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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 23/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: There’s abit with Gwen, abit with Tosh and abit with answers !
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.
A/N: Usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc. Thanks for reading . Hope it’s ok and hope this makes sense ! 

Story starts here: 


previous chapter:

Chapter 23.

“ After I’ve ordered lunch perhaps we should go and speak to Owen and Martha, fill them in about..”

“ Can I have a word Jack ?” Gwen interrupted Ianto, seemingly oblivious to the fact he had been talking to the Captain.

“  Actually I was in the middle of talking with Ianto...” Jack couldn’t keep the annoyance at Gwen’s rudeness out of his voice.

“ I’m sure it wasn’t so important that it can’t wait.” She turned a fraction, giving Ianto a condescending look.

“ It’s alright Sir, I’ll speak to you after I’ve sorted out lunch.” Ianto gave Jack a small reassuring smile, before moving away slightly to place the teams lunch order with the local sandwich bar.

“ What was it you wanted Gwen ?” Jack asked the Welshwoman, though he was looking at his lover a few feet away.

“ It was a question about the tests you mentioned I’d have to do with regard to the handbook and protocol.”

“ What about them ?” Jack’s attention was now on Gwen.

“ Well, I presume I’ll be tested on everything to do with Torchwood and what’s involved with the job ?”

“ That was the general idea, so the chances of you making any more mistakes is limited. Why ?” Jack was wondering where this conversation was going.

“ So that will include weapon handling ?” Gwen just about kept the glee out of her voice as she answered Jacks question with one of her own.

Oh...Jack now realised exactly where this was going. How was he going to...?

 “ I believe you mentioned reviewing and testing the team as a group with regard to weapon training and performance Sir.” Oh Ianto, you genius! Jack smiled his thanks at his lover, as the young man returned to his previous position near the Captain, having finished on the telephone.

“ Yes, that was the plan. Thank you for reminding me Ianto.” Jack said, thankful for his young man’s quick thinking. Turning his attention back to a less than happy looking Gwen, Jack continued, “ Was there anything else Gwen? As I have things to do.” 

The former PC was silently fuming that her plans of getting Jack alone on the firing range had been thwarted. Taking her silence as a ‘no’, Jack turned to Ianto.

“ Lunch sorted ?”

“ Should be here in about thirty minutes. Do you want to see Owen and Martha now ?” Ianto asked, not wanting to push Jack but knowing they really should speak to the two medics soon.

“  Could do, but I also wanted to check on Tosh before lunch.” Jack wanted to see how the tech was doing, and if there was anything she could brief the team on during their break.

“ I guess another hour or so won’t make a difference as far as speaking to Owen and Martha is concerned. I’ll get started on the coffee, while you go up and see Tosh.” Ianto motioned towards Jack’s office where is friend was firmly ensconced.

“ Sounds like a plan.” With that Jack headed up to his office to check on Tosh’s progress.


 On entering his office Jack couldn’t help but smile. Tosh was in her element, surrounded by alien tech and totally engrossed in the task at hand. Jack was reluctant to disturb her, but as well as needing to tell her lunch would be arriving soon, he was anxious to know if she had discovered anything in the relatively short time since he had left her.

“ Hey Tosh, any luck ?” Jack smiled slightly as Tosh started to the sound of his voice, “ Sorry.” he apologised.

“That’s ok. Didn’t notice you come in.” Tosh looked up at the Captain as she accepted his apology then began to answer his question, “ I’ve created a translation programme and have just started running it against the orb markings. It shouldn’t take too long to complete. I also thought it wise to make a copy of what’s being displayed by the stones. Until I can devise a method of direct transfer, I’m taking visual and audio recordings of what’s shown.”

“ Good idea. Always best to have a back up copy... Don’t suppose you’ve had time to find any background information from the stones about the orb’s origin?”

“ No, sorry, nothing more than you already know from earlier. Afraid I was concentrating on getting the translation done first.” Tosh sounded apologetic.

“ Didn’t think you’d of had time, but thought I’d check anyway. The translation is the priority, so good work for getting that started so quickly.” Jack said, then noticing the time was getting on continued, “ Lunch will be here soon so take a break for know, and start again after, ok?”

“ Oh...ok.” Jack noticed the slight reluctance in her voice, showing that the tech wiz really didn’t want to stop. That was the thing with Tosh, once she got her teeth into something it was hard to drag her away.

