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Fanfic - Never Without A Reason [Torchwood: Ianto, Owen]

Title: Never Without A Reason
Author: soera
Rating(s): PG-13
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ianto, Owen; background Jack/Ianto
Summary: Five times Ianto wanted to punch Owen but didn't, and one time he did.

“Saint Jack said there wasn’t a way,” Owen says mockingly. “And of course he knows everything. Know what I think, I think he didn’t even care about that girl. It was easier to just let her go, and he didn’t want to work to keep her.”

Ianto now feels like punching Owen. He looks away, trying to keep his temper, and his gaze falls on Jack. Jack, who is standing off to the side, well within ear-shot, and the three of them know it. They know it and they’re still saying these things. There’s something buzzing in Ianto’s ears, something very much like rage and the desire to feel Owen’s bones breaking under his fists.

Why does he feel so strongly about their mistreatment of Jack?

He doesn’t allow himself to think about it.

Author's Notes: Entirely canon-compliant, with specific reference to the events of (in order) Cyberwoman, Small Worlds, Captain Jack Harkness, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, A Day In The Death and Exit Wounds.

Never Without A Reason

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