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The New Boss - Chapter Ten

Title: New Boss - 10/?

Rating: MA 15+

Fandom: Torchwood

Genre: AU/ Romance 

Pairings: Jack/Ianto

Spoilers: None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned

Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.

Gwen Upsets Jack

Words: this part 1,772 - So far - 18,745

Torchwood- Copyright BBC.

Beta’ed by Wanda1969 - thank you

‘thoughts are in italics and single quotes’

Chapter Ten


All was going fine at the Offices of Torchwood Industries.

As usual Gwen was late, and Ianto had made the first round of coffee, sent out numerous emails and requests for Jack.

Ianto was looking at the property website. ‘I’ve done all my work for the day, It is still half an hour or so to Jack’s meeting with Gwen. I’ll just pick out some properties in the local area, ten should give him an idea of what is available. Five for sale, five for rent. I’ll show them to him and we can have a cuppa before Gwen descends.’

“Ianto,” Gwen said as she dumped a heap of papers on his desk. “Collate this, I need it for my meeting with Jack. I also need a coffee and it better be ready in - wow- 45 minutes.” With that she rushed off to her desk.

Ianto sighed, and looked at the papers. ‘Great,’ he thought. ‘It’s all her figures for the last 2 months - nothing is in a logical order, it looks like she has just picked up the papers she is supposed to action and dumped it at me. Half this stuff isn’t relevant.’ Ianto leafed though the papers, ‘And the staff reviews aren't here.’

Neither of them had noticed Jack come out of his office just as Gwen had started to order Ianto around.

“Ianto,” said Jack, “This isn't your job, can you please go and work your coffee magic. One for me, one for Gwen and one for yourself. And don’t worry about Gwen’s paperwork.”

Jack picked up the papers and placed them inside a printer that was rarely used; it was a large plan printer.

“There, if she asks where they are you can blame the ghost machine for eating them.”

Jack smiled, with what Ianto could only call a ‘shit kicker’ smile and Ianto smirked.

“Coffee won’t be long Sir, I’m just printing out some info for you. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” ‘And counting to the time I have you to myself, if only for a few minutes,’ thought Ianto.

Jack laughed and went back into his office. As he was waiting for Ianto, he was mulling over Gwen. ‘She is going to be a problem. The thing that annoys me the most is people who use other people, and are too lazy or too up themselves to do their own work, and it looks like Gwen is one of those people. Wonder if it because she is lazy or up herself?’

Ianto arrived with the coffee, a folder and ‘Yay,,,’ thought Jack, ‘chocolate biscuits.’ Ianto put the plate of biscuits on the desk closer to Jack than himself, remembering how Jack had scoffed down the biscuits the previous day, and sat down opposite Jack.

Jack waited for Ianto, as it looked as if he was about to talk, plus he had two biscuits in his mouth.

“Jack, you said on the train coming up that you have never been to Cardiff before and you had no idea of areas, rents or property values,”

Jack was flabbergasted. ‘I had only said that in passing, I didn’t expected Ianto to remember it, let alone do anything.’

Ianto looked at Jack, “I have a good memory. Don’t look so surprised.”

He handed the folder of properties over to Jack.

“Now, there are some flats that are fairly close to here. I wasn’t sure if you had a car and this is actually a nice area. This is Skypoint,” Ianto said as Jack turned the page over. “Very modern, all glass, chrome, open plan, great views, they rent as well as sell units. If that’s not your style, there is a smaller old fashioned block, again close, with a large balcony, the rooms are large and airy. It’s a nice neighborhood, quiet and about a ten minute walk from here.”

Jack looked at the papers. “Wow Ianto, where do you find the time?”

“Well, I actually really enjoy research, that’s what I was trained in, that and archiving, but there is not much call for that here, so I stick at PA’ing. I can type, take shorthand, and all the PA jobs, it’s a good job the work, the people here are interesting, so I don’t miss the research that much.” ‘But the perks are so much better now you are here, Jack,’ thought Ianto.

“Where do you live?”


“Sorry, that came out wrong. What area do you live in, what’s it like? I’d like to hear about the area. I trust your opinion.”

“Well, I live over near Riverside, it’s a nice area, a mixture of re developed houses, warehouses and units. There are some quite modern apartments down towards Cardiff bay, but the area I’m in at Riverside is a nice older area. I have a unit in a converted large house. I like the space of the older buildings, and it’s nice to have a separate kitchen, dining room and lounge room. The plumbing could be better, but I’ve got two bedrooms and it suits me.”

