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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 27/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary:  Tosh gets in early, talks with Owen and has an idea.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.
A/N: As well as the usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc. I’m sorry for the later than usual posting, and once again hoping this makes sense. Thanks for continuing to read.

Story starts here:

previous chapter:


Chapter 27.

“ Has he been there all night ?” Tosh asked as she handed Owen one of the take out coffees she had brought on her way into work.

Owen accepted the cup gratefully, then they both lent on the railings, and looked down on the scene below in the autopsy bay.

“ Yeah. He hasn’t moved from his side, except to deal with a weevil alert a couple of hours ago.”

“ How are they both ?” Tosh asked, concerned for both her boss’s well being, and her friends health.

“ Jack’s well on the way to being exhausted, not that he’ll admit it.  Ianto’s temperature is getting nearer to normal all the time, and the changes in his system are settling. I just hope that once everything is normal, - well whatever normal is going to be from now on for Teaboy, - that he comes round. If he doesn’t I hate to think what Harkness will do.”

“ Whatever it takes.” Tosh instantly stated.

“ Yeah, and that’s what scares me.” Owen remarked.

 The short thoughtful silence that followed was broken by Tosh as she asked, “Is there any way of finding out if these changes... or if the cryo process...would bring him back again ?”

“ Without actually putting it to the test ? Not that I can think of. The healing side, sure, just injure him again and wait and see, but the resurrection bit... without actually killing him...”

 Both fell silent again, before Tosh remembered the coffee she had brought the immortal.

“ I’ll take this down to Jack,” she motioned to the cup in her hand, then looking at Owen she continued, “ You need to get some rest. You look dead on your feet.”

“ Thanks!”

“ Sorry, but you do. Why don’t you put your head down for a few hours ? Martha said she’d be in again today, and it’s only...” Tosh checked her watch, “...half an hour or so until she and Gwen should be getting in. If anything happens in the meantime I can wake you.”

Owen was tempted; he was tired and it had taken him a couple of attempts to read the last set of readings from the wriststrap and have them actually make sense.

“ I will get some sleep, but not until Martha gets in, that way I can do the hand over myself.” Noticing Tosh’s sceptical look, Owen lifted the coffee cup in his hand and continued, “ Anyway this will keep me going for awhile longer.”

 Tosh reluctantly left it at that and headed down to give Jack his coffee.

“ Hey Tosh.” Jack’s voice was quiet as he acknowledged the techs approach.

“ Morning Jack. I got this on the way in. Thought you could probably do with it.”

“ Thanks.” The immortal accepted the offered cup and took a sip.

“ Owen said Ianto’s temperature is coming down and the changes are settling.”

“ So he says, but Ianto’s still unconscious .” Jack ran his free hand through Ianto’s hair. His lover felt a little warm still, but thankfully nowhere near the kind of temperature he had felt the day before.

“ Give it time Jack.” Tosh rested a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“ That I’ve got plenty of.” Jack commented before adding more quietly, “ Just don’t know how much Ianto has.”

“ We’ll find a way to figure that out.” Tosh responded.

 Jack knew they weren’t empty words from the young woman, but couldn’t help thinking there was only one way they would know for sure, and that wasn’t somewhere he wanted to go again.


 Martha checked over the latest data. Even in the couple of hours since she had taken over from the tired Owen, there had been significant changes for the better in Ianto’s condition. The Welshman no longer needed the ‘blanket’ to regulate his temperature, and the changes that were going on were stabilising throughout his body. All in all the outlook was definitely looking good. ‘Now Ianto, all you have to do is wake up,’ Martha thought as she looked down at the young man’s unconscious body in front of her.

“ How is he ?” Jack asked as he rejoined Martha in the autopsy bay. The Captain had been holed up in his office for the last hour dealing with telephone calls, firstly from the Prime Minister’s office and then from Helen at Flat Holm. Both calls had been difficult for different reasons, and Jack could really do with some good news right now to lift his mood, though the sight of the bare-chested Welshman that greeted him as he entered the autopsy bay helped considerably.

“ I was just about to call you,” Martha looked towards the immortal, who was now nearing the other side of the autopsy table. “ The latest readings show that Ianto’s temperature is virtually normal, so as you can see there is no need for the ‘blanket’ anymore. His body seems to have adjusted and stabilised. The last fluctuation in readings was over half an hour ago, since then nothing.”

“ So he should be waking up soon ?” Jack asked hopefully.

“ There’s a likely hood that he’ll sleep for a while longer, just as anyone would after their body has been ‘fighting’ a fever inducing virus, which is how this has manifested itself...Then again...” Martha watched heavy eyelids flicker as Ianto’s head turned into the tender touch of his lovers fingers running through his hair.

“ Hey, you.” The small smile Jack reserved solely for Ianto crossed the Captains face, and the relief in his voice as he spoke those two simple words was evident to anyone that heard.

 “ Mmm...Hey back...” the Welshman’s voice was croaky and Ianto had the feeling his attempt at returning his lovers smile had looked more like a grimace, as concern instantly flashed in Jack’s blue eyes.

