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The Hand of Destiny (Part Eleven)

Rating: Will be NC-17 for series.

Word Count: 1600

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto; unrequited Alice/Ianto; past Owen/ Ianto; past unrequited Jack/ John Smith; Tosh/ Tommy; Rhiannon/Johnny;  Stephen. Others will be added as they appear.

Spoilers: None. This is AU although there will be brief references to canon events. 

Warnings: AU. There is no Torchwood, there are no aliens, Jack is not immortal.

Summary: Totally AU. When Jack meets Ianto it may cost him everything he loves. 

A/N: I really must get better at updating :-\

Part One| Part Two| Part Three| Part Four| Part Five |Part Six| Part Seven| Part Eight| Part Nine Part Ten

Part Eleven Here
Tags: fanfic

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