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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen.

Summary: The team wants that Jack and Ianto put some limits in their relationship.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, music, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.




Owen came muttering of one of the lower levels. Gwen saw him "Owen, I need to show Jack this report. You know where he is???”

Owen snorted "Where else he could be, between Teaboy’s legs.”

Gwen gasped. Tosh asked overwhelms "Again???"

"Again??" Owen frowned. Tosh blushed "Two hours ago they were in Jack's office."

Gwen could talk "But, they are like rabbits." Owen snorted "They look like fucking newlyweds."

Tosh wanted to know more "Where did you see them???"

In the second level’s cellar. I was going to get some medicines and Jack had Teaboy pressed against the wall. Nothing nice to see."

Tosh was manipulating the CCTV  "Mmm…"

Owen saw her "Tosh, are you looking for them, that’s unbelievable, do not be so perverted."

Tosh became even redder "I'm not looking for them, I never watch them."

Gwen had at this point "That's not true, the other day I passed at your back and you were watching them. Come on, let me watch them as well."

Indeed, Jack had Ianto against the wall, Ianto had his legs around Jack’s back.
Owen scolded them "Do not watch, please, you do not be so prying."

Gwen was with her eyes wide open “Wow, always the quiet ones.”

Tosh started at the computer “You’re right, they have had sex everywhere in the hub, I think there is no place where we can put a cookie.”

Owen grimaced “Oh that’s sucks. Tosh, how are you so sure about that???”

Tosh said softly “Oh, I have to admit it, I spy them, I have some tapes as well.”

Owen rolled his eyes “Oh Tosh. No, we need to stop this, we need to talk to them. There is a time and a place for everything.”

Gwen agreed with him “That’s true. We come here to work, not to shag al day, no matter if he is the boss. Don’t you think, Tosh???”

Tosh jumped “Errr, oh, yes, Gwen, you’re right.”

Owen and Gwen looked at each other. “I think our little tech likes to watch a lot.” Said Owen, Gwen nodded.

Twenty minutes later, Jack and Ianto went to the workstations. Owen talked to them “We want to talk with you both, can we have a meeting in the boardroom???”

Jack grinned “Of course, Owen. Yan, can you bring coffee and something to eat, I’m starving.”

“Who could say it, with all the exercise…” whispered Gwen.

Jack turned to her “Were you saying???”

“Nop, nothing.” Gwen smiled at him.

They were sitting in the boardroom when Ianto entered with a tray of mugs and roast beef sandwiches and slices of apple pie, he sat and Owen cleared his throat “We are happy that you are in a relationship, but, we need you to put some limits.”

Ianto flushed and Jack frowned, he asked “Limits???”

Gwen continued “Yes Jack, we are afraid to walk and find you in a corner having sex. I think you have had sex in all the places of the hub.”

Ianto didn’t want to raise his head, he was flushed, Jack laughed “Not in every place.”

Owen snorted “I can not imagine where not.”

Ianto said softly “Myfanwy’s nest, she didn’t let us, she even bit me a buttock.”

Jack added “And I think that Janet could kill us if we try in her cell.”

Owen, Gwen and Tosh were speechless.

Owen could not believe it “But, oh, please, you see what we are talking about. This is Torchwood, we work here, we do not fuck here. I do not know how you can do it all the time. What are you taking… viagra???”

Ianto flushed again and Jack looked offended “I do not need those things.”

Gwen looked at Owen and then turn to Jack “We do not doubt it, Jack. We just want that you at least try to do your things at night or when we are not here.”

Jack looked at Tosh “Hey Tosh, do you have something to say??? You are so quiet.”

Tosh flushed violently “Errr, I agree with them.”

Owen added “We all agree. Do you know that our little tech had become a video addict to your shags around the hub.”

Ianto looked at Tosh with wide eyes and Jack laughed out loud “Oh, my dear Tosh has her guilty pleasures, you are naughty girl.”

Owen huffed “Guilty pleasures, that’s a horrible vice.”

“Hey, I do not criticize you because you like to drink a lot.” Said Tosh very offended.

“Please, do not fight. Okey, lets make an agreement. We are going to try to be more…” Jack stared at Ianto.

“Reserved, carefull…” Ianto told him.

“Yes, exactly. But, we can not promise anything.”

Gwen grieved “Oh, Jack, come one. At least try!!!”

Jack grinned “Okey, okey, we’ll try. Well, this meeting is over, return to work.”

When they left, Ianto began to pick up the mugs, but Jack jumped over him and kissed him, Ianto did not want “Jack, we told them we’ll try to nommvemphfpex!!!”

Jack continued kissing him “I know, but that conversation turned me on.”

Ianto moaned “Lets go to your room, remember, Tosh…”

“Oh yeah” Jack lifted Ianto and put him on his shoulder. “Jack, put me down.” Jack patted Ianto’s arse “You can be sure I will.”

When they returned to the workstations, Tosh turned on the CCTV of the boardroom and the three of them watch the scene. “I won the bet!!! They could not wait five minutes.” said Owen.

Gwen frowned “I think they will wait at least at tonight.”

Tosh and Gwen paid to Owen. Owen went to the autopsy bay and Gwen to her workstation.

Tosh was thinking “Jack has a room. Mmm, where will it be??? Could I install there a CCTV??? Oh no, Toshiko Sato, please, you need to get a life.”



“You give me fever
When you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
In the morning
Fever all through the night”










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