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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh-Owen, Gwen

Summary: Ianto wants to celebrate Jack’s birthday.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, music, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.

NOTE: This is a birthday fic for agent girslname. In this fic I made references to the wonderful fic "The Dance" she wrote. Happy birthday, dear friend!!!




Jack had never told Ianto when was his birthday, so, he had done an extensive research, but he could not find the data. Ianto wanted to give Jack a birthday surprise, Jack had always been very splendid with him when it was his birthday. Ianto decided to choose a day to celebrate Jack’s birthday. Ianto had been planning a big surprise, so he asked Tosh, Owen and Gwen to help him. They agreed to be his accomplices. And the day came, today was going to be Jack’s Day.

“Tosh, are you sure this is where you receive the alert???” Jack was surprised that there was nothing there. Tosh nodded "Positive, Jack. There was a burst of rift activity right here." Jack looked along the beach and saw nothing. Owen said "The aliens must have left already, they probably came, they swept a while, swam in the sea and left." Jack snorted "Very funny, Owen. Tosh, is there an alert or not??" Tosh blushed "No, Jack, there is nothing." Jack did not seem very pleased "Back to the hub." Owen grabbed his arm "Jack, if you don’t mind. The day is very beautiful, there is no warning, I want to stay a while here with Tosh and eat ice cream." Jack looked surprised, then looked at Tosh, who was flushed. Jack could not help laughing "Ok, you go and enjoy your romance. See you later." "Thanks, Jack." they both said in unison. When Jack was gone, Owen activated his communicatorTeaboy, we hope you have everything ready, Jack goes to the hub." "Thank you, Owen, enjoy your day." Ianto replied. Owen snorted "You too." Owen took Tosh’s hand and they walked along the beach. Owen wonderer "What will be the surprise Teaboy prepared." Tosh laughed "We will see, I helped Ianto to install some speakers and lights, he did not realize I put a camera." Owen gasped "Tosh, you are very naughty." Tosh continued laughing. Owen hugged her, kissed her and they continued enjoying their evening.

In the hub, Gwen was helping Ianto with the finishing touches of the surprise. Ianto came "Owen just called. Jack’s coming back. I'm going to change clothes." Gwen looked at him "Pet, thanks for letting me help you." Ianto raised his eyebrow "Gwen, thank you for help me, you were very kind." Gwen smiled "Well, you know… you always ask Tosh and Owen for help, I am very pleased that this time you included me." Ianto felt a little embarrassed, in fact, he had always been jealous of Gwen, but he had promised himself to try to treat her like a friend, she was married now, less competition "I want you to know that not only are a partner work but also a friend. "Gwen hugged him "Thank you, Ianto, I will also try to be a good friend for you." Ianto blushed "I'm going to change clothes." When Ianto back, Gwen gasped, Ianto was wearing a red spandex pants and a sleeveless red shirt, black jazz shoes, a black letter vest and a black hat, he also was wearing line liner, mascara and some glitter in his eyes and lip gloss. "Wow" said Gwen, Ianto blushed "Come on, lets finish the surprise."

Jack entered the hubYan, coffee." Nobody answered "Gwen, Yan, are you here??? Myfanwy gurgled in her nest." Where are you, Yan, Gwen???" He climbed into his office and saw a red balloon tied to the door with a note "Jack, go to level nine. xxx I" Jack smiled "What would be planning this boy???"

Jack began to down, as he advanced, he saw black and red balloons on the walls that guided his path. At the end was a door that was completely surrounded by red and black balloons. At the door he saw a note "Come and sit in the chair. Do not touch anything. xxx I." Jack came in, the room was decorated with more balloons and red and black candles, all he saw was a chair, a tube and a big black box decorated with a giant red bow. Jack sat down, the lights were activated immediately and he heard the notes of “Buttons” by Pussycat Dolls in the air. Suddenly, the box was opened and Jack saw two long arms moving to the beat of the music, little by little, the rest of the body was out and Jack gasped at the sight of Ianto dancing sensually to the rhythm of the song. Ianto got out of the box demonstrating he was very flexible and agile. Jack was drooling. Ianto was dancing beautifully. Suddenly, Ianto jumped to the tube and began to do some tricks, Jack almost fainted, Ianto had already made him a show once, but he did not know he was able to make a pole dancing. Jack was hard, he was just waiting Ianto finished his dance. Ianto approached Jack's chair, he made some last dance steps and the song ended. "What mphfff ...???" Jack did not let him finish, he shot up and within seconds he had Ianto naked and ready for fucking. Jack made love to Ianto passionately, the dance had left them both very excited and they really enjoyed each other. When they finished and managed to recover a little, Jack had to ask "Why did you do all this??" Ianto replied, "You never told me when it's your birthday, so I declare that today is Jack's Day." Jack laughed, "I love your idea. Hey, I already seen you danced once, but I never imagined you could dance in a pole, it really left me speechless." Ianto blushed "Mark help me, you remember him, the guy who danced with me the other day. He has a friend, Anita, she's a great dancer and choreographer, she toughed me the choreography and rehearsed with me until I learned the steps." Jack kissed the tip of his nose "She did a great job, you looked gorgeous and sexy. How'd you get in the box???” Ianto bit his lower lip "Gwen helped me." Jack was very surprised "Gwen??" Ianto nodded "I always ask for help from Tosh and Owen, I thought that I should try to be friends with her ​​too. She was very happy to help." Jack gave him a big kiss that left him breathless "That was a very nice gesture on your part, baby." Ianto rolled his eyes "She helped me with the balloons and the candles, Tosh with the music and lights and then Tosh and Owen took you to a false alert while Gwen helped me got into the box." Jack was very pleased "A great team effort. Hey, Tosh is not recording this session???" Ianto raised his eyebrow "I did not see that she put any cameras." Jack sighed, "You never know what can happen with our little tech genius." They looked around the room, Jack chuckled "Ok, forget it. Ready for a second round???" Ianto replied mischievously "I thought you never ask." And among several lights strategically placed, a small camera took care to immortalize those precious moments.


“Typical and hardly
The type I fall for
I like it when the physical
Don't leave me askin' for more”



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