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SUMMARY: The team went to the Litha Celebration.


DISCLAIMER: The characters, songs, films, ideas, don’t belong to me. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this story.

NOTE: From my winnieverse, a sequel of “Breaking News.”

Happy Litha for all of you!!!




All was normal again in the hub. Ianto was almost not doing field work, not on his own will, but because Jack would not let him and this time, he had Owen’s support, who surprisingly, had taken very seriously his role, taking care of Ianto’s and the baby’s health. Owen was really worried, but something that was reassuring him was that Martha had promised him she would be there to help when the time would come, according to his account, the delivery would be in December, as Ianto had become pregnant in March.

The girls were like playing dolls, they bought little toys, baby clothes, hats, shoes, of course, primarily white, yellow or green, they were still unaware what was the baby’s sex.

Ianto had no nausea, but he did not feel like eating much, he was still eating potatoes, honey, bread and fruit, which he could not eat was meat. Rhi had also been dedicated to pamper him, she baked a cinnamon roll that had become one of the biggest Ianto’s cravings, and well, of Jack’s as well. He was so proud of his new child, and having the baby with the love of his life, what else he would ask.

On June 19th, they heard familiar bells and Winnie appeared “Hi, team!!!” She looked at Ianto and run to huge him “Congrats!!!” Ianto hold her tight “Thanks!!!”

All of them were very happy to see her. Tosh asked “How is Santa??? Are there some news from Mother Nature and the elves world???”

Winnie grinned broadly “Actually, yes. Mother Nature said that you all are welcome to the Midsummer Party.”

Jack agreed “Of course we’ll go, when will it be???” “On June 21st, in the forest, you know the place.” Winnie answered.

Jack eyes shone “Oh yes, we’ll go in our bikes.” Ianto rolled his eyes “You’re in love with that bike.”

Jack winked “Jealous???” Ianto laughed.

Gwen asked at that moment “Can I take Rhys???” “Sure, just one thing, you have to wear yellow this time, we’re going to have some important guests.” Winnie said.

Owen snorted “I’m going to look like Chicken Little.” Everybody laughed.

Winnie looked at the hour “I have to go, Santa says he’s going to fire me if I continue helping Mother Nature. Bye.” and she disappeared.

And the day came, the celebration would be in the evening. The team arrived at the forest. Rhys felt very uncomfortable wearing yellow "I look like the chicken that advertises the chicken restaurant." Gwen tried to cheer him on "Oh no love, you look very handsome." But the truth was that he looked like a huge chicken.

And Owen, well, he really looked like Chicken Little. Jack was not very comfortable either "I feel like a yolk, but if this is the protocol..."

Ianto said "I feel like Tweety." Jack meowed and everyone laughed.

Tosh looked very pretty, she wore a dress "I feel like a daisy." Owen held her by the waist “You look beautiful." Tosh blushed.

Gwen said "I also look like a daisy." But Owen was bothering her, "No, Gwen, you look like a big sunflower." "Oi, do not mess with my wife." Rhys scolded him.

Jack laughed, "You guys, come on, we do not want to be late.”

The place was amazing, everything was decorated in red, gold and yellow. There was a big bonfire in the middle. Flowers were everywhere.

The team saw Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, they waved and Merryweather winked at Owen and showed him a bottle, Owen was about to go, but Tosh graved him “Oh no, don’t you dare. Come here.” Owen saw the girls and shrugged.

Mother Nature looked stunning, this time she was dress in yellow and gold, she seemed like a goddess, by his side, there were two men, one was a tall bearded man wearing a gold tunic, he was old, but very attractive, he imposed respect. The other one was younger, tall and very handsome, he was wearing a gold tunic as well. Mother Nature's waved. The team was placed on a site that they had reserved for them, Winnie was waiting there.

The first part of the ceremony began, Mother Nature spoke “Welcome, my people and friends, we are honored tonight with the presence of Father Time and the Lord of the Forest. As you know, all the celebrations are mainly for women, but this one in particular celebrates the men as well, the fathers, so we are going to precede this ceremony, because we are a family. We are going to celebrate love. Love is universal, no matter who you are or who you believe or how you feel, you must love everybody and you have to respect all the people. So, first we are going to bless the fire, the flowers, the harvest, later we are going to have the feast and at the end of the night, the weddings.”  

Mother Nature turned to Father Time, it was his turned to speak “My dear friends, I’m so honored to be here. This is the longest day of the year, as you know, it was settle this way because we have a lot of things to celebrate today and to be grateful. So, I’ll give you time to live, to love and to be happy.”

Then the Lord of the Forest spoke “My dear friends, I’ll be in charge of the second part of the ceremony, the weddings, so, be prepared to celebrate love. Let’s the party begin.”

The team had a wonderful time. When they were eating, Father Time went to them, they were talking, but at one moment he asked Ianto “Shall we talk???” Ianto blushed, Jack was intrigued, but he let them go.

They were walking, Ianto looked so little beside him “I know that Mother Nature gave you a little gift.” Ianto flushed this time “Yes, my Lord.” Father Time nodded “I understand that Jack is immortal.” Ianto barely answered “Yes, Sir.” Father Time smiled “It’s very interesting to find someone that was human and become immortal, he must be very special.” Ianto nodded “He is.”

Father Time stared at Ianto “You must be very special as well.” Ianto grieved “Oh, I don’t know.” Father time chuckled and put his hand on Ianto’s shoulder “You’ll live to be very happy, my dear Ianto.” Ianto felt his heartbeat rising “Thank you!!!” Father Time winked at him “Return with your husband and friends.” Ianto made a little bow and went.

“What did he want, pet??” Gwen was curious. Ianto was not sure “I don’t know, he asked me about my baby and about Jack, that’s all. “The old man likes gossip.” said Jack, they laughed.

Tosh was staring at Owen, he noticed “What???” She blushed “Nothing.”

Rhys turned to Gwen “Love, I was talking with Mara and she told me that all the couples can married or remarried tonight, will you honored me to be my lovely wife again???” Gwen giggled “Oh, Rhys, that will be so romantic, so I say yes.”

Jack looked at Ianto “Baby, what about us???” Ianto blushed “Of course, cariad.”

Tosh was still staring at Owen, Owen rolled his eyes “Okey, I think I know what you want, Tosh, but if we get married here it won’t be legal.”

Tosh pouted “I know, but…” The other four were watching them.

Then Owen snorted “Oh, what the hell!!!” He knelt on the ground and took Tosh hand "Toshiko Sato, will you marry me???" Tosh almost faint, but she knelt to hold him "Yes, yes, yes." The other four congratulated them.

The Lord oh the Forest preceded the wedding, it was beautiful, all of them received beautiful rings, at that moment, Tosh was the happiest girl in the world.

When the party ended, Owen took her by the waist “Tosh, do you know something??? I think we can make this a reality. When we returned, we are going to plan our real wedding.” Tosh sobbed and kissed him “Owen, thanks.” Owen chuckled “No, my dear Tosh, thanks to you for loving me, I don’t deserve you.” And they kissed again.

The six of them return to Cardiff under the light of dawn.




“I’m beautiful in my way

‘Cause God makes no mistakes

I’m on the right track, baby

I was born this way

Don’t hide yourself in regret

Just love yourself and you’re set

I’m on the right track, baby

I was born this way”





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