“ Come on,” Jack urged, “ the translation will still be running whether you are here or not, the rest can wait until after you’ve eaten. I don’t want you keeling over on to your keyboard through lack of food !” Still seeing the reluctance he added with a grin, “ Do I have to make that an order, or shall I just get Ianto to threaten you with decaf ?”

“ You wouldn’t !” Tosh looked horrified at the thought of decaf.

 Jack couldn’t help but laugh at the look on her face, but noticed that his threat had done its job as she seemed to be finishing up what she was doing. Getting up from the desk, Tosh did something to her PDA, and then headed past Jack to the door.

“ Come on then, don’t want to keep everyone waiting !” Tosh smiled as she past the Captain, leaving Jack shaking his head at her cheekiness.


“ Cach !” Ianto pulled his hand out of the washing up water to see what the damage was. He had decided to do some tidying up in the kitchen while waiting for the coffee to be ready, he was now regretting it however having apparently stabbed his hand on a wayward knife while washing up. “ Great!” he muttered to himself as he checked the wound. It was on the palm of his left hand, not that long but it was quiet deep, though there wasn’t alot of blood which was one thing he supposed. As he reached for the first aid box Owen’s voice came over his com.

“ Got something showing up on the readings from the wriststrap Jonesy, are you alright ?”

“ Fine, just cut my hand that’s all.” Ianto was fishing a plaster out of the medical box.

“ How bad ?” It was Martha asking this time.

“ Nothing to worry about. Just putting a plaster on it now.” Ianto was mildly amused that a simple cut had caused anxiety with the medics.

“ Ok if you’re sure it doesn’t need our expert attention..” Owen’s voice sounded almost hopeful of the reverse.

“ Don’t tell me that you are so bored you’d even find patching up a small cut interesting !” Ianto commented, turning his attention to the coffee maker, now the injury was covered up.

“ What can I say? There are only so many times you can go over the same test results before the boredom sets in !” Owen replied.

Ianto was just about to comment when he was alerted on his PDA that the delivery girl from the sandwich bar was waiting at the Tourist Office door. Knowing he was still banned from outside contact, Ianto moved just out of the kitchen and asked Gwen if she would mind collecting the food. Ianto was sure she was about to make some sort of remark, but seemed to restrain herself on seeing Jack emerge from his office. Instead she left to do as asked without complaint. It was clear that Jack and Tosh were heading for the boardroom, so that just left Owen and Martha to be informed that lunch was here. Once that was done Ianto finished preparing the coffee’s, put them on a tray, along with plates and napkins, then, ignoring the pain in his hand, carried them to the boardroom where his team-mates were assembled.


“ Thanks Ianto.” Tosh said appreciatively as she took her coffee from him, then noticing the plaster on his hand asked, “ What happened ? Are you alright ?”

 At this Jack, who had been speaking to Gwen, turned to observe Ianto, while listening for his reply.

“ I’m fine, just cut my hand while washing up, that’s all.” Ianto reassured his friend. Turning his head to where he instinctively knew Jack was now looking in his direction, and seeing the concern in Jack’s eyes, Ianto gave him a reassuring smile.

 Once he had finished handing round the coffees and everyone had got their lunch, Ianto took his seat between Jack and Tosh. His lover and best friend were for some reason discussing the Japanese tea ceremony, while the others were considering the merits of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘House’. Both conversations came to a halt however, when a beep came from Tosh’s PDA. All eyes were on the young woman as she quickly scanned the information that had come up on its display.

 Jack moved his hand beneath the table and took hold of Ianto’s, resting their joined hands on his thigh he could feel the tension running through his lover. Jack glanced at Ianto giving him a small smile, and squeezed his hand in reassurance, as Tosh began to speak.

“ The translation of the orb is complete.” she said, looking up at the group of expectant faces.

“ And ?” Owen prompted his colleague to continue.

“ According to this, it’s a Xythlyen healing orb.”

“ So it is from the planet in the ‘dark space’ Jack spoke about.” Martha commented.

“ Yes.” Tosh confirmed. “ I haven’t had time to look at much of the information held on the stones, in fact I’ve barely scratched the surface, but from what I have seen it appears that the ‘dark’ area of space warmed slightly, and in the 84th Century the occupants of the ship that crashed into Ben Nevis, entered the ‘dark space’ to explore. They landed on the planet Xythlyen, and did just that – explored, making recordings of what they found. I’ve used some of that information to help with translating the orb.”

