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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh-Owen, Gwen, Martha, the Doctor, Rose, Andy, Ivonne Hartman, John Hart

Summary: A love story at a Camp Hotel.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, the films, the songs, music, ideas, anything. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this fic.

NOTE: One of my favorite films is “Dirty Dancing”, I love to dance, so I wanted to put my favorite characters in my own version of the story.




A black SUV rolled down the road, its four occupants were singing very happy. Rose looked at the roadside sign “Hey, we’re almost there.” Her husband, the Doctor, nodded pleased and the two kids who were in the back seat applauded. Tosh sighed “I hope we get there soon, I’m hungry.” The Doctor looked at her affectionately “Me too, honey, I could eat a deer.” Yani scolded him “Dad, we have to protect wildlife.” The Doctor chuckled and looked in the rearview to his youngest son “Oh, Yani, you would like us to be vegetarian.” Tosh sighed again “I couldn’t do it, I’m very hungry right now.” Yani rolled his eyes “It seems that in college you didn’t eat.” Tosh tickled him “Of course I ate”. The two of them began to tickle and fight laughing. The Doctor and Rose were very proud of their two children, Tosh was actually their niece, but her parents had died and they legally adopted her, she was nineteen years old and studied Computer Science at the University. Yani, well, his real name was Ianto,  but everybody called him that way, was their son. He was seventeen years old and had finished high school. He was going to enter at university to study this year. But first, the happy family went to spend their holidays in the Torchwood Camp Hotel.

They finally reached the hotel. They parked and the owner of the hotel came out to them “Welcome!!! Doctor, how are you??? I’m very happy that finally you have come with your family to spend your holidays here. I assure you will spend unforgettable days.” The Doctor held her and presented to his family “Meet Ivonne Hartman, an old friend of mine. Ivonne, my wife Rose and my children, Tosh and Yani.” Ivonne continued “It’s a pleasure to meet you, let me introduce you my nephew, John Hart, he is helping me to manage the hotel in his vacation. He’s studying Hotel Management and I think I hope one day he will inherit my hotel.” The boy, who was twenty one years old, smiled maliciously “Aunt Ivonne, please, you don’t think I’ll wait to inherit it.” Ivonne scoulded him “John.” Everyone laughed. John stared at Yani, who blushed. “I guess you’ll be very tired and hungry. Andy Andy.” A boy run to her. “Andy, you would take the Doctor and his family to their rooms. Once yo have settled on them, you can come for lunch.”

The lunch was delicious, Ivonne and John were there. The waiter who served them, was looking at Tosh “Do you want more water, Miss???” Tosh looked at him timidly “Yes, please.” Ivonne introduced him “He’s Owen, he will be your waiter while you’re at the hotel. He is a medical student.” The Doctor nodded “Really??? That’s excellent. What year are you???” “In the third year, I hope to finish soon.” Owen replied, glancing at Tosh, who looked down and blushed. John interrupted “Yani, do you want to play tennis with me???” Yani blushed “I don’t play tennis.” Ivonne got into the conversation “John can teach you, he is a very good player.” Yani did not want “Thanks, but no, I’m very tired, maybe another day.” Rose asked “Is it true you have some wonderful dance teachers???” Ivonne was delighted “Yes, we have great dancers here, Martha is wonderful, she knows all the Latin rhythms. At four she gives a class, you can go.” Rose nodded “I’ll be there.” They rose to go to their rooms, John was near Yani “Do you want me to show you the place???”  Yani looked at him “I’d like to get some rest, thanks.” John insisted no more “Well, see you later.” Yani was relieved, there was something he did not like about the boy.

In the afternoon, the Doctor, Tosh and Owen met and were talking animatedly. Rose begged Yani to go with her to the dance class, he agreed reluctantly. Martha was a beautiful girl, about twenty one years old, very nice and breezy. To his surprise, Yani realized that he was not so bad to dance. He have made gymnastics at school and was very agile and flexible, he enjoyed the lesson. Martha approached them at the end of the lesson “Hi, you are new.” “We came today, I’m Rose and this is my son Yani.” Martha grinned “You’re very good dancers.” Yani blushed “I loved the class, I never tought I could dance merengue and salsa.” Martha winked “You have a natural talent.” Rose was very proud “He inherited from his mother.” They laughed.

