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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 19/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: A bit in the Hub, a bit out of it.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD
A/N: Usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.
This chapter was written really quickly and easily for me, hence the quick update. I’m hoping that the speed it was written doesn’t mean it’s bad !
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy anyway. 

Story starts here:

previous chapter:


Chapter 19.

 Jack looked up from the report he had been studying to see Martha entering his office.

“ Everything alright ?” Jack couldn’t help but worry that his friend was the bearer of bad news regarding Ianto.

“ Everything is fine. Just wanted to make sure you’re alright.” Martha took the seat opposite the Captain. Concern for her friend was evident in both her face and voice.

“ I’m...”

“ Don’t you dare just say that you’re fine. I know you Jack, and I know how I would be feeling if this was happening to Tom and me.” The look Martha gave the Captain told him that she would wait as long as it took for him to answer her honestly.

“ I keep wondering when I’m going to wake up. Find this is an amazing dream, and the reality is that I’m still sitting in the morgue clinging to his cold, lifeless body.”  There was a vulnerability to Jack’s voice Martha hadn’t heard before.

“ This is no dream Jack, it’s real. Ianto is here and very much alive. ” Martha smiled at Jack, who took a few moments before answering.   

“ He is, isn’t he.” A smile began to cross Jack’s face, as the confident Captain persona began to return. The smile got bigger as the man in question knocked, then entered Jack’s office.

“ Sorry to interrupt, but I’ve been on to Archie and he is sending the stones, readers and any other relevant information he’s got that wasn’t on the system, down by the regular secure courier. We should have them tomorrow morning at the latest. I’ve also found the Aelranian medical device. You wanted it see it.” Ianto placed the hexagonal box like object on Jack’s desk.

“ Thank you, Ianto. Archie didn’t give you any problems did he ?” Jack doubted it, Ianto seemed to be the only one of the team who the gruff Scotsman tolerated.

“ No, he was fine about it. If there is nothing else sir, I should be heading down to get those tests redone.”

“ Thanks Ianto, that’s all for now.” Jack picked up the device. “ Actually, why don’t we all go down to the autopsy bay, then I can show both you...” Jack nodded towards Martha, “...and Owen how this works.”

“ You recognise it then, and know how to use it ?” Martha asked as she stood and followed Jack out of the office door that Ianto, ever the gentleman, was holding open for them.

“ Yep, it’s an Aelranian ‘field diagnostic device’.” Jack informed them as they approached the autopsy bay.


“ So, if I press this, this, and this, hold the device like this, and move it over the body, it will do a complete scan ?” Owen checked with Jack, as he went through the instructions and information the Captain had given Martha and himself concerning using the Aelranian device.

“ Yes, that’s it. At the moment it is set to scan pure humans, but can be used on other races as well. I’ve also set the universal translator to Earth English, so the readouts should be understandable, - at least to you medical types anyway.” Jack confirmed.

“ And the complete scan cycle is ?”

“ Just that, a complete scan of everything. Internal organs, vein structure, muscles tissues, bones, everything. You can also set it for varying depths of scan. At the moment it is set for a deep scan, but there is also a light and moderate setting. It can also be set to concentrate on specific areas.” Jack informed the medic. Although he was now talking to Owen, Jack knew Martha who was busy re-scanning Ianto, could also hear, and was taking in everything he was saying.

“ Great, and the information comes up here on the screen, and is also recorded and can be downloaded.” Owen checked.

“ Once it has been synced with our system, yes. The devices own display should give you enough information for now at least.” Jack said, not wanting to overload Tosh with even more work.

“ Ok. Pretty sure I’ve got this sussed.” Owen looked over to see if Martha had finished yet.

“ Nearly done, then Ianto’s all yours.” Martha was waiting for Jack to make a comment, but he didn’t get the chance as Tosh’s voice came over the com.

“ We’ve got a weevil sighting Jack.”

“ Ok. Tosh on my way.”


 Gwen followed Jack down to the garage, and once in the SUV she confirmed the coordinates with Tosh, before checking Jack knew their destination. It was a 20 minute drive, - well 10 with Jack at the wheel. Still, that would give her some time Gwen thought, as they pulled out of the garage and headed towards their destination.

“ Jack.”

“ Mmm”

“...I’m sorry...about earlier...” Gwen hoped her voice sounded suitably contrite, “...It was just such a surprise, and I spoke without thinking...”

“ Not for the first time,” Jack said, adding mentally, ‘and no doubt not the last.’

“ No...no... I guess. I do speak without thinking at times.”

‘ Only at times ?’ Jack thought again, listening as Gwen continued.

“...But I am sorry. It really was a shock. I had no idea you two were ‘together’ like that. I mean, I know you flirt, but out of everyone I thought...”

“ You made it perfectly clear what you thought.” Jack’s voice was controlled.

