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Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, O.C.

Summary: The team found the sex of the baby, they tried to choose a name and found a nanny.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, songs, films, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.

NOTE: From my Winnieverse. A sequel of “Midsummer.”




“Okey, today is the day, we are going to know the sex of the baby.” Owen said. All of them were very excited.

“I’ll bet is a girl.” Gwen cried. “I’m in, ten pounds. Girl.” Jack agreed. Ianto rolled his eyes “Oh, Jack, behave.”

Owen laughed “I think it’s a boy, twenty pounds. Tosh???” Tosh sighed “You look like kids. But, ten pounds, girl. What do you think, Ianto???” Ianto put a hand on his belly “I think it’s a boy, but I’m not betting.”

Jack grieved “Yan, I would love her or him, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m betting for sport.” Ianto looked at him “I know, cariad.”

“Teaboy, come here, I’m going to make the test.” Owen started the machine and looked “It’s a boy, I won the bet.” Ianto started at Jack “Are you disappointed??? "Jack kissed him gently on the lips "No, baby, I'm very happy. I'll have a little Jack."

Ianto frowned "I wanted to call him Nathan if he was a boy." Jack stared at him "Nathan?? Should I be jealous??" Ianto laughed, "You do not be ridiculous. I like the name."

Owen had his point, "Why you do not call him Owen??" The girls laughed, "No, please, poor child." Gwen said. Tosh turned to Ianto "I like Nathan, it is very nice."

Jack did not seem to agree" I think Jack is a good name, Jack Junior Harkness Jones." Owen turned to add "Jack Owen Junior Harkness Jones." Ianto smirked “Or Nathan Owen Harkness Jones.”

Jack frowned and Owen seemed very pleased “Thanks, Teaboy.”

Ianto continued “We’ve been talking and we want you as his Godfather, if you want.” Owen gapped “I’m very honored, thank you. I though you will choose your brother in law.” Ianto grimaced “Oh my, no, Johnny… never in this life.”

Tosh asked softly “And for Godmother???” Ianto looked at her “Rhi, she must kill us if we don’t choose her.” Gwen and Tosh looked a little disappointed. Ianto noticed it “Sorry, girls, but we can not do another thing.” Gwen murmured “Yes, we know.”

“So, what will be the name???” asked Owen. Jack looked at Ianto “We’ll discuss it later.”

They moved to the boardroom, where Ianto served coffee and cucumber sandwiches, salmon wraps, chocolate chips cookies and cinnamon rolls.

Ianto was a little quiet “Are you okey, Baby??” Jack asked him, Ianto smiled “Yes, it’s that… Oh, there are a lot of things we have to think. I’m worried about who is going to take care of him when I return to work.”

Jack raised an eyebrow “I think you should stay at home.” Ianto frowned “No, I want to continue working, you’ll make a mess in my archives.”

Jack added “We can hire a secretary.” Ianto gave him an acid look, Jack continued “Or maybe not.”

Gwen asked “What about Rhi??? She’ll be delighted with him.” Ianto sighed “I know, but I think Johnny will be a bad influence.” They laughed.

Tosh spoke “You’ll have to hire a nanny.” Ianto nodded “That’s what I was thinking.”

Owen said “What was the name of the girl in that American sitcom “The Nanny.” Jack answered “Fran Dresher, she was a very beautiful girl, who were miniskirts and fell in love with his boss.” Ianto gave him the look, Jack grieved “Err, it was a good comedy.”

The girls were giggling “I think Ianto is thinking about a nanny less beautiful.” Gwen said.

Ianto sighed “I think we need a magical nanny, we’re Torchwood, we need someone that understands our work, the things we do and see everyday.”

Tosh told “Like Mary Poppins.” Jack grinned “Wonderful girl.” Ianto raised his eyebrows. The girls were giggling again “Jack, less beautiful.”

Tosh smirked “I know, better like Nanny Mcphee.” Ianto nodded “That’s my idea.”

Owen spoke at that moment “Teaboy is afraid that Jack likes the nanny."

Jack laughed out loud, "Baby, I'll never change you for any nanny." Ianto blushed "I know, but I prefer to avoid temptation."

Gwen suggested "You could call a nannies’ agency." Tosh agreed "Like those of the TV."

Jack nodded, "That's a good idea."

Ianto sighed again "How difficult it will be, I wish that tomorrow, when I open at nine the tourist office, I’ll find a line of magical nannies." Owen mocked "Keep dreaming, Teaboy.”

Next day, exactly at nine o’clock, Ianto opened the tourist office and gapped, he turned to the phone “Jack, you have to see this.” At the door, they were waiting, at least eleven magical creatures.

Jack arrived “No way!!!” Ianto was talking to one of the six elves, there were as well, two dwarfs, one leprechaun, some kind of “witch” and a faun.

Owen, Tosh and Gwen were behind Jack, Owen gapped “What the hell???”

Ianto coud not belive it “They want to be our nanny. They said they here for the nine o’clock appointment.”

Tosh smiled “That’s must be a Winnie thing.” Gwen agreed “No doubt.”

Jack scratched his head “Well, lets take them to the boardroom where we can talk with everyone.” Ianto nodded.

The first was a very old elf, Ianto didn’t like her; the second was a dwarf, Jack like him, but Ianto didn’t; the third one was another elf, a sister of Merryweather, but Ianto found her very young; the other dwarf was very nice, both of them liked him. There was a big no for the lady that looked like a witch, she was a banshee and she sang too loud and for the leprechaun as well, he liked to party a lot and the faun seemed to be a little drunk.

The next elf was a very pretty girl, with big rounds eyes and long white hair, she was so sweet and Ianto felt a bond with her, she was the cousin of Mara, the young elf that worked for Mother Nature.

The other three elves were dismissed, they fell for Chrystal, she was everything that Ianto wanted, well, a little prettier, but Ianto trust her.

“You’re hired.” Jack said, she was very happy. Ianto told her “You’ll started on November, you can help me the last month and you’ll be here when the baby come.” Chrystal agreed and promised to return in November.

Jack and Ianto told the news to the others. Owen huffed “You’re like a fairytale’s princess, all your wishes came true.” The others laughed and Ianto flushed.



“In ev'ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
you find the fun and snap!
The job's a game
Nad ev'ry task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark!  Aspree!
It's very clear to me
That a...
Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”



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