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Title: New Boss - 9/?

Rating: MA 15+

Fandom: Torchwood

Genre: AU/ Romance
Pairings: Jack/Ianto 

Spoilers None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned

Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.

Owen’s Meeting with Jack, Gwen makes her move

Words: this part 1,772 - So far - 16,973

Torchwood- Copyright BBC.

Beta'ed by Wanda1969 - thank you

‘thoughts are in italics and single quotes’

Chapter Nine

The afternoon came around quickly. There was lots for Jack to check and look into, as he needed to get up to speed in all that was happening. He was still annoyed by Gwen. ‘How could she act like that, she only met me this morning,’ thought Jack. ‘Maybe I’m giving off the wrong signals. I like both men and women, but I have lately, since London, have been intrigued with men, no not men - one man, a certain Welshman. Perhaps my interest is making my ‘I am interested’ pheromones and actions rub off on others. She is nice to look at but no where near as good as that cute Welshman.... and boy is she a bit of a harpy. Not my style at all. I can’t believe she had me tongue tied. I will have to straighten her out at our meeting.’

That certain Welshman, knocked on Jack’s door, bringing coffee and Owen. Owen and Jack looked at each other, and he motioned for Owen to sit down.

“Thanks for coming at such a sort notice, I hope we can work well together. I want to say first off that I believe in the importance of supporting what you do and how you do it. Every department is different and I don’t believe they can be run the same way. All you R&D fellows are mad and brilliant and need to be nurtured, not made to toe a company line. But I do need to know what is happening and where you are on projects, because I will get asked. I hope you had enough time to get the info together, If you need more time, we can do this at a latter day, Tuesday or Wednesday morning, if that is better with you?”

Owen looked at Jack, “Wow, I believe we will work well together. Here are my reports, I understand the need to report, and with the research we do, being for use on people we have to document all stages of the study, effects, what we expected and so on, so it’s not hard to give you a run down. I wrote a short piece on each of my staff, but this is what I really want you to know. We are a team that works well together, we may shout and chuck stuff at each other, but that’s to let off steam. My guys are bloody fantastic and no one gets to make fun of them or to put them down.”

“I would never do that, I understand you’re protective of them, and that’s good, that is what you are there for: to get them to where they need to be, keep the research going and to protect them so they can work. It sounds like your guys are great.” replied Jack.

“Yep they are,” he said proudly and he handed over the files, “The green one is the research that is current, we are currently doing two projects, unusual, but one of my guys had an idea and it sounded great, so I let him run with it. The others in the team are working on the second one in the folder. They are getting promising results and we should have a product ready for testing in 3-4 months. The blue folder is what we have done over the last two years. All my staff have been here for the last two years. I figure that will give you an idea of how they work and show you what they have achieved. The red folder is contains outlines of all my staff: it’s their CVs, and some notes from me.”

“Wonderful,” said Jack “That is exactly the sort of information I’m after. I will read them with interest, but I would like you to tell me about your staff, how they interact, that sort of thing.”

Owen was surprised, he hadn’t though Jack would be interested in his staff. ‘Usually ‘suits’ are only interested in the bottom line, not concerned with the people who made the bottom line happen.’ Owen gave Jack a brief overview of his staff and found he was being more honest than he planned. ‘Wow this Jack guy was good, better than any of the others who have had his job recently,’ he thought.

The meeting went well and both parties were happy with the results.

After Owen left the office, Jack called out to Ianto, “Ianto!”

“Yes, Jack, you hollered” he replied as he went to the door of Jack’s office.

“Ianto can I please have a cup of coffee.... and please join me.”

Ianto nodded and walked away. His face reddened as he started to think about Jack. ‘Oh no, calm down, sitting in his office while my mind is in the gutter, that will be hard, have to calm down, otherwise parts of me will be hard. No don’t go there, have to calm down.’ Ianto took several deep breaths and went to the kitchen, as he made the coffee he continued with the internal monologue. ‘Down boy, calm, calm, think of Gwen telling me off, ice water, cold showers.’ It sort of worked. ‘Boy am I glad I am wearing my suit jacket, it hides the front of my trousers. They are having the tendency to become a little tight, when ever I think of Jack. Bugger.’

