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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 14/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: The morning after the night before and an announcement.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD
A/N: Usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.
I’m happier with this chapter than I was with the last one, just hope you ‘guys’ enjoy. Thanks for reading.

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Chapter 14.

  Jack woke with a start. Sleep still clouding his mind. Something was wrong...no...not wrong...missing ...something...no...someone...was missing. His mind clearing Jack realised the bed was cold, and devoid of the sexy Welshman he had fallen asleep holding in his arms a few hours earlier. Listening for any sound of said Welshman, Jack glanced at the alarm clock situated on the small bedside table. Just gone 7 o’clock. Although he always slept well with Ianto next to him, it was unusual to sleep this ‘late’ at the Hub. ‘The last few days, not to mention the exertions of last night, must have taken more out of me than I realised,’ thought Jack, smiling at the memory of the ‘exertions’ in question. There was no sound of any movement, either in the bunker or Jack’s office above. Consciously having to push down growing concern, when there was no answer to his calling out of Ianto’s name, Jack got up. Deciding it would be wise to put some clothes on considering the time, and the high possibility that Tosh would be in early, (Jack had a habit of wandering around the Hub naked when he and Ianto had the place to themselves), Jack pulled on his trousers and t-shirt from the previous day. He would shower and put on fresh clothes once he knew where his fiancé was. Heading barefoot up to his office Jack called out to Ianto once more. Still no reply, and the hope Ianto was merely making coffee was dispelled by the lack of the delicious aroma that accompanied that particular activity. Once in his office Jack looked out over the main area of the Hub. There was no sign of his lover. Hoping Ianto had just needed some time alone and that nothing was wrong, Jack quickly turned on his computer and accessed the CCTV to check his usual haunts in those circumstances. The archives, - nothing. The railings looking out over the bay. Jack doubted Ianto would break protocol, but just in case. Nothing. The only other place, other than their home, was... The sound of a contented squawk, - could a squawk be contented Jack wondered,- made Jack look up towards Ianto’s final retreat, Myfanwy’s nest. It still amazed Jack that Ianto could get so close to their pteranodon, when no one else, including himself, could. He supposed it had to do with Ianto being the one to find and look after her. Having located Ianto, Jack switched the CCTV feed so he could check all was well with his lover. As he watched, Jack marvelled at the sight of the pteranodon being hand feed chocolate and nuzzling Ianto’s hand. After a few more minutes Ianto began to leave the nest and headed back down to the floor of the hub, Jack switched off the CCTV and went to join his lover, wanting to make sure in person that Ianto was alright.

“ Hey you, I was worried when I woke up alone.” Jack placed a quick kiss to Ianto’s lips in greeting.

“ Sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you. I woke up, and then couldn’t get back to sleep.” Ianto placed his hands on Jack’s hips and looked apologetically at his lover.

“ You should have woken me.”

“ You looked so peaceful. I didn’t want to disturb you, and I just needed some time to think.” Ianto hoped Jack understood.

“ You OK ?” Jack’s hands were resting on the nape of Ianto’s neck, his thumbs gently rubbing a soothing path in the fine hairs found there. His eyes searching Ianto’s for any sign of distress.

“ I will be.” Ianto gave Jack a reassuring look, “ Thank you for last night. For listening, for the support, for the comfort, for just being there for me.”

“ That’s what I’m here for,” Jack moved one hand round to gently cup Ianto’s face. “ Whenever, and wherever you need me I’ll be there. That’s what loving someone is about.” Jack leant in and the couple began to kiss losing themselves in each other, barely noticing the alarm for the cogwheel door opening.

“ Oh, sorry.” Tosh said as she entered and noticed her two friends.

“ Morning Tosh.” Jack acknowledged the tech after ending the kiss, and resting his forehead against Ianto’s.

“ Morning,” Ianto called out to his friend, before returning his attention to Jack. “ We had better go and get changed before the others arrive.” Ianto was reluctant to move from his lover, but knew they had to get ready for the day ahead.

“ Shower ?” Ianto wondered how Jack could make one word sound so suggestive.

“ Only if you’re good.” Ianto teased.

“ I’m always good, in fact I’m great !” Jack grinned.

“ So I’ve heard.” Tosh remarked as she walked past the couple.

“ Tosh !” Ianto was taken by surprise at his friends cheeky comment, and hastily wondered what he might have let slip during one of their more drunken movie nights.

 Jack meanwhile looked at Ianto and raised an eyebrow that the archivist himself would have been proud of !


 After a shower that took longer than strictly necessary, and now dressed in their usual attire, Jack and Ianto re-entered the main area of the Hub.

“ Coffee ?” Ianto asked Tosh as he passed her workstation.

“ Please,” she answered looking up from her computer screen and watching her friend go towards the kitchen. “ Sorry about interrupting you and Jack earlier.”

“ It’s ok.” Ianto reassured her, before entering the kitchen and starting to prepare the first coffee of the morning.

Tosh returned her gaze back to the monitor, but turned and smiled a greeting at Jack as he joined her at her workstation.

“ So Miss Sato what exactly have you heard ?” Jack said playfully referring to Tosh’s earlier comment.

“ Ah, that would be telling Captain.” Tosh responded in a similar vein. Looking up towards the kitchen to make sure her friend was still busy there, she continued speaking, although this time her voice had lost its playfulness and instead held concern. “ How is he Jack ?”

