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Fanfic - The Spirit of Torchwood 2/4 [Torchwood: Jack/Ianto]

Title: The Spirit of Torchwood
Author: soera
Rating(s): PG-15
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ianto-centric, team-fic; Jack/Ianto with minor Toshiko/Owen and Gwen/Rhys
Summary: The one in which Ianto can see ghosts.

He did have to admit, it was kind of amusing watching Eugene’s sheer enthusiasm when he saw the Hub for the first time. He headed off to make a few phone calls, wondering if he should reveal his ability to Eugene or not. As a general rule, he never spoke to ghosts who were connected to people he knew, or ghosts who seemed like they might prove problematic. Eugene was just enthusiastic enough about the unknown that he might decide to stick around longer to find out exactly what Ianto was capable of.

It wasn’t something Ianto wanted to happen. At the very least, though, he could try and give Eugene and his mother some form of closure.

Author's Notes: Alternate canon (see summary). I don’t think there’s anything to really warn for (other than ghosts?), but let me know if I’m mistaken. FYI, there are OCs in this fic, but they’re mostly, uh, dead.

The Spirit of Torchwood: Part Two

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