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CHARACTERS: Captain John Hart, Rhianon

SUMMARY: Two years later.


DISCLAIMER: They don’t belong to me, I’m not making money with this story. I don’t own the songs, the characters, the ideas, I just love them. I like to write because I love to dream.

NOTE: Sequel of “Remembering You Forever”.




The cemetery was empty, the weather was warm, the trees were lulled by the wind. Suddenly, someone appeared in front of one of the tombs, Captain John Hart, he was bringing a plant in his arms.

John stared at the tombstone and thought "Hey, Eye Candy, how are you??? I imagine you’re very surprised to see me here." He knelt on "Yes, I know I promised not to return to Earth, but you know me, I can live with a broken promise, better if you're involved. Beside, the promises were made to be broken, the temptations to fall on them, the liquor is to get drunk and the arses are to fuck."

John sighed "Well, if you want to know the truth, I missed you, there were two years since you left us. Last year I wanted to come, but I did not dare, but this year I have felt very lonely and wanted to come see you.”

John sat on the grass "I guess Jack has not come see you. I heard he is in America. I do not know what is he doing there and the truth is it does not interest me, I do not want to know. But you see, Eye Candy. I'm here to keep you company for a while."

John looked around and thought wryly "This place is so cheerful! I guess you do not get bored at all." Then he looked at the tombstone "I miss your coffee. Did I tell you once that it was the best in the galaxy??? I think so. Mmm, your cofee smelled  and tasted delicious, it was almost as gorgeous as you were."

John took the plant at his side "Look, Eye Candy, I brought you a gift. This plant is from a small and distant planet, it is a greenhouse. The most beautiful flowers of the universe grow there. You have one in the hub, you take care of the plants when you were there." The plant had three beautiful flowers "Look at it, "Eternal Flame", that’s its name because it has yellow lines on the outside, but its heart is completely red. Red was your color, remember??? You looked very beautiful with your black suit and a red shirt."

John felt as tears filled his eyes. "I'm going to plant it here by your side, to keep you company when I'm gone. It blooms in all seasons, with rain, snow or sun." John took a knife from his boot and made a hole in the ground, where he planted the flowers. "See how beautiful they look, almost as beautiful as you.”

He sat again “I hope that if Jack ever comes to visit you, he will not destroy it, you know, it is an alien." John patted the grass "You have no idea how alone I felt those years. Well, business has been very good, piracy and smuggling these days leaves a lot of money. But you can not trust anyone. I have no friends, well, you tell me that you and I were not the best friends, butEye Candy, you’ll never know how much I miss you."

John broke down and began to mourn." You see what you do to me, you're the only person who really made ​​me mourn." John put his head on his knees and sobbed.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder that scared him "Sorry, I did not want to scare you." John looked Ianto’s sister at his side.

John stood up cleaning his tears "Do not worry, you just surprised me.” She smiled and extended her hand "I am Rhiannon, Ianto’s sister. And you are...???" John bowed and kissed her hand “Captain John Hart, madam.”

 Rhianon blushed exactly like Ianto, John felt his heart broke into pieces. “Were you Ianto’s friend???” John answered “You could say so, we live together some adventures.”

Rhi smiled again “I come here every week to let him flowers.” She looked at the plant “Those flowers are beautiful.”

John felt a little embarrassed “I brought them, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. Thanks, he would like them a lot.” Rhi changed the flowers in the vase and stood there.

“I can’t believe that it happened two years ago” said Rhi saddly. John nodded, but he couln’t say a word.

Rhi looked at him “Do you want to come home with me and have a mug of coffe???” John smirked “Is it as good as his???” Rhi laughed “Oh, I don’t know, you’ll tell me.”

John tapped Ianto’s tombstone “See you next year, my sweet Ianto.” And he took Rhy by the arm and they left.



“Close your eyes and give me your hand
Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand?
Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming
Or is this burning an eternal flame?”






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