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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 7/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Tosh and Martha start looking for answers and the others return to the Hub.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD

A/N: Usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.
Hoping this makes sense and isn’t too much of a ramble!
Oh and a warning for some bad language, - well Owen is involved so what do you expect!

Story starts here:

previous chapter:


 Chapter 7.

Tosh and Martha had moved Ianto into the autopsy bay, placed him on the cold metal table,( Tosh made a mental note to get a proper bed in there, as having to be treated on an autopsy table was neither comfortable nor particularly reassuring !) and had connected him up to numerous machines. Martha had taken some blood samples and was waiting for the first set of tests to be completed.

 “ Did you know ?”

 “ Sorry ?” Martha looked over towards Tosh, wondering what she was referring to.

 “ Did you know...about the ring and Jack’s coat ?”

 Martha moved to where Tosh was standing next to Ianto, looking down at his left hand.

 “ Yes. Jack looked so broken and lost when we left him after we said our goodbyes in the vaults. I was worried about him, so I brought up the CCTV for down there so I could keep an eye on him, and well I saw him put them on Ianto.”

 Tosh continued looking at her friends’ hand. “ Jack really does love him doesn’t he.” It wasn’t a question, but Martha answered anyway.

 “ Yes he does. I think for the first time in a very long while Jack let himself fall totally.”

 The two women fell silent for a moment, both lost in thought, before Martha brought them back to the current situation.

“ Tosh, do you have either some blood samples, or previous blood test results I can use as a comparison ?”

 “ Sure. There are control samples in the fridge over there...” Tosh pointed to Martha’s left. “..and ..” she moved over to use the bays computer, “..here are Ianto’s medical files including previous blood tests.”

 “ Thanks.” Martha said as she took Tosh’s place in front of the monitor.

 “ If there’s anything you can’t find or can’t get access to just say.” Tosh said as she returned her attention to the Bekaran scanner she had been using on Ianto.

 Both women were concentrating on their tasks when the sound of Owen’s voice filled the empty central area of the Hub.

“ It’s like the Mary Celeste in here. Tosh, Martha?...What the hell ?” Owen had noticed the beeping of the monitor and hurried toward his domain calling out to the two women again. Reaching the railing, Owen looked down into the autopsy bay, “ What the fuck is going on ?!”

 “ Owen.” It was Tosh who acknowledged him.

 “ Well ?” Owen had come down the stairs and was heading towards where his once dead, but now unconscious teammate lay. “ Care to explain how teaboy is registering life signs and...” having reached the autopsy table Owen was now staring at the healed chest “...seems to have hardly any signs of injury ?”

 “ There was an energy reading in the vaults, specifically the source was Ianto’s draw.”

 “ Why the hell didn’t you tell us about it and wait until we got back ! For fuck sake it could have been anything, - could still be anything !” Owen was not impressed.

 “ We’re not stupid Owen !” Tosh was annoyed. “ I ran it through the system, checked for intruders, it was clear and the energy matched a harmless one recorded at Torchwood One.”

 “ Nothing about that place was harmless.” Owen said. While listening to Tosh’s explanation he checked the monitor and its readouts.

 “ I thought we should check it out as soon as possible.” Martha said, not wanting Tosh to take the blame, after all she had been the one to push for them to investigate what was going on before Jack’s return in particular, - oh no Jack. “ Where’s Jack ? I thought he was with you.”

 “ He’s putting the other weevil in the cell, oh and Gwen’s gone to get some coffee.” Owen informed them a little distractedly. He was focusing on a readout from the monitor, “ This is reading as if he’s in a coma. Was he healed when you opened the draw or has it happened since the cryo was turned off ?” The medic in Owen was kicking in. “ Oh, I presume you’ve checked for alien possession ?” he added matter-of-factly.

 “ Of course. There was nothing out of the ordinary...”

 “ Except for the fact teaboy was dead and now he’s not !” Owen interjected sarcastically.

 Tosh gave him an annoyed look before continuing. “..He was healed when we opened the draw, but he didn’t start breathing until we were bringing him up here in the lift. Here are the results of the tests we’ve managed to do so far, both here and down in the vaults.” Tosh handed Owen a collection of readouts to study. “ Martha has taken some blood samples and is waiting for the first set of tests to come through.”

 “ Hmm...” Owen was giving the information Tosh had just given him a quick look through. “ You’ve considered that it could have something to do with Jack I suppose ?”

 “ Yes we did, but we thought it unlikely, there would be more evidence with Jack’s history, and as for Ianto surely you would have noticed something when he’s been hurt? Rapid healing or something.” Martha said to Owen.

 “ I guess, unless it was something that didn’t kick in until teaboy died ?” Owen wondered, then thinking about what Tosh had said earlier, he continued, “ You said the energy reading matched one recorded at Torchwood One. What do we know about it exactly ?”

 Before Tosh or Martha had a chance to answer, Jack’s furious voice echoed around the Hub.

“ Where is he ? What have you done with him ?”

 “ Shit! This is not going to be good.” Owen remarked as he looked from Martha to Tosh, then to where their Captain was coming down the stairs into the autopsy bay. Jack’s eyes were focused on the body lying on the cold metal table in the centre of the room.

 “ I told you to leave him !” Jack was angry; he hadn’t wanted anyone else to touch Ianto. No autopsy he had told them, he didn’t want his beautiful Welshman marked any more than he already was. Jack didn’t register anything around him as he headed to where his lover lay, his focus was solely on Ianto’s face. Jack reached the autopsy table and froze as the sights and sounds suddenly seemed to register with him. The rhythm of a heartbeat reaching his ears via the beeping of the monitor. The sight of untarnished skin came into vision as Jack’s gaze moved down to take in Ianto’s bare chest. Jack moved his hand as if to touch Ianto’s, hesitating a moment before placing it on top of the Welshman’s left hand, his warm hand! What the ...Jack’s mind was suddenly racing trying to make sense of what was in front of him. He must be dreaming,- hallucinating, - it wasn’t real,- it couldn’t be, Ianto had died, Jack had reluctantly said his goodbyes, he’d held him, he’d kissed him....no, no it couldn’t be that, could it ?...Jack’s emotions were in turmoil. There was fear, fear this wasn’t real, fear that he had done this, and in the process cursed the man he loved to be like him. The fear was eased by joy, joy that his Welshman was breathing again, apparently alive. Then there was the total love for the man lying in front of him, and also confusion as to what was happening and how? Finally anger was seeping into Jack’s thoughts, anger that something had obviously happened in the Hub, and to the man who owned his heart, and yet he hadn’t been told about any of it. He was the head of Torchwood damn it, he needed to know what was going on with his team and in their base. It was this growing anger at being kept in the dark that laced Jack’s voice as he spoke, eyes not moving from where their gaze was fixed on Ianto.

 “ Someone had better start talking, and have a damn good explanation as to what the hell is going on !” 

next chapter: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5384635.html#cutid1


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