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21 April 2011 @ 07:36 am
Fic - Treasures in the storehouse of your soul  

Title: Treasures in the storehouse of your soul
Part One – The Date (3/3)
Author: choccy_grl 
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Lisa, Rhi, Martha
Pairing: Ianto/Lisa (trust me)
Rating: let’s go with NC17 – No HET
Word count: 25,000 (give or take)
Beta: thraceadams (How bad a friend am I that I did not acknowledge her in the first two parts.  There is already so much in this header I didn't even notice she was missing *facepalm*)
Written for miss bekahrose for the Queensland flood auction. My promise to her: a story of her pairing at least 500 words. She wanted Jack/Ianto, Blind date from my schmoop bingo card and AU. I failed…on the word count…majorly!!!!! Therefore, also written for schmoop bingo: Blind date.
Summary: Ianto Jones is an unassuming research librarian trying to keep everyone in his life happy, just as he has most of his adult life. When a favour for his sister brings a startling discovery and the re-emergence of a long buried memory, will anything ever be the same again.
Totally AU