 The Captain followed the tech’s gaze up toward the kitchen, and considered his answer. He thought about the night before and Ianto voicing his concerns. Jack couldn’t honestly tell Tosh that everything was one hundred percent alright with his lover because it wasn’t, so he simply said...

“ He’s coping.”

“ It’s a lot to deal with.” Tosh acknowledged.

“ Don’t I know it.”

“ Sorry, of course you do.” Tosh looked apologetically at Jack. “ It’s just I’m worried about him.”

“ You’re not the only one, Tosh. The best we can do is keep an eye on him and be there when he needs us. Of course figuring out what’s going on would help too.” Jack gave Tosh a small smile.

“ That’s the reason I came in early. I had an idea about trying to retrieve some of Torchwood Ones lost data. Not sure if it will work, and even if it does there is no guarantee anything I find will be helpful, but it’s worth giving it a go.” Tosh said enthusiastically.

“ Great. Start on that when you can, Tosh. Also, as was mentioned in the meeting yesterday, could you team up with Ianto please, specifically to look into those indentations and markings he spoke about seeing on the alien orb, but also see if you can find any other information at all about the orb, as well as what happened on or around that day.” Jack finished speaking to the tech then smiled as Ianto came into view carrying the coffees.

 As if on cue the alarm sounded, the door rolled back and the unmistakable sound of Owen’s voice rang out, as he spotted Ianto with the mugs of coffee.

“ I’ll have one of those.”

“ Now there’s a surprise !” Ianto said just loud enough for Jack and Tosh to hear, causing both to smile as he handed them their drinks.

“ Morning to you too Owen.” Jack called, and then noticing Martha following Owen into the hub, he called ‘Morning’ to her as well.

Ianto and Tosh both acknowledged the new arrivals before Ianto went to get coffee for them, and Tosh turned her attention to her computer screen.

“ Just can’t keep away can you Dr Jones.” Jack teased, as Martha and Owen joined him and Tosh.

“ You know me Jack, I’m a sucker for a man in a suit !” Martha winked and grinned cheekily at the Captain.

“ Hands off  Dr Jones. This one’s taken !” Jack shot back with a playful tone.

“ Isn’t he just !” Martha’s smile grew, and she gave Jack a look that let him know, if he didn’t already, that she knew about the engagement.

 Tosh, who was listening to the exchange, found her mind wandering. There was something that hadn’t really registered, but the banter between Jack and Martha was pulling it to the fore. Something about Ianto when he had handed her coffee to her. Something to do with his hand... oh – OH ! It suddenly ‘hit’ her. The ring she had seen when they had brought Ianto up from the vaults was still on his finger...

“ Oh My God !...You’re engaged !” Tosh looked at Jack, then her excited eyes searched out Ianto who was approaching with Owen and Martha’s coffee.

 “ You are aren’t you ?” It was more a statement than a question from Tosh, whose voice was full of excitement and hope.

 Jack looked to Ianto who was now finishing handing out the coffees. The Welshman gave his fiancé the faintest of nods in consent and moved to Jack’s side.

“This isn’t exactly how I imagined this going. We were going to tell you all later when everyone was here, but seeing as Tosh pre-empted us,” Jack smiled at the tech, “I guess we had better do this now and fill Gwen in later....” Jack put his arm around Ianto’s waist, held him close, and looked into his lovers beautiful blue eyes before turning back to face the others, “...I asked Ianto to marry me and thankfully he said yes.”

 The smile on Jack’s face couldn’t be any bigger. He turned and placed a quick chaste kiss to his blushing fiancé’s lips, as Tosh actually squealed with joy before hugging them both.

“ That’s brilliant! I’m so happy for you both.” The smile on Tosh’s face, as she stepped back from the couple, was almost as wide as Jack’s .

“ Thanks Tosh.” Ianto smiled at his best friend. He hadn’t doubted that she would be happy for them, but to see her so pleased made Ianto’s smile widen.

“ Yes, thanks Tosh.” Jack also replied still grinning like the Cheshire Cat !

“ You’d best look after him or you will have me to answer to.” The protective tech warned the Captain. Although it was said good naturedly Jack knew it was a genuine warning.

“ Believe me I will.” Jack assured her.

“ Congratulations to you both.” Martha followed Tosh’s lead and hugged the couple. “ You both deserve to be happy, especially you Jack, enjoy it.” She smiled and gave Jack a quick peck on the cheek as she pulled away.

“ I intend to.” The immortal replied.

“ I thought you had more sense Teaboy !” Owen was shaking his head slightly at the news, although there was a small smile on his face as he shook the couple’s hands in congratulations.

“ What can I say, he caught me at a weak moment.” A straight faced Ianto gave his shoulders a small shrug, though there was a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“ Hey, are you trying to say I took advantage of you ?” Jack pouted.

“ Don't you always.” Ianto deadpanned, raising a suggestive eyebrow.

“ Best make the most of ‘taking advantage’ Harkness, ’cos don’t they say once you’re married that’s the end of your sex life ?” Owen gleefully stated.

 The look on Jack’s face was priceless, making everyone else burst out laughing.

 Ianto moved nearer to his lover and whispered, “ Don’t worry I have a feeling we will be the exception.” With that a smile returned to Jack’s face.

 Nobody had really registered the cogwheel door opening until a woman’s questioning voice sounded over the laughter.

“ Did I miss something ?” 

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