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SUMMARY: Jack and Ianto tell to their familias the news about the baby.


DISCLAIMER: The characters, songs, films, ideas, don’t belong to me. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this story.

NOTE: I was not sure continuing the fantasy, but… it came from my “winnieverse”, this is a sequel of “A Taste Of Honey.”




Silence gripped the autopsy bay, Ianto began to sob quietly, Jack was in shock, Owen and Gwen were doing their best imitation of a blowfish. Tosh was the first to react, "Ianto is going to have a baby??" Owen could answer "The blood test is absolutely positive." At that time, Jack began to return to reality and got closer to Ianto, who has tears on his cheeks. Jack hugged him gently and Ianto snuggled into his neck, Jack stroked his headYan, this is incredible." Ianto looked at him "Cariad, I'm sorry, I ..." Jack did not let him to continue, he gave him a little kiss on the lips as he dried his tears "Shhh, easy, I'm surprised but very happy. I just wanted to know how did it happen???" Ianto raised an eyebrow and gave him the look, Owen snorted. Jack continued "Okey okey, I know what I did, you understand what I mean." Gwen spoke at that moment "Bloody Torchwood, I think there is nothing now that I have not seen." Ianto spoke softly, "I think it was something that Mother Nature made ​​me. When she said goodbye to me, she gave me a kiss on the forehead and put her hands on my hips, I had a strange sensation and then you and I…” Ianto blushed. Tosh giggled "We’re going to have a Torchwood baby. Ianto, congrats!!!" She ran to hug and kiss him on the cheek. "You too, Jack." Tosh hugged and kissed him as well, Gwen promptly imitated her. Owen grunted "Okay, fine, everybody is happy, I am as well. Now, I'm going to have the worst part. I am the one who will have to deliver that baby." Ianto made ​​a face of terror at that moment, "Oh goddess, I have not thought about that." Jack hugged him "Baby, do not worry now, everything in its moment."

Gwen and Rhys were in their flat, she gave him the news "Bloody Torchwood. I can not believe it, Jack does not lose one. I thought we would be the first couple to get pregnant. I never thought that two blocks can have kids, but, it’s Torchwood." Gwen smiled slightly "You see, love, Ianto won the race. You and I will have our baby when the time comes." They embraced. Gwen felt her eyes fill with tears, she was very happy for Jack and Ianto, but deep down she was very jealous of Ianto.

Jack was beyond himself. Ianto and Tosh were talking about baby things. Owen was the one who was very worried, he would have to help him in childbirth, he would have to do a cesarean "Jack, you could do me the favor to call Martha. Men do not get pregnant every day and I will attend the cesarean, I need advices, she is the only one I can consult my doubts." Jack nodded, "Of course." Jack called Martha and put the speaker "Dr. Jones." Martha answered. "The voice of a nightingale." Jack said. "Jack, I'm glad to hear you." Jack continued "I called to give you some news and Owen wants to ask you for a favor." Owen spoke "Hello, Martha." "Hello, Owen, long time! Tell me how can I help you??" Owen cleared his throat "Jack will have to give you the news first. Jack grinned "Yan and I are going to have a baby." Martha was delighted "Jack, congratulations. Are you going to adopt a baby?? "Jack chuckled, "No, Martha, Yan is pregnant." "Bloody Torchwood!!!" They heard at the other side of the phone.

Days passed, the girls spoiled Ianto all the time. Jack could not concentrate on his work, he wanted Ianto to stay at the flat to rest, but Ianto did not want. Owen was reading everything about pregnancy. Myfanwy was still pending of Ianto, she followed him around the hub, she liked to approach him, put her head on his shoulder and made loving noises, after all, she was the first to know that he was pregnant.

One night, Jack and Ianto sat down to talk "Yan, baby, I think we have to talk to Alice and Rhi. You're still thin, but when you start to get fat ..." Ianto put his hands into the belly "I have no jeans. Luckily I can still use my pants." Jack hugged him "You're beautiful!" They kissed. "But, returning to the main topic. I talked to Alice and told her that tomorrow we would go to dinner. I called Rhi as well and told her on Saturday we’ll have lunch with her." Ianto nodded, "I am very scared, but we have to." They kissed again. Ianto sighed “Cariad, love me.” Jack was concerned “Baby, I’m not sure, I don’t want to hurt you.” Ianto rolled his eyes and blused “Owen said it’s okey, we just have to be a little more careful. Please, made love to me.” Jack agreed.

Stephen was very happy to see their uncles, he loved Ianto. Alice prepared a delicious dinner. At the end of dinner, Stephen wanted to show Ianto some video games, Ianto looked at Jack significantly, Jack nodded, he would talk to her alone "Alice, we came to give you some news." Alice was worried  “What's up, dad?" Jack scratched his chin "Errr, you're gonna have a brother or sister." Alice gasped "You're going to adopt a baby." Jack grieved "Errr, no, Yan is pregnant." "Bloody Torchwood!!! Dad, you’re unbelievable." And she hugged him.

Saturday came, Ianto was super nervous, his hands were sweating. "Baby, try to calm down. Alice was very happy when I gave her the news. I bet you Rhi as well." Ianto bit his lip, "I know, it is Johnny that worries me." Rhi was waiting, they had lunch and later they sat in the room for coffee. David and Micah were playing. Jack took Ianto’s hand and looked at him, Rhi noticed “I have the feeling that you wanted to tell me something. Ianto is barely shaking.” At that moment Micah interrupted them “Mom, I want more ice cream.” Rhi nodded “Got get yourself.” David turned on the TV. Rhi asked Ianto “What’s going on??? Ianto answered “Rhi, Johnny, errr, we want to tell you…” he lowered his voice “Jack and I, errr, we’re going to have a baby. I’m going to have a baby” Rhi gapped “Holly shit!!!” Johnny laughed loudly “Oi, Jack, you’re really a stallion.” Now was Jack and Ianto’s turn to get gapped. They embraced. At that moment, Micah returned with her ice cream. After the hugs, everybody sat down again. Micah asked David “What happened???” David answered “Oh, nothing, uncle Jack got uncle Ianto pregnant.” Lucky that Jack was immortal because he almost choked with the coffee, Ianto flushed, Rhi grieved and Johnny laughed again. Rhi was finally able to speak "David, Micah. Do you understand what is happening???" They nodded. "And it does not seem strange to you two?" Micah replied "Not really, Uncle Ianto always seemed a little girly to me." And the two of them continued watching TV as if nothing had happened.



“Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep
Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep
But I made up my mind, I'm keeping my baby, oh
I'm gonna keep my baby, mmm...”




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