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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh-Owen, Rhys-Gwen, Detective Kathy Swanson, PC Andy Davidson.

Summary: The team has to sing in a talent show.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, music, song, films, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.




Tosh was hidden behind a car, Ianto was beside her pointing the dart gun at the alien, it looked like a huge skunk, black, very hairy, but with a red stripe on its back instead of white, with longer ears and sharp teeth. Owen and Jack were at the front of the alien with a net. Detective Kathy Swanson, Andy and two policemen were in their patrol cars watching the scene. "Owen, you try to lure him from your side, so let's round it." Owen and Jack got it, the alien struggled, Tosh and Ianto got up from their hiding place to try to help, Ianto shot the tranquilizer dart, but before the alien peed on them. The alien fell asleep. Tosh started yelling "That thing peed on me, that sucks." Ianto was watching his suit "Why me?? Another suit ruined." Tosh had wet her hair and blouse, Ianto his face and jacket, they were very uncomfortable. Owen run to them “Tosh, are you okey, do you feel something strange???” Tosh looked at him “No, my love, I fell awesome.” And she began to kiss him. “What the hell???” but Owen let her kissed him. Jack and Katie came “Well, your people are very friendly.” Jack grinned “The alien’s pee uninhibited passions. Their hormones are aphrodisiac.” Tosh was trying to undress Owen “Jack, I’m going to take Tosh to her flat.” Kathy and Jack laughed “Have fun.” Jack winded, Owen sighed and dragged Tosh to his car, she was touching his arse, Owen blushed. “Everything is always different when you are around.” Andy said, Kathy and Jack looked at him, them Kathy turned to Jack “I want to tell you something. Remember that I told you the other day that we have a talent night…” Ianto came without his jacket “Cariad” and he embraced Jack and began to nibble his ear “Yan, please, I’m talking with Detective Swanson.” Ianto looked at her “He’s mine.” Jack opened his eyes, Andy gapped and Kathy laughed “It’s seems like Baby Face is jealous about me.” Ianto was licking Jack’s neck “Yan, behave.” Ianto said maliciously “Oh, are you going to punish me??? I love when I can not sit the next morning.” Andy jumped and covered his ears “Lalala, I don’t need to hear that.” And he went. Kathy was still laughing “Captain, as I was saying…” But Ianto interrupted her “I don’t want you to talk to her, you always flirt with her.” Jack was a little embarrased, Kathy was having fun “Captain, join us tonight at the pub near the police station and we talk.” Ianto hugged Jack “He’s my man, bitch.” Jack put his hand on Ianto’s mouth and he began to lick his finger, Kathy was laughing to tears “Oh, and I though that Baby Face was so serious and propper.” Ianto was rubbing his leg against Jack who was with mixed feelings “It is better that I take you to the SUV.” Ianto was excited “Oh, yes, take me in the car.” Kathy laughed “Oh no, if I know that your SUV is parked somewhere, I’ll arrest you under the charges of indecent behavior in public places, exhibitionism and pedophilia.” Jack exclaimed “He’s 24.” Kathy raised her eyebrow “I know, but I’ll be very funny. See you at night.” Jack dragged Ianto to the SUV “Come on, my little horny boy, I promise that your wonderful arse is going to hurt you a lot later.” Ianto was very pleased hearing that.

That night, Owen, Tosh, Gwen, Rhys, Jack and Ianto were with Andy and Kathy at the pub. Gwen pouted “Oh, how can I missed that???” Rhys was laughing, Tosh and Ianto seemed to have a big hangover. “The pee of this alien is very strong.” Jack said. “And very effective. The quiet ones are always the most dangerous.” Kathy added. Everybody laughed and Tosh and Ianto flushed. Jack asked “Kathy, what do you need from us???” “Remember when you sang in the play, that murder case??? I told you that we have once a year a talent show to raise money for charity. This year is going to be “Fever Night.” Everything about disco and I want you to sing. You have to imitate a disco singer, with costumes as well.” They looked at each other and at her, Jack agreed “Okay, it’s for a great cause.” Kathy was happy “Maybe, you and Baby Face can make a duet.” Ianto nodded “I have an idea.” Owen looked alarm, Ianto smirked “Don’t worry, Owen, not Sony and Cher.” Owen huffed. Kathy was curious “What it’ll be???” Ianto looked at Jack “It’s going to be a surprise.” Tosh said “Owen, you can sing something with me.” Owen shocked his head “No, never, don’t count on me.” Gwen turned to Rhys “And you, love, will you sing with me???” “Oh, honey, please, no.” Gwen pouted, but Tosh said “Hey, Gwen, sing with me, I think I have a song for the two of us.” Gwen grinned “Sure, Tosh, I’d love the idea.” Ianto giggled “And I have a song that we can sing all together, including Rhys.” Owen and Rhys said together “No way.” Ianto rose his eyebrow and smirked “You’re going to love it.”

The night arrived, the stage was beautiful, with lights and a ball in the center. Kathy surprised everybody, she sang “I’ll Survive” by Gloria Gaynor beautifully and she looked mostly like her, even prettier. Then came the girls, Tosh was a very Japanese Donna Summer and Gwen was Barbra Streisand, they sang “No More Tears” and they were a success, Tosh had an incredible voice and Gwen sing very well. It came Andy’s turn, he looked exactly like Andy Gibb and made a very good performance of “Shadow Dancing.” But Jack and Ianto blew away the place, when they appeared on stage, everybody gapped, Jack was in front of a piano as Elton John and Ianto was sitting over the piano dressed in a mix of Kiki Dee and RuPaul, he looked gorgeous and when “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” filled the room, everybody applauded. They were more numbers and it came the end of the show, the Torchwood team were about to sing and it was the surprise of the night, the five members of the team plus Rhys, were the Village People. Rhys was the construction worker, Gwen the biker, Tosh the Indian, Owen the cowboy, Ianto the G.I. but he was wearing an UNIT uniform and Jack the police officer, he looked so handsome with dark glasses and boots. They sang a mix, “In The Navy”, “Macho Man”, “Go West” and of course “Y.M.C.A.” Everybody danced and sang with them, it was incredible.

At the end of the event, Kathy was so grateful with them. When they were alone in the street, Rhys looked at Gwen, they were still with the costumes “Love, I think this night I feel a little gay, ‘cause you look so sexy on those letters pants and the moustache.” They laughed and Gwen said “Come, love, I’m going to be your macho man tonight.” She was kissing him deeply at the time they left the place. Owen turned to Tosh “Wanna play Indians and cowboys???” Tosh blushed a little and giggled “Me cut your scalp, pale face.” And they went as well. Jack looked at Ianto “You know something, soldier, I’m going to arrest you.” Ianto rolled his eyes and smirked “Under the charges of…???” Jack held him “For exceeding the limits of beauty.” And Jack gave Ianto a sloppy kiss. Suddenly, they heard a voice and jumped, it was Detective Swanson “Oh, please, get a room or I’m going to be the one who will arrest you both.” And she winked at them and left.



“You can’t stop the music
nobody can’t stop the music.
Keep two lovers apart
mend a broken heart
Catch a falling star
that's much easier to do.
No! You can’t stop the music”



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