“ Here this will help.” Martha waited while Jack assisted, and then supported Ianto in sitting up alittle before handing the Welshman a bottle of water with a straw. “ A few sips should help ease your throat,” she added.

“ Thanks.” Ianto’s voice was clearer after following the medic’s instructions. “What happened ?” he asked then, realising his state of undress, added with the raising of an eyebrow at Jack, “...I take it there’s a reason for my lack of clothes ?”

 Martha ignored Ianto’s questions as she handed Jack the ‘blanket’ to wrap around the Welshman’s shoulders, instead she asked a question of her own. “What do you remember ?”

 Ianto thought for a moment, as he leant into Jack who had remained standing by his side, an arm wrapped both protectively and supportively around his fiancés shoulders.

“ I remember you were all finishing dealing with a rift alert...Owen mentioned coffee...I checked on a couple of things...spoke to Jack then went up to the kitchen...” Ianto paused a moment as he ran through what he could remember in his mind, “...I started to prepare the coffee then...nothing....I think I must have blacked out.” Jack felt Ianto tense alittle as his lover tried to remember more but to no avail.

“ Did you feel at all dizzy ? Nauseous ? Light-headed ?” Martha asked.

 Ianto hesitated alittle before replying as he thought back to the last thing he could remember. “ I suddenly came over light-headed...I think I leant on the counter...” Ianto shook his head slightly as if trying to bring more memories to the fore. “...Sorry that’s all I can remember....What happened ?” He asked again.

“ You collapsed, your temperature went through the roof, hence the lack clothing in an attempt to cool you down, and the wriststrap and other later scans showed that your body was dealing with changes that appear to have been instigated by the cut on your hand.” Martha finally answered.

“ My hand was irritating earlier.” Ianto remembered as he lifted his hand to look at where the plaster covered cut was, - well, should have been. “ What the...?” Ianto looked at the previously injured area and saw only unblemished skin.

 “The irritation you experienced seems to have been your hand healing, which in turn triggered changes to occur throughout your body.” Martha explained.

“ Changes ?” Ianto couldn’t help the confusion in his voice as he looked to the UNIT doctor for clarification.

“ The orb and vortex energies have been integrating themselves together, into and changing your body’s cells...” Martha began.

“ Hadn’t that already happened ?” Ianto asked needing to understand fully what was happening to him.

“ To a certain degree, but it seems that you needed an injury to happen once you had resurrected to totally activate the vortex energy and have it integrate properly with the orb energy, and for the combined energy to reach its full potential.” Martha continued.

“ Which is ?” Ianto was tense as he asked; even the gentle reassurance of Jack’s hand rubbing surreptitiously on his shoulder was doing little to help.

“ We aren’t a hundred percent sure.” Martha replied.

“ Best Guess ?” Ianto pushed for an answer.

“ Now you’re awake, and once there have been no fluctuations for...”

“ Martha.” Ianto didn’t raise his voice, if anything it was quieter, but there was no doubting the tone... the young man wanted an answer and wanted it now !

“...That you’re able to heal and there’s the potential to come back if you die again...though we have no way of testing the latter until it happens.”

 It was Ianto’s turn to feel the tension rise in his lover this time, as talk of Ianto dying brought those oh too fresh memories to the fore of Jack’s mind. Ianto leaned tighter into the immortals hold to reassure his fiancé that he was still there.

“ Actually, Tosh here has come up with a possible way of finding out if Teaboy will be keeping Harkness on his toes indefinitely.” Owen found three sets of eyes focusing on him as he, followed by Tosh, descended the steps into his domain.

“ Tosh ?” Jack looked towards the young Japanese woman as her words of a few hours earlier came to mind.

“ It’s just an idea....” the tech began.

“ One I think will work.” Owen chipped in.

“...We take tissue samples, kill all the cells within the samples, and wait and see if they restore themselves.” Tosh finished alittle tentatively.

“ We know they’ll heal because it’s already happened with the cut on Ianto’s hand.” Jack pointed out.

“ Heal damaged cells with healthy ones surrounding them and inputting energy, yes. But we’re talking about killing the whole sample, every cell, and then seeing what happens.” Owen stated.

 “ It’s a good idea,” Martha agreed, breaking the moments silence that had descended on the group as they absorbed what had been said. “ You’d have to make sure the cells were completely dead, and with their new make-up that could prove more difficult than it sounds...”

“ But will it work ? Will it give us the answer ?” No one missed the hopefully tone in Jack’s voice as he asked.

“ There’s no guarantees, but I can’t see a reason why it won’t work. It’s a good idea, and gives us a chance to test the resurrection theory without the need of a dead Teaboy.” Owen replied.

“ A definite bonus as far as I’m concerned !” Ianto remarked dryly.

“ Not just where you’re concerned,” Jack murmured just loud enough for his lover to hear, before going back into Captain mode and giving the go ahead to try the experiment.

next chapter: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5661354.html#cutid1



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