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The New Boss - Chapter Six

Title: New Boss - 6/?
Rating: MA 15+

Fandom: Torchwood

Genre: AU/ Romance

Pairings: Jack /Ianto 

Spoilers None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned

Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.

At work, meeting the team.

Words: this part 2,040 - So far - 11,937

Torchwood- Copyright BBC. 

Un-betaed so all mistakes are mine! (looking for a beta, beuler beuler, anyone, anyone)

Italics are thoughts

Chapter Six

Ianto arrived early at work, put on a carafe of coffee and transferred the notes he had typed up onto his computer, cutting and pasting the relevant parts for each of the department heads, emailed them to each of them, then emailed the completed files, back ground information about items mentioned during the meetings and printed out the overview, ready for Jack to look at.

Ianto looked at his watch, still only ten to 9. He went over to Tosh’s area with a cup of coffee for her, placed it on her desk and waited for her to finish the section of code she was typing. Heaven help anyone who interrupted her whilst writing code. Her heels are killers.

“Yan great to have you back, how was London?”

“Good, met the new boss, he’s permeant so at least we will know where we stand.”

“Yeah nothing worse than have someone come in change everything to there ways and then move on, forgetting that they are leaving all and sundry behind to work out what they were thinking.”

“Oh now Suzie wasn’t that bad, and Alex before him was a bit strange, but I think it was due to his illness, not him just being a weird person.”

“You are too nice, you’re the one who gets the all the hassle from the boss and from us, well you protect us from the boss.”

“All I can do to help you Tosh.”

“Just keep us in coffee, tea-by” yelled Owen as he went by to his desk. “Hey the new boss arrives today, did you hear.”

“Yes Owen, he was at the meeting, he nice, American, seems to have a good handle on stuff, shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for you.”

“Just keep him off our backs so we can do the important stuff.” Huffed Owen, as he reach the kitchen, “Is this a new pot?”

“Yep, cups are out, just pour and go Owen.”

Owen poured his coffee, came out, gave Ianto a two fingered salute and went to his desk.

“So” Tosh queried, “when does the new boss arrive?”

The elevator dinged and two men came out into the area of the offices, one Andy the other was Jack.

“How about now, he’s over there with Andy.”

“Andy what you doing up here!” exclaimed Gwen, who was just getting out of the other lift, “This is not the front desk.”

“I asked him to bring me up, Gwen, isn’t it, I’m Jack Harkness, the new boss.”

Gwen moved quickly over to Jack, “Come with me, Jack, I can show you around.” She took a hold of his elbow and tried to move him along with her towards her office. “Yes I’m Gwen and I will help you in every and I mean, every way possible.” She battered her eyelashes and looked up at him. Wow he is handsome, I recon he will be good for me.

Jack looked over towards the where he could see Ianto and another female, that must be Tosh, he thought, “Ianto, I need to see you first, excuse me Gwen, I asked Ianto to prepare some material for me, I would like to talk to you, and all the other Department Heads in the Conference Room, in say 15 minutes.” He disengaged himself from Gwen and walked over to Ianto. He whispered so Gwen couldn’t hear, “Ianto, sorry using you as an excuse to get away from her, she comes on a bit strong.”

“Yes Jack, I have the outlines you requested and have emailed the department heads summaries, I will just go over what is pending with you.”

Ianto smiled as Jack mouthed, Thank you, as Gwen started to walk towards them. “Sir, just go into your office, it’s the one at the end there, and I will be there in a minute with your coffee and we can go over the meeting you are planning.”

Jack hurried off, before Gwen could capture him again, Ianto turned to Tosh, who giggled into her hand, and he went off to get the coffee.

Ianto knocked on Jack’s door, and when he heard the come in, he went in with a coffee for Jack and his note pad, ready for what Jack wanted.

“Thanks Ianto, it’s very off putting to have a person throw themselves at you. I may be using you to hid from her again, you are right, she does throw herself at people. Now I see you have set me up with passwords, access and even an outline of the meetings.” He opened up his email, and saw what Ianto had done already with the emails to the department heads, the precis for him and the print out of the overview. “Wow, you are efficient, I wasn’t expected half of this by the time I came in this morning, what time did you get in, before day break?”

“No didn’t have much planned for yesterday, wrote the information up at home and emailed it over, all ready to send on, didn’t take long.”

Jack frowned, “Ianto, I appreciate the work you do, but it is important to have a life outside of work, I would prefer you party like the 20 year old you are than to stay in and work in your own time. Surely your partner, girlfriend, wanted to spend some time with you, since you had been away for a few days.?”

“No partner to worry about and I wanted to have time to be able to get the system up the way you want them in the shortest possible time.” Ianto shrugged.

