Tosh was managing to keep her voice calm, even though her emotions were in turmoil. Her friend, her best friend had died but was now lying in front of her breathing. Her mind was racing; the scientist doubting, questioning; the friend overwhelmed by the thought of having her confidant back. The scientist won out, as the lift doors opened she looked to Martha and continued, “ I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to have this worked out before they get back, but the quicker we get started the more chance we’ll have something to tell them when they do.”  

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