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SUMMARY: An old enemy of Jack is looking for revenge.


DISCLAIMER: The characters, songs, films, ideas, don’t belong to me. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this fic.




That night, another client wanted Ianto with desperation. He offered Malena an exaggerated amount of money. Ianto was very scared, Malena seemed to be hesitating “You are a great attraction, but it is not in my plans to sell you yet, but that amount of money is very tempting. If you do something extraordinary on stage, I do no not sell you tonight, if you don’t, I think I will.” Ianto felt sick, the thing that wanted to buy him was a mixture of Jabba the Hutt and Predator “Oh goddes, what am I go to do???” He started to dance, Jayla and another girl were dancing with him. Malena had brought music from the Heart to make more attractive Ianto’s performance. Suddenly, he heard a song by Cristina Aguilera, a theme of “Burlesque”, it was an instrumental version that he had danced other nights, but in a moment of desperation, Ianto thought it was his salvation, he starded singing. Malena gasped, the public seemed that had stopped breathing at that moment. Ianto made a magnificent performance of the song and the dance, it was actually fortunate that he had watched the film several times. Ianto’s plan worked, Malena was happy, the audience applauded wildly and Ianto would not be sold, at least that night, Christina had saved his arse.

Meanwhile on the ground, the hub’s alarm began to ring. “Hello team, is anybody home???” John Hart made his appearence. Jack was not very happy to see him “What are you doing here???” John became the victim “Please do not treat me bad, me, who come to help you to save your Eye Candy’s arse.” Jack took him by the jacket “You know where Yan is???” John released from Jack “Hey, I really come to help. Your sweetheart was kidnapped by a drug dealer and a slave trafficker, Malena.” Jack could not believe it “That bitch, I thought she was in prison.” John shrugged “Well, you see, she’s on planet Meka in the Hush galaxy. She has a casino there, she sells drugs and prostitutes. I could not talk a lot wiht Eye Candy, but what he could tell me is that she kidnapped him to take revenge on you.” Owen was finally able to speak “Jack, what are we going to do, how can we save him???” John went on “Before coming here, I was researching a little bit, it will be a very difficult rescue, Malena is surrounded by an army of outlaws, I’m an angel compared to them. Eye Candy is during the day in a cage, he is out to make his performances. Indeed, he dances and sings beautifully.” Jack was furious “What do you suggest???” John ran his hand over his chin “I think we should go undercover. If we attacked from the front, they annihilated us. We should surprise her.”

Ianto was sitting in his cage, but was confident that John would look for Jack to save him. “Ianto, eat something.” Jayla was worried about him, Ianto was not eating anything because he did not want to become addicted to drugs, he suffered so much for that, he was very thin and paler than usual. “No, Jayla, I do not want drugs.” Niko called “Ianto, take this bread, no drugs, my friend the magician gave it to me, he is very good with me, you have to eat something, you’re weak.” Niko threw the bread. “Thanks.” Ianto ate it. “We better rest.” Ludd said. They all tried to sleep, Ianto was crying silently “Jack, please come get me.”

“How are we going to rescue Ianto???” asked Rhys, the others turned to look at him. “Oh no, love, you do not go, it would be very dangerous.” Gwen said. Rhys ignored her “Well. I’m sorry, I want to help as well, Ianto is my friend and as John said, they are too many.” Owen asked “Hart, do you have a plan???” “Actually, I think so. I promise Eye Candy that I come back to buy him, Malena was listening, so she would not suspect if I returned there with my pirate friends.” Tosh oponed her eyes very surprised “Pirates???” John saw her “Hey, I have to make a living at something.” Jack schatched his head “Not a bad idea.” Owen was hesitant “Do you really think so, Jack???” Jack nodded. John was very pleased “Then, do not talk anymore, you are Captain John Hart’s crew.”

Owen huffed “And how do we get there???” John patted him on the shoulder “In my pirate ship.” Gwen asked “Your what???” John laughed “Me and two friends have a business of transporting merchandise. We will go on the ship, they are magnificent pilots.” Tosh was very worried “Will they help us???” “Of course, I already talked to them. Now, you have to dress up, I do not know if Malena knows you, and I need you to be transformed into real pirates.” John said. Jack was so distraught thinking about Ianto that he had to accept.

Ianto was very tired, the lack of food and the excessive exercise and felt sadness were sick him. His three friends were very worried about him, but Ianto reassured them, he didn’t tell them nothing about John, but he told them he would soon be rescued and they too would be released.

John was very pleased with the transformation of the team, Jack was wearing a black wig, an eye patch and a green lens to mask the color of his other eye, Owen and Rhys wore bandanas and fake mustaches, the girls were enchanted, they wore corsets and knickers. “Well, we’re ready. Pirates to the rescue.” John joked. Owen groaned “Oh yes, hurray.” Jack was eager “John, please, let’s go now. Ianto could be in danger.” They boarded John’s ship. “Wow, it looks like Raymar’s ship.” Who???” John was intrigued, Rhys smiled “A character in a cartoon.” “But this is real life.” a strong-looking girl appeared, behind her came a boy. “Let me introduce you to the Brothers Laffite, Daph and Peep.” “Welcome aboard.” Peep greeted. John took them to the control room “Well, folks, next stop, Meka planet.”