“Sounds nice,” said Jack. “Over the top, all glass and chrome isn’t my style either, they’re either bland boxes with everything on show, or trying too hard to have some style.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

“So this one, and this one,” Jack pulled out a couple of the print outs, “are not really me. Do you want to go with me to have a look at them, after work, if you have no plans?”

Ianto looked at Jack. ‘Should I?’ He inwardly debated if ‘this was wise or not.’ He signed to himself, ‘unable to resist him.’ “Yeah, when is suitable?” ‘I shouldn’t really, he’s not interested in me, Gwen made that clear, but, he doesn’t seem to have liked what Gwen did, maybe he can separate work and play.’

“How about this evening, if you wouldn’t mind arranging it with the estate agents? I could do with having someone nice to spend some time with, I have to go and butt heads with Gwen - don’t look at me like that Mr Jones, you known what she’s like. She is going to have to explain why she is palming off her work on you, why she is not prepared and why she is coming on to me.”

Ianto was surprised by the last comment.

“Huh, cracked your façade, Gwen seems to think I am going to throw myself at her, and she is so wrong.” Jack looked straight at Ianto, “There is someone else I wish to throw myself at.”

Ianto blushed, Jack smiled. Before either of them managed to open their mouths to say something, Gwen barged in.

Jack looked at Gwen, he could believe that she didn’t get it. That when the boss has his door closed and is talking to someone, you don’t just walk in.

“What is it Gwen?” Jack asked. Gwen started on with how she couldn’t get the information needed in time.

“It is all someone else's fault, Jack, I can’t believe the person I asked to do some of the compiling managed to lose the papers.”

Jack just looked at her, ‘she just doesn't get it, when your boss asks you to prepare a report it should be done, not palmed off to someone else. and even if you do so, don’t complain to your boss that it hasn’t been done.’

She was going on and on how it was Ianto’s fault, how could it be lost in a ghost machine. “And Jack, how dare he say that, he should be running around trying to fix it for me, that’s what his job is.”

Ianto stood up. ‘Seems she hasn’t even noticed I am here,’ he though and went to walk out. ‘Better leave them to it.’

Jack looked up at Ianto and said “Thank you for your great work, I’ll meet you outside at 5, that gives me an hour with Gwen, to set her straight.” Jack winked at Ianto, who tried not to grin.

Oh Gwen is not a favorite of his, she is going to be very displeased with that - he seems to like me, oh no sounding like a school girl again.’ Ianto went to get a coffee, and find out if Tosh needed anything for tomorrow’s meeting.

“Gwen sit down please.” Jack looked at her, ‘has she got more buttons undone, I can nearly see all her bra, not subtle at all. Please don’t lean any farther forward, those puppies are gonna fall out any minute.’

Jack was just about to continue when Gwen jumped in “Well lets forget how incompetent Ianto is, shall we go out for drinks this evening, I know you are new to town and I can show you all the good places to go, and” she smiled leaning forward and exposing more of her cleavage as she looked up through her lashes at Jack, - ‘there is no way he can resist’ she thinks - “You never know, that may include my place.” She winked at Jack.

Jack just sat there for a moment, mouth agape - did she really just say that? Words were failing him. In the end Jack coughed and sighed. “Let’s reschedule the meeting for tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure that will give you time to do your report. Can you ask Ianto to come in as you leave, please?” ‘Just get out of my office I need to wash my eyes out with bleach, I didn't need to see that.’

It was Gwen’s turn to be surprised. She looked at Jack as if he was mad. He’d turned her down, ‘he couldn’t have turned me down.’ Gwen stood up and slowly walked out of the door. Gwen walked right past Ianto, who was just coming back from the kitchen.

“Gwen that was quick, do I need to reschedule a meeting for you?” Inquired Ianto.

Gwen just kept walking, ‘Stuff him, let him get into trouble too.’ As she walked back to her desk it hit her. ‘Oh, he doesn’t want to play favorites, he wants to show he treats everyone equally. If he goes out with me straight away it wouldn’t look good, that must be why. He is just looking out for me. He is just fantastic, so caring, giving me time to make it easier for me.’ Gwen smiled. ‘I’ll make sure he realizes he doesn’t have to wait long for me.’

Gwen turned around to look towards Jack’s office, before she went though to her section.
‘I guess I should tell Ianto, but he has gone, oh well. Not long before Jack and I will be together.’

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