“Thanks I appreciate that, now where’s your coffee? If you bring me one in to my office, I want you to bring a drink or something for yourself. I don’t like sitting here drinking,” Jack sipped his coffee, “Wow, the best coffee ever, by myself. Okay?”

“Okay, do you want me to organize any munchies for the meeting, I can go down to the patisserie, they do a nice chocolate eclair?”

“Yep, do you need access to the petty cash first or is there an account.”

“I usually put in a form at the end of the month and get reimbursed the next month.”

“No, that’s not fair.” Jack pulled out a £20 note and handed it over. “I’ll get you to organize either a petty cash or accounts, which ever you want, as you will be the one maintaining the records.”

Ianto took the note and said “I should go now, so I can get everything organized for the meeting.” He left, went to his computer and sent off emails to the heads with the time of the meeting and the location. He knew they all heard Jack, but it is always important to have it in writing, so there is always a log of the day, and how time is used. He closed down his email, and went out to go shopping for morning tea.

Jack looked around at the heads of divisions, as they sat at the table in the conference room, Tosh was sitting quietly watching Jack intently. Owen was slouched in his chair, seemingly more interested in his nails and what he was able to see without being seen to be looking. Jack then looked at Gwen, she was all wide eyed and sitting bent slightly forward, to show off her cleavage, Jack mentally shook his head at that, out of the two females in the room, Tosh was much more appealing that Gwen. Never been drawn to the obvious, I guess that why Ianto is so appealing, oh would I like to peel him out of that suit.

Ianto came into the room, carrying a tray with the coffees and pastries. He passed the drinks around and placed the plate in the middle of the table, with serviettes next to them. He took his coffee, remembering what Jack said, and sat down. Jack looked at Ianto, and wondered why he didn’t taken the meeting down in short hand, he knows that, he though, must ask him about that.

“Okay lets get started, Thanks for coming to this meeting at such sort notice, but I would like to get a handle on everything that is happening here. I will get Ianto to work out a time for a one one one discussion with each of you and if you will prepare an overview of your section, what you are working on, and what is in the works. Ianto will make sure there is plenty of time for you to organize that prior to the one on ones. I don’t want to do that in a group meeting, as it would be a waste of time, sitting around listening to the others give reports. I understand the need to liaise between departments on some of your projects, Tosh, Owen, good work on the HIV thing, great stuff. Gwen I know you are relatively new at Torchwood, so if you need any extra help..” Gwen looked up at Jack, wonderful a reason to spend time together, she thought, “Ianto would be the person to talk to, he knows the systems and will be able to help you to do your reports and other reporting requirements.”

Jack looked around at the three of them. “I know the reporting is tiresome, but it gives us ammunition to make sure we get the funding and the equipment you need for your research and development.”

“Okay, on a lighter note, there is going to be a team building retreat, it was suppose to be later in the year, but due to some issues that were raised, not here but in one of the other branches, it has been decided that it will be in a weeks time. I’m not happy about it in one way, as I wont have time to get to know what is going on here, but in another way, I will be able to get to known you all better.”

Jack then explained to his team what was outlined in the meeting in London, he knew he didn’t have to go into much detail, as the notes Ianto had made were comprehensive and written in such a way, you didn’t fall asleep. Ianto had tailored each one to the interests of each of them, and since Jack got a copy of each one, he was able to see how much work Ianto would have had to put into it.

They talked for about half an hour, discussing how Jack likes to work, how he likes his people to be comfortable. That he is always ready to talk to his staff, not just the department heads. How he expects everyone to pull together and work as a team. “Everyone is important to our work, from the Tech’s, to Security to the Cleaners. I believe it is very important that everyone be treated with respect and to be valued for what they bring to the company. I know that sounds very touchy feely, but believe me, if I find anyone, and I mean anyone is being mean, demeaning or rude, you will be sorry. Now on a lighter note,” Jack gave a big mega watt grin, “If my door is open, you can walk right in, if it is closed, please knock and wait. Okay guys, have a good day and I will talk to you all soon.”

Gwen sits at the table, only half listening to what has been said. Don’t have to really worry she thinks, Ianto always sends copies of the minutes, and it allows me to sit here and dream about the lovely Jack Harkness and how I can have him. He is delicious, handsome, the two of us will make a wonderful couple, imagine what our children will look like, devastatingly fantastic.

Gwen looks up and notices everyone is leaving the meeting, wonder if I missed anything important, doesn’t matter, she shrugged and went back to her desk.
Maybe I should make an appointment for a wax and haircut, can’t have stray hairs when Jack and I become one. Yeah I’ll go make that appointment first then read the boring stuff Ianto is going to send.

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