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Much Better You Than I - Video

Person Who Clicked the Buttonssariagray 
Title: Much Better You Than I
Episode: Moments from the whole series, including COE (but not THOSE moments)
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Jack, Jack/John, Gwen/Rhys, Team
Song: "Vicarious" Tool
Rating: PG13? 
Length: 7:09
Warnings:  It's Tool. And Torchwood. You have been warned.
Spoilers: Whole series, including CoE.
Disclaimer: I own nothing; neither Torchwood or this song belongs to me. I intend no harm with this. 
Notes: Originally intended for my own amusement. Then it was intended for GDL's birthday.  Now it's apparently intended for April Fool's Day? I've been meaning to make this for months now, and I finally got around to it. Hurray.

LinkMuch Better You Than I

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