Jack sat at his desk thinking about his staff. ‘I’ll need to get the best out of them. I need to prove that I am good at this job. I was only suppose to relieve but since Suzie decided to do the whole mother thing, the temporary, acting up position had become a full time position. Great for my career, yeah, but stressful. My main problem is going to be Gwen, she seems so much in her own little world, like she is the sun and everyone just revolves around her, and that’s not the sort of person I like to work with. I’m more confident and comfortable with people like Owen, looking out for their staff like a mumma bear. And how Gwen came onto me! I’m sure I didn’t do or say anything, to lead her on...’

Ianto knocked on the door frame, with a tray containing two cups of coffee and his note pad. Also on the tray was a plate with some biscuits. Jack strained to see if they were chocolate. When Ianto put the plate down, Jack sighed in pleasure, ‘yes they were chocolate, just what I needed.’ Ianto sat down quickly. That little sigh of pleasure Jack made, had gone straight to his cock. He reached across and placed Jack’s cup in front of him, and Jack reached across to his cup at the same time. Their fingers touched. Both Jack and Ianto suddenly looked at each other. It felt, to Ianto, like when you put your tongue on a 9 volt battery- all tingly. Jack looked at Ianto. ‘Did he feel that too, that little jolt', he wondered. 'Maybe it was just static electricity, but it didn’t feel like a sharp shock, more tinglier. Nice.’

Ianto pushed over the plate of biscuits, trying to look everywhere but at Jack. ‘Why should I be shy. He’s done a drunken strip tease and we have crashed in a bed together. Yeah, but we had lots to drink and he wasn’t acting as your boss then. Now he’s my boss sitting on the other side of the desk.....Oh God I have to get out of here...get some air, it just’s’s just because....he is bloody fantastic!

Ianto sat back in his chair, looking at Jack, looking at ...‘What is that? Want in his eyes? no can’t be....’

Jack was staring at Ianto. ‘What was that look in his eyes? He seems so in control all the time and now... he’s out of control. That look in his eyes, it’s making me feel all.... all warm.... is he eyeing me up? Does he want me, as much as I want him?’

Ianto cleared his throat. “Jack, what is going to be your policy on inter-office romances?”

Jack looked at Ianto in surprise. ‘Was he asking so he and Jack could.....?

Before Jack was able to finish that thought, Ianto spoke again. “Gwen asked me. If you don’t mind me saying, be careful of Gwen, she has a boyfriend but she seems to have set her sights on all the new Managers - no only the new Managers who are male. If you want to pursue her, you will need to change the policy. Suzie wrote that after the ‘affair in the stationary cupboard’.”

With that Ianto picked up his mug and walked out to the kitchen.

Jack sat at his desk, feeling like a guppy, mouth flapping, trying to form words. ‘What was that all about? Something is going on between me and Ianto. It feels like we are connecting, feeling each other out, then all of a sudden he is talking about me and Gwen. Gwen of all people! But also warning me about her. And what is it with the stationary cupboard? Wonder if I can get Ianto into the stationary cupboard?’

Ianto stood in the kitchen berating himself. ‘Smooth Jones... just ‘cos you are lusting after him doesn’t mean he is lusting after you. After what Gwen said to me, Jack must be planning to bed her.’

Earlier that day

Ianto was sitting at his desk, doing a web search on available properties, to be able to give Jack an idea of the current houses and flats close to work.

Gwen came up to Ianto and said, “Ianto, Jack wants you to bring up the inter-office romance policy. He can’t just change it for us, I mean me. That wouldn't look good, but if someone else brought it up, he can over-ride it, then when he and I become an item, and neither of us will look bad.” Gwen smiled and wandered away, thinking to herself. ‘How long will Jack take before he starts chasing me? I shouldn’t respond straight away - I don’t want to be thought of as a slut, one or two days should be enough. Make Jack more need for me, yep that will be my plan.’


Jack sat in his office, looking out at Ianto’s empty desk. ‘What did I say to make you flee like that.’ “Can’t think what I did, but then Mr Jones.” Jack whispered to himself as he gazed at the man in question’s desk, “You do make it hard to think.”
‘Along with other things’

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