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Jack & Ianto 100 word drabbles: "It is not what you think"

TITLE: It is not what you think.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t know the people involved, TW belongs to BBC and their author but I really believe that Jack and Ianto belong to each other.
PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Jack / Ianto (implied)
Rating: PG
AUTHOR'S NOTES: My mother tongue is Spanish and I work without a beta so all the mistakes are mine. My Alexander & Hephaestion comm. Prompt word for this week is “it is not what you think”.
Feedback: yes, please any kind of them will help me to improve my writing or leave it forever. I do not write much about TW so sorry in advance for any mistakes.

- “It is not what you think” murmured Jack into his unconscious lover’s ear.

- “I really care about you, I love spending time with you, here and also in the quietness of your flat.”

The whispering continued while a big warm hand caressed the bruised forehead, which was completely swollen.

- “Come back to me, Yan, and let me show you what I really mean, what I have been trying to tell you since I came back”

The Captain brushed his warm lips onto cool ones.

- “Wake up for me, gorgeous, I need you and … love you.”
Tags: fanfic:oneshot

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