After dinner, Owen asked the Doctor and Rose permission to take Tosh to a small party that had the hotel staff, they agreed. Ivonne invited the Doctor and Rose out for a drink and Yani was left alone. He was walking, when John appeared at his side “Hello, beautiful night.” Yani jumped scared “Hello.” John came closer “Can I join you???” Yani agreed, but not very pleased. They were walking and talking. John wanted to get away from the hotel and Yani wanted to return, they began to argue when suddenly Andy appeared  “Mr. Hart, Miss Ivonne is looking for you.” John made a face of disgust, said goodbye and left. Yani sighed of relief and Andy laughed. Yani raised his eyebrow, Andy said “I better go, his aunt was not calling him, but I thought he was bothering you. Forgive me if I was wrong.” Yani smiled “No, you’re not wrong. Thank you very much.” “I’m Andy” “Yani” “Do you want to go to the staff party???” Yani shrugged “Okay.” And followed Andy to the staff cabin.

Yani was a little embarrased when he entered the cabin, there were many people dancing, he saw Tosh with Owen. In it, he saw Martha and gasped. She was dancing with the handsome man that Yani have ever seen. Martha saw him and approached him dragging her dance partner “Hi, Yani. I’m glad you came. Meet Jack.” Yani could not speak, before his eyes there was the most perfect man he have ever seen in his life. Jack greeted him “Hi. Martha told me you danced very well in her class.” Yani blushed, he felt his ears warm and could barely answer “Thanks.” Jack gave him one of his most seductive smiles and Yani felt his knees were not holding him. Owen and Tosh came to them “Yani, how you get here???” asked his sister “Andy brought me.” Jack laughed “My cousin Andy. Hi, I’m Jack.” Tosh looked at him “Tosh,Yani’s sister.” Yani did not take his eyes off Jack, who suddenly turned and glared at him “Do you want to dance???” Yani felt his heart stopped. “With you???” Jack dragged him to the dance floor, took him in his arms and began to dance to the sound of salsa. Tosh watched at them with her eyes wide open, but everyone else seemed to mind. Jack said “Martha was right, you’re a born dancer.” Everyone had a great time. Yani was floating in the air, Jack taught him the rhythms he knew and Yani could follow in the steps.

When the party ended and Tosh and Yani were in the room they shared, Tosh scolded him “Yani, you were dancing all night with a man.” Yani blushed “Tosh, please, do not tell mom and dad. They are going to get mad at me.” She shooked her head “But tell me, do you like him???” Yani bit his lower lip before answering in a whisper “Yes, I like him. And a lot.” Tosh sighed “Oh Yani, he is older than you.” “He is twenty three years.” Yani said. Tosh insisted “But you are very young. You’ve never had a girlfriend, let alone a boyfriend.” Yani shrugged “Tosh, what can I do, I really like him. You like Owen.” Tosh smiled “Well, okay. Do you think he likes you???” Yani blushed “I don’t know. But he said he is going to give me a private dance class tomorrow. I hope so.” Tosh laughed “Oh, Yani. Who would have thougth us that these holidays were going to find a boyfriend, we both.” They hugged each other laughing.

The day passed, Owen and Tosh became inseparable, if Owen had a spare moment it was spend with Tosh. Jack and Yani also spent much time dancing together, however, they were just friends. One afternoon, Yani went to meet Jack when he saw him arguing with a woman who was staying at the hotel. She said “Why do you not visit me anymore. I really need you.” Jack replied curtly “Your husband is here, Mrs. Williams, it does not seem right.” She snorted “That’s not true, before you did not care. And you don’t call me Gwen anymore, when I begin to be Mrs. Williams to you???” Gwen reached out to touch Jack’s face, he did not let her “Sorry, Mrs. Williams, but I’m not going to see you anymore. If you’ll excuse me.” And he left her alone. Gwen was very angry. “You should pay for this.”

When Jack came around the corner, he discovered Yani, who was very pale and his eyes shining with tears. Jack cared “Yani, what’s wrong???” Yani replied “Who is she???” Jack grimaced “Yani, sorry. I hate that you heard that. But, I will not lie. I was with her, but I do not care for her. Actually, I was never interested in her. I, errr, was a Casanova. I liked to get all that were on my way, man or woman, but but, errr… Look, I met you and oh, how can I tell you, errr, I like you, I do like you and I want to be with you, well, if you also want me. I, well, do you want to be my boyfriend???” Yani could not believe what he heard, on one hand he did not like anything about Jack’s past, but on the other hand, at that moment  he realized that he was completely in love with Jack, so he threw his arms around Jack’s neck “Yes, I want to be your boyfriend.” And they kissed for the first time. To Yani was his first kiss, but Jack made that was the sweetest moment of his life. They were kissing for a long time, life for them was perfect.


“Nena cuando a tì te pienso

Mas que un pensamiento es puro amor

La forma que tienes de amarme

Me hace sonreìr el corazón

Hace tiempo que espero por ti

Tu eres el fin de mi soledad

Es que ahora ya estàs junto a mì

Y mi sueño

Hoy se ha hecho realidad.”



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