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Fanfic - Counting Stars: Clarity [Torchwood: Ianto]

Title: Clarity
Author: soera
Rating(s): PG-13
Characters/Pairing(s): Dafydd (OC), Ianto, Toshiko, background Jack/Ianto
Warning(s): Homophobic attitudes (which eventually become more moderated, if that helps). Spoilers for Counting Stars, and all attendant changes etc made to canon within that ‘verse.
Summary: Dafydd hasn't been a good older brother, and he knows it.

When Ianto had come back from his first day of primary school, it had been Dafydd who’d noticed that Ianto’s smile didn’t look right when he said he’d had a good time. It had been Dafydd who’d found out what happened, and who’d gone and smacked the older kid who’d thought it would be fun to knock Ianto’s lunch into the mud. He’d been grounded for a month for that, but Ianto had faithfully snuck up to his room every night with his dessert and they’d split it between them and it had been more than worth it.

Author's Notes: Counting Stars-verse – click here for the Master List. For those who don't want to read it, all you need to know is that Jack and Ianto have a telepathic connection, and Ianto may or may not be immortal (they’ll find out next time he dies, I suppose). Oh, also, Tosh and Owen survived the end of Season 2.
This fic is from the POV of Ianto's brother, Dafydd (a minor CS-verse OC).
This fic also references a previous one-shot in this 'verse, Chocolate Cheesecake.


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