Ianto was singing on stage very sad, he seemed like a vision, he was dressed in white and was very pale, the notes of “Superstar” by the Carpenters filled the room and even the costumers were in awe with his performance, Jack was among them, he had to make a superhuman effort not to mourn. When Ianto finished singing, Malena went to look for him, there were two costumers very interested in offering large sums of money for him, Ianto saw them, one was an awful woman, full of hair everywhere and the other was a man… a man or a thing, with tentacles, Ianto felt very sick. In that, John appeared, Ianto saw him and jumped. “Good evening, Malena!!!” Malena extended his hand and John kissed it “How are you, Captain Hart???” John glanced at Ianto “Okay. I realice that you have not sold the boy. Hello, beautiful!!!” John took his hand and kissed it “I promise you I’ll be back. Your Captain is here.” Ianto got the message and was very excited “Thank you, Sir, you’re very kind.” Malena interruped “The boy has to rest now. Maybe you and I can talk about business.” John was delighted “It will be a pleasure.” He grabbed her arm, however, he turned to see Ianto and winked, Ianto nodded.

Tosh and Daph were doing a magnificent job disconnecting the site safety; Peep, Rhys and Owen were having a great time neutralizing the guards. John was entertaining Malena. Gwen and Jack were looking for Ianto.

Raoul was approaching to Ianto’s cage “That boy is a beauty. Malena should let me spend time with him.” Ianto saw him and ran across the cage. “You’ll be mine tonight.” Raoul under the cage, Ianto was terrified. “Malena will kill you if you touch him.”  cried Jayla. Raoul laughed “I do not care, I do not want to miss the opportunity to take the pretty boy.” “Leave him, leave him.” Ludd and Niko shouted. When Raoul was about to enter the cage, a hand caught him. “You do not understand that you have to leave him.” Raoul and Jack rolled on the ground fighting, but Jack won. Gwen was releasing the rest of the kids, Ianto was kneeling at the edge of the cage, he was very weak. Jack approached him, knelt too and hugged him, Ianto began to mourn, Jack kissed him and try to calm him “It’s all over, baby, I’m with you.” Ianto rose his head “You look weird.” Jack smiled “It’s the costume.” They kissed again. Jack stood up and helped Ianto “Time to kick Malena’s ass.”

John was having a drink with Malena, when the door oponed and Jack came in, she gasped “What???” Jack was furious “You’re under arrest, again. I called the Interplanetary Police and you’re going to return to jail until you rot in it.” John smiled at the sight of Ianto behind Jack “Eye Candy, I’m glad to see you free.” Ianto hugged him “Thanks, John.” Malena was furious, but then the police came and took her and all his followers.

“What is it, Niko???” Alf the magician appeared, Niko ran to him, they hugged and kissed “We are free. Malena was arrested.” Niko said. Ianto was surprised “You and him???” Niko nodded and Alf spoke “I was the owner of this casino, Malena stole it from me.” The rest of the team had arrived to where they were Jack, Ianto and Gwen. Tosh ran to hug Ianto, both cried, Ianto kissed everybody, even Rhys and Owen, who for the first time in his life made no joke. Jack turned to Alf “From now on, the casino is all yours again.” Alf and Niko were very happy. Ianto asked Jayla and Ludd “Are you going to return to your planets???” Ludd looked a little embarrassed “I have no family, but Jayla and I are dating in secret for a long time. We’re going back to her planet.” Ianto felt very happy. Jack ordered “Time to go home.” Ianto hugged all his friends and went to the pirate ship with Jack at his side and the team. On the ship, Rhys was sitting deep in thought, Gwen asked “What are you thinking, love???” Rhys scratched his head “I was wondering how will be the children of Jayla and Ludd.” Everyone laughed.

In the hub, Myfanwy was happy to see Ianto, she flew squawking everywhere. Daph and Pee were going, John as well, Jack and the team were very grateful with them. John and the brothers were gone, but Ianto told Jack to give him a moment and went looking for John. “John, John, John.” He turned to see him “Tell me, Eye Candy.” Ianto hugged him tightly and gave him a little peck “Thank you, John.” John smiled “Anytime, Eye Candy.” They hugged again and John was gone.

When Ianto came back to the hub, they were all sitting in their workstations. Owen called him “Teaboy, now that everything has returned to normal, you could make me a good coffee.” Jack stroked Ianto’s arm “It is a great idea.” and he went to his office. Myfanwy shouted “Squeak (chocolate) squeak.” Gwen said “Oh yes, pet, please, you do not have an idea how we missed your coffee. I believe that we have cookies too.” Ianto rolled up his eyes, sighed and smirked “I also love you all very much.” And he went to the kitchen.



“Sometimes I get a good feeling

I get a felling that I never, never, never

Had before no, no

And I just wanna tell you right now

I believe, I really do believe that”



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