“ So ?” Jack didn’t mean for that single word to sound so impatient, but he was desperate to know if what Tosh had found out would explain what had happened to Ianto.

“ The markings that Ianto could remember seeing on the orb seem to be instructions, along with what appears to be names of illnesses and relevant treatments. It looks as though the indentations are like buttons, to be pressed or touched in the relevant order to initiate the correct energy ‘beam’/ ‘field’ to heal the specific illness.” Tosh looked up as she finished talking.

“ You said it heals, does it mention anything about resurrection ?” Owen asked the question on everyone’s mind.

“ No.” Tosh looked apologetic, as if it was her fault, but added, “ Ianto didn’t see all the markings so there is the possibility that the unknown parts could mention it.”

“ What are the chances of that ?... Honestly.” Jack asked.

“...Honestly ?....doubtful. Ianto remembered alot more than he initially thought he would, and from the way the translation comes across, I think the orb is purely for healing, nothing more.” There were a few moments silence after Tosh replied, before Martha began to speak.

“ The energy is of alien origin. It wasn’t designed to be used on humans. What if a reaction to being absorbed into a human body is to have a resurrection affect on it ?”

“ I would have said that’s a good possibility if it wasn’t for Ianto’s friend from Torchwood One, Cally Carmichael. She was hit with the energy but didn’t ‘come back’.” Owen pointed out.

“ True, but there is that.. . ‘anomaly’... involved” Martha gave a brief glance in Jack and Ianto’s direction, knowing that they would realise what she was referring to.

 “ But I thought that had already been dismissed as being the reason.” Jack stated, looking between the two doctors, but before either could respond a fresh voice joined the discussion.

“ Temperature...” Everyone turned to look at Ianto, with varying degrees of confusion.

“ Temperature ?” Jack repeated wondering what was going through his lovers mind.

“ The orb is from Xythlyen and was made to work on its inhabitants...”

“ So ?...” Owen asked, equally confused as to where Ianto was going with this.

“...those inhabitants existed at...what did you say the temperatures recorded in that area of space were ?..-320 and below ?” Ianto asked for clarification from his lover.

“ Yes.”

“ So the energy worked on a species with a ‘body’ temperature that must have been equally as cold... the same as a body stored...”

“ In a cryogenics chamber...” Owen interrupted Ianto, finishing the Welshman’s sentence as realisation dawned on him.

“ The ‘trigger’ that activated the dormant energy within Ianto was the extreme cold his body experienced when it was put into the chamber.” Martha ‘connected the dots’ and suddenly understood.

“ It makes sense. Carmichael’s body was never stored at such cold temperatures; therefore there was no interaction between the cold and the energy.” Owen concurred.

“ So you’re saying it’s the combination of the orb energy and Ianto being put into cryogenic storage that is the reason he came back to life ?” Jack wanted to be certain he had things clear in his mind.

Owen and Martha shared a look, silent agreement passing between them, before Owen answered.

 “ Yes. From what we know now, I think that’s not only an extremely plausible explanation but exactly what happened.”

“ Why did it take all those hours and not happen as soon as Ianto’s body reached the required temperature ?” Jack asked.

“ Perhaps because the energy was in a human body it took time to activate, and that’s why there were no energy readings straight away. The spike in the readings was probably the completion of the healing process. When the draw was opened the body was still in cryo stasis, once that was deactivated and Ianto’s body returned to a normal temperature the ‘anomaly’ part of the energy’s make up kicked in and finished the process of revival.” Martha ventured an explanation.

“ That makes sense.” Tosh agreed, having listened intently to everything being said. She hadn’t missed the mention of this ‘anomaly’ again, and although she was curious about it she didn’t ask, sensing it was wiser not to at present.

 Jack and Ianto also picked up on the mention of the anomaly. They however knew what it meant, and Jack was just about to speak when Owen got there first.

“Not the reason, just a contributing factor” Owen said, giving Jack a pointed look knowing what the Captain would be thinking and wanting to remind him of their previous conversation. Jack seemed to understand and accept it, as he and Ianto both felt relief at finally having an answer for the Welshman’s resurrection. The relief though was tempered slightly by other questions coming to the fore of Jack’s mind, - ‘was there a ‘time limit’ on Ianto’s return where he could just collapse and die for no apparent reason?  Did the ‘energy’ work just once, or if Ianto died again could he come back again?’ Before Jack had a chance to ask though, the predicted rift alarm sounded. 

next chapter:  http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5600767.html#cutid1


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