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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, Rhys, John Hart.

Summary: The Captains are figthing in a duel to see who is the best dancer.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, music, anything, I just like to write about it. I loke to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this fic.

NOTE: Inspired in “Take The Lead”. Para too beauty, gracias, querida M, por ser tan especial. Espero que en tu mente puedas ver el ùltimo baile tal y como lo imaginè. Todo mi cariño, A!!!




It was a very quiet afternoon, Tosh was at her workstation trying to figure out how worked a device that had fallen through the rift, Owen was sleeping in the autopsy bay, Gwen was reading a magazine on the sofa, Ianto was consumed in his files, Jack was talking animatedly with the PM and Myfanwy was chasing frogs. Suddenly, the alarm sounded and everybody heard a familiar voice “Hi, team, is there coffee for an old friend???” Captain John Hart made his appearance. Jack left his office “John Hart, what are you doing here???” “Hello to you too, Jack. I came to see if Eye Candy gives me one of his legendary coffees, they are the most famous in the galaxy.” Ianto had just arrived and blushed. Owen was there “That’s not a bad idea, Teaboy, I would like a good mug of coffee.” Gwen added “With cupcakes.” Ianto rolled his eyes and went to the kitchen. Jack spoke “Let’s go to the boardroom, we will take there the coffee while John tells us about his adventures.” John was very pleased “That will be a pleasure.”

Once in the boardroom, Tosh was interested in John’s stories, they were very different “Where have you been lately, John???” John was back in his chair “Around the world, honey, but I must say I’ve been in America, especially Hispanics countries. I was in Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, very beautiful places, with an incredible nightlife. And very handsome men and women. I was gambling, drinking and dancing in all the discos, casinos, bars… Ah, what a wonderful trip.” Ianto came with a tray, put the mugs on the table and returned with the tray full of ham and cheese sandwiches, croissants with butter, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes. Ianto sat down and began to listen to John “I learned to dance many incredible rhythms, Latinos have a wonderful beat in their hips.” Ianto was ecstatic, he liked to dance those rhyhtms, but Jack was very tradicional and Ianto had always been embarrassed to ask him to go to dance, the only time they had danced was at Gwen’s wedding, a very slow song. John went on to tell how he had to escape through a window when the husband of the woman who he was entered, when the alarm sounded. Jack got up “Gwen, Owen, with me, Tosh, you go to see where the alert is.” All gone, Ianto was left picking up the table and John was watching him “You’re still Jack’s little wife.” Ianto blushed “I do my job.” John laughed “It was a joke.” Ianto began to wash the dishes, John sat down to watch him. Ianto turned to him “You sure enjoyed dancing, you’re very lucky.” John looked surprised “Do you like to dance???” Ianto blushed “I love it, but Jack does not dance salsa, merengue or samba. The last thing Jack danced was disco many years ago.” John laughed “Hey, do you want to dance???” Ianto opened his eyes frightened “I do not think it’s appropriate.” John teased him “But you want to dance. I watched you eyes brightened when I suggested it.” Ianto shook his head “I can not get our of here.” John did not give up “There is some room here where we can dance.” Ianto looked thoughtful “The truth, yes.”

Two hours later, Jack, Owen and Gwen returned to the hub. Tosh looked up from her computer, she continued with her artifact. Jack looked around “Where are Yan and John??” Tosh did not know the answer. Owen went to the autopsy bay when he listening to music “Hey, Jack, I hear music out there.” All were to where the music came. When Jack opened the door, he almost suffered a heart attack when he found Ianto and John dancing salsa. “Yan.” cried Jack. Ianto stopped and blushed “Jack.”  John seemed very excited “Jack, I made an amazing discovery, Eye Candy can dance.” Jack was frowned, Owen, Gwen and Tosh were with their mouths open. Ianto did not know what to do “Jack, I’m sorry, but but…” Jack was a little hurt “You never told me you like to dance.” Ianto blushed even more, his face was burning “You do not dance.” John was having fun “You see, Jack, I’m the best dancer.” Jack turned to him angry “I’m the best dancer.” John challenged him on “Prove it.” Jack approached him “Anytime.” John rubbed his chin thinking “We can do a dance contest.” Jack agreed “Done, we’ll dance three songs each one with Yan, he will decide who is the best dancer.” John pointed him with a finger “I agree, but Eye Candy will not decide, he would choose you. We will have some judges.” And he pointed to the team. Gwen’s cell phone rang at that time “Oh, love, no, I can’t leave yet. But you have to come. You can not miss this.”

Owen, Tosh, Rhys and Gwen would be the jury. Ianto was a little upset, Jack and John were behaving like children. Ianto changed his clothes for black pants that allowed him to freely moved his legs and a burgundy t-shirt. Jack chose to dance a waltz, a foxtrot and disco. John on the other hand, salsa, merengue and rumba.

Jack first danced the waltz with Ianto. Ianto seemed to float in Jack’s arms, Jack proved to be a great dance leader. John and Ianto’s salsa was very happy, John knew wonderful steps. Then Ianto had fun with the foxtrot, Jack really was a good dancer. The merengue was hot, Ianto knew how to move his hips and John took advantage of it. The disco had everyone shouting and clapping. Finally, the rumba was very sensual, Jack ground his teeth with jealousy. Jack asked “Who is the best dancer??” Owen and Rhys said it was a tie, Gwen voted for Jack and Tosh for John. It was a tie. Jack and John were not happy, they asked a tiebreaker. Tosh asked “Tango.” They agreed. Jack took Ianto in his arms, he made some very fine steps, when Jack had to turn Ianto, John removed him and held him up, with Ianto leaning on his hip, John turned over. John continued to dance with Ianto, Jack got him again, Ianto turned and lifted a leg, Jack took it and he dragged Ianto. Jack and Ianto continued dancing until John returned to snatch him and sat him on his hip, Ianto crossed his legs and John turned with him. The others were amazed, the tango had become a hot dance battle for Ianto. The sensual notes of the tango accompanying the duel Jack and John had, with the poor Ianto in the middle. When the song ended, Ianto was suspended in a split between Jack and John, the jury applauded wildly.

“Who is the best dancer???” asked Jack and John. The jury again declared a tie. They turned to Ianto “Baby, you have to decide.” “Eye Candy, you say.” Ianto was tired and very upset “Gentlemen, the two of you danced very well, every one in his style. But I’m tired that you behave like children, so the winner here is me. I had danced the seven songs and I want my prize, so the two of you will take me to dinner and this contest is over.” Jack and John were first shocked and then laughed. Jack hugged Ianto “You’re right. Well, guys, dinner time, on John.” “Hey!!” John said. But all went very happy to dinner at a nice restaurant.




“Quise ser paloma y poder volar

Quise ser el sol y poder quemar

Tus mejillas en un beso y que sientas lo que siento

Quise ser camino en tu caminar

Quise ser tu noche y tu despertar

Un amante de novela, un ramito de violetas…”




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