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The New Boss - Chapter Eleven

Title: New Boss - 11/?

Rating: MA 15+

Fandom: Torchwood

Genre: AU/ Romance 

Pairings: Jack/Ianto

Spoilers: None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned

Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.

Jack and Ianto talk and Ianto blushes

Words: this part 1,643 - So far - 20,388
Torchwood- Copyright BBC.

beta’d by the wonderful wanda1969

‘thoughts are in italics and single quotes’

Chapter Eleven

After seeing Gwen leave Jack’s office, Ianto sat at his desk. ‘I’ll just call a few of the real estate people and make sure Jack can view a few properties tonight.’ Ianto had arranged for them to see 4 properties. ‘I’ll just get another cup of coffee for Jack and then head down and wait for him downstairs and I can have a quick chat with Andy while I wait.’

He took the coffee into Jack. His boss looked up and said, “That took a while”

Ianto looked at Jack and raised an eyebrow at him.
“You took your time.... or.....” Light dawned. ”Gwen didn’t say I needed you.” ‘Damn!’ thought Jack, ‘That sounded wrong.’

Ianto’s eyebrows went even further up.

“Didn’t Gwen ask you to see me?”

“No, Sir, she just left muttering. I thought you might need another coffee before I went downstairs. She did seem upset. Then she stopped, looked as if she had an epiphany, smiled and walked away.”

“God!” said Jack. “She just believes I have the hots for her, doesn’t seem to matter what I do she doesn't get it, I’m not interested in her.”

“Maybe you need to snog someone in front of her,” he joked

“You offering?”

“Um...” Ianto blushed.

“You blushed, it’s cute,” exclaimed Jack.

“Men are not cute Jack. I am not cute, and that’s harassment.”

“You complaining?”

“No, but I won’t snog you in front of Gwen just to get her to stop her lusting after you.”

“I’d prefer other persons to be lusting after me, not her. But does that mean you may snog me for other reasons?”

Ianto looked at Jack and cleared his throat, blushing some more, as he thought ‘how nice it would be to snog Jack.’ “Tosh’s meeting is at 9am. Do you have any other meetings you need to plan, and do you want me to organize the conference call to Head Office? It’s usually done once a month on the third Wednesday of the Month.”

“Please arrange another meeting with Gwen, after Tosh’s. I’d like to do the conference meeting in the afternoon if this is able to be arranged at such late notice. I think I will need to calm down after dealing with Gwen, she really riles me up.”

“The meeting is usually held about 3pm and all the heads start about 2.30, have a bit of a chat - I think that is the time most of the important info is passed about, then the formal meeting starts. It is just the heads, a couple have their PA’s with them, to take notes, but there is a recording made of the official meeting so it’s your choice if I take notes. Tosh is down for 9am, then I get Gwen for you after. Owen had 1 and a half hours so the others will have a similar time. Tosh will be finished in 1 hr and 10 minutes - her presentation is all done - and run through twice, with a whole list of your possible questions, answers and discussion points. Tosh is so organized and she thinks of so many different ways to look at things. Gwen will take either a very short time, with her doing the same as today, or she will try and make the meeting last for a long time. If you like I can put through an important call, then lever her out of your office. I’ll make sure you get an hour before lunch so you can be prepared for the conference call, lunch, then it will be time to go down for the conference call. It’ll go for about 2 hours, back up here and end of the day.”

“Great, now I saw you with a handful of papers - you’re not doing Gwen’s report are you?”

“No, they are the real estate details. I got a few more off the net, the older sort of properties you are more interested in, and I phoned a couple of agents and organized some showing for this evening. Were you planning on buying or renting? I forget to ask, I only organized rentals, sorry.”

“Rent to begin with, just for 6 months, to get a feel for the area, if I like it, then I will buy a place.”

“Okay.” Ianto gave Jack the papers, “Any of these appeal?”

Jack looked at the ones that Ianto had picked. “These look promising.”

Ianto checked the ones he had chosen. “I was able to get appointments for all of these. This one is in my street and this one is the street one over, the first one is a bit quieter, this one.” Pointing to the second one, “is on a main street with a pub on the corner, so on game night can be a bit noisy. I did get an appointment to see this one as well, but can cancel it if you want?”