“ I’m sorry if I got it so wrong, but you have to admit with the signals you were giving out...”

 Had this been his fault, Jack wondered. He thought back to that initial attraction, the full on flirting that ensued, the looks and the touches. The gun training... He wasn’t an innocent in all this, and he guessed it could look as though in the beginning he had led Gwen on.

“ I’m sorry as well Gwen. Whatever signals I may have inadvertently given out were wrong. Right from the start I knew you had a boyfriend, and I may be many things, but a relationship wrecker isn’t one of them. The flirting was just over the top friendliness. With hindsight I should have put a lid on the flirting...”

“ I understand Jack, you can’t help how you react to someone who you’re attracted to, and neither of us can deny the attraction between us, or help the inevitable flirting.”

“ Like I said before, there was an attraction for the shortest time, but there isn’t now.” Jack wanted there to be no misunderstanding regarding his feelings towards Gwen. “ I was flattered Gwen. Having someone around, day in day out who saw me as a hero figure, was great for the ego.”

“ You’re saying Ianto doesn’t see you as a hero ?” Gwen asked a little stunned. Jack was the perfect hero in her eyes, - the handsome features, smooth charm, and the selfless bravery.

“ Ianto see’s the man...Good and bad. He loves and accepts me flaws and all.” Jack couldn’t help the small smile that graced his lips at the thought of his Welshman.

“Are you sure about him Jack ? About marrying him ?”

‘Here it comes,’ thought Jack, ‘she ‘s already said things to Ianto to try and get him to question us, now she’s turning her scheming towards me.’

“ Of course I am. I wouldn’t have asked him if I wasn’t.” Jack’s voice had the strength of certainty running through it.

“ It’s just ..well...it’s not a reaction to what’s happened is it ?” Gwen was trying her best to sound the concerned ‘friend’ at this point. “ Because if it is, surely it would be better all round just to end it before it goes too far, and someone is hurt more than necessary.”

“ It has nothing to do with what happened.” Jack’s voice now had a defensive tone to it. “ Not that it’s any of your business, but I had planned on asking Ianto to marry me before all this.”

“ But what about a reaction on his part ? He died, now he’s alive. Are you sure he didn’t just say yes as a way to prove to himself that he is still here ? After all...” Gwen turned to look at Jack as she spoke. “...what better way of dealing with coming back from the dead and proving you’re alive, than marrying a man who has nothing but life.” She couldn’t tell, from Jack’s expression, if her words had had the desired effect of implanting a small seed of doubt over Ianto’s proposal acceptance or not. Either way Gwen was sure her next comments would definitely help her cause. Turning her head to look out of the side window she casually remarked. “ Mind you, once Ianto is allowed out and about again, there are at least one or two who will gladly help him prove he’s alive.”

“ Gwen ?” Jack knew the Welshwoman was trying to make him doubt Ianto, but found himself unable to just ignore her comment, curious to see where this was heading, Jack took the bait. “ What exactly do you mean by that?”

“ Oh , nothing, just that when he’s free to go out I guess he’ll head down to the club and ‘get together’ with his ‘friends’. They seem quite a free and easy couple, if you know what I mean. Wouldn’t have thought they were really Ianto’s cup of tea though, mind you they are a couple of lookers.” Gwen couldn’t help the smirk that came to her lips as she noticed Jack’s grip on the steering wheel tighten. ‘ So he doesn’t know about Ianto’s evenings at the club with his new ‘friends’ while Jack had been away. This could be easier than I expected,’ Gwen thought.

 Before Gwen could say anymore, Jack brought the SUV to a stop having reached their destination, and he had quickly exited the vehicle.

“ I believe the weevil is 100 yards in that direction.” Jack said checking his wrist strap and motioning to the east of their current position. His tone of voice was cold and calculated, and full of controlled anger, though not as Gwen thought because of him doubting Ianto’s faithfulness to him, but because of her obvious attempt to undermine his and Ianto’s relationship. Unknown to Gwen however, Jack knew all about the club and Ianto’s friends, and the fact that his lover had only visited the place twice, both times having been group trips with the team to unwind after particularly hard days. Not only had Ianto told him about the club, but had also taken him there and introduced Jack to the ‘friends’ Gwen had implied were something more. It turned out that Max and Ewan were a committed couple and actually owned the club. Max knew Ianto from the time the Welshman had been ‘drifting’, before being spotted by Torchwood One, and when the team had ended up in the club one night he had recognised Ianto and got chatting to him. The innocent friendly scenes were perfect for Gwen to twist and use as ammunition, and if Jack was honest, if he didn’t know the truth, Gwen’s comments could have easily done their job of starting to sabotage his relationship with Ianto. As it was Jack had no fears concerning what he and Ianto had. He was secure in the love they shared, and the damage Gwen thought she could wreak on them he was not about to let happen. 

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