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Something special x

Author ; iantosgirl (me)
Summary ; ianto realises something around the same time as jack but will they accept it ...

Jack stirred in the darkness, his chest burning. It had happened again , he'd been killed. All he can remember was the searing pain ripping through his chest and the image of ianto jones running to his side as he fell heavily to the floor.
Now jack thought it, ianto always ran to his side, he was even there when he woke up . Most of the time ianto somehow managed to get jack back to his room in the hub. Ianto stayed by his side until he took that inevitable sharp breath back to life. That comforted jack alot to know someone was waiting for him. He smiled slightly through the darkness, his heart lightening, as he slowly started to realise ...

Ianto saw jack get hit from across the room, somehow his sense just told him something was wrong with jack and that he should look that way instantly. As he looked he was greeted by the sight of jack yelling as half of his chest was ripped open. Ianto took Care of the alien quickly and efficiently. He checked there was nothing else lurking in the room. He runs over to jacks side, just about catching jack as he fell down.
Ianto sighed and brushes jacks hair to one side " it's ok I'm here ..." he says looking jack in the eyes while his body lay on the floor convulsing.
Once jack stilled ianto knew exactly how long it would take for jack to come back to life. He transferred him to the hub laying him in his bed. Gently taking jacks closes off and getting him changed.
Ianto laid down next to jack, he cleaned his wound even through he knew it would heal within seconds of jack coming back to life.
Ianto laid there watching his captain ... His lover ...
He'd had counted the amount of times he'd done this for jack ... But never did it become a chore.
He smiled slightly and places a small gentle Kiss on jacks blue cold lip.

Jack comes back slowly and looks up at ianto smiling weakly . Jack saw iantos worried features and sighs kissing jacks lips "ianto I ..."
Ianto speaks at the same time "jack ...I ..." he chuckles at the clash of words. Jack sits up and pulls him into a deep passionate kiss " me too ... Me too..." he grins

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