“No, it’ll be interesting to see what is on offer. And thanks for this help, I know it is not your job to find me a place to live, but it’s good to get an insiders knowledge.” ‘I’d hate to think what Gwen would make of it if I asked her,’ mused Jack, ‘plus this gives me more time with Ianto, out of work.’

‘It’s no hassle Jack. As I said I enjoy research.” ‘Plus I get to spend some time with you,’ he thought.

“Great, and I want to take you to dinner afterwards; need to learn were the good watering holes are in the local area.”

“Anything else, Jack?”

“No, not that I can think of now Ianto. Oh, just email Gwen with the new meeting time, thanks.”

“Will do.”

Ianto went back to his desk and sent the email to Gwen, answered a few late arriving emails and phoned the agents, confirming the viewings.

At 4.30 Ianto took in a last coffee for Jack. He was on the phone and waved Ianto to sit down.

“Okay” Jack said into the phone, “Yeah, no worries. We will schedule that in, only the Department Heads, Great, Yeah, just love that sort of thing. When we work it all out I’ll get my PA to send the details to you. Yeah, bye.”

Ianto tried to look like he wasn’t listening, waiting for Jack to finish.

Jack looked at Ianto after he put the phone down.

“Ianto, We have worked together for a few days, and have been to that course together, not to mention that little drunken escapade, which was fun, and I had a great time with you and Andy, but I feel I don’t know you all that much. We’ll be working closely and I would like to get to know you better.”

Ianto sighed. ‘Oh it he isn’t interested in me, yeah, such a gorgeous man wouldn’t be interested in a boy from the valleys, it was only a drunken escapade,’ he thought.

Ianto looked at Jack and spoke “You have my personnel file. I had everyone’s copied and sent to you.”

Jack looked at Ianto. ‘What have I done this time to put him on edge, I’m not doing the best at getting closer to him, lets hope tonight helps’. “But that doesn’t tell me the real you, just the facts. I’ve met with all the other heads of department that I will be working closely with, and that is how I am getting a handle on them, but I need to know more about you.”

“Jack we have shared a be...” before Ianto was able to get the word bed out, Gwen opened the door and said “Jack I need word, I can’t get the reports done, I have to go home.”

“Is there a problem at home, Gwen?”

“Rhys just called, he’s come home early and I haven’t spent much time with him and he is important.”

“So no real emergency, you just want to spend some time with, Rhys?”

Ianto said, “Rhys is Gwen’s boyfriend.”

“You want to leave work early to spend time with your boyfriend. Did he come home early sick, injured?” Gwen shook her head. Jack was confused, ‘Gwen was coming on to me, I’m sure she was.’

“I promise the reports will be done. I’ll do them first thing in the morning.” She decided to go all out, ‘I’ll use my eyes, push out my bust a bit - that usually works.’

Jack shook his head, 'if I say yes, go early do, the reports in the morning, she will go and leave me with Ianto.’ “Okay, Gwen, go. But please don’t make this a regular thing.”

Gwen rushed out, she didn’t even say thank you.

Jack looked at Ianto and asked. “Is it an English thing, acting like you want some one, and then, Oh I don’t known, she confuses me.”

“Jack, neither Gwen or I are English, we’re Welsh. That sort of comment could get you in big trouble, especially in a pub when the rugby is on.”

“I’ll remember that.”

“But, no Jack, it is just Gwen.”

“Good, I thought I was going mad.”

“She does lust after you, and would trade Rhys in, if you wanted her.”

“No way do I want her, she’s just not my type.” ‘Gorgeous men are my thing at this moment in time, and hopefully this one in front of me,’ he thought.

Ianto noticed the look on Jack’s face, like he was contemplating someone. ‘Hope it is me, no he would want someone better than me.’

Ianto blushed at the thought.

“Penny for them” said Jack with a smile on his face.

“It’s almost time to go, I’ll just take these mugs and clear up, log off and we’ll be ready to go.”

“Great, I’ll just log off and meet you near the lifts. And Ianto, I am still going to find out more about you.”

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