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Angsty collection of drabbles I've written over time.

Author: Kita-Tatsume

Title: Good-Bye
Rating: K+
Summary: Ianto says good-bye in his own way
Genre: Angst

Title: The Wall at His Back Keeps Him Up
Rating: K
Summary: Ianto and Jack argue and possibly make up
Genre: Angst

Title: It's Not Supposed to be Like THIS
Rating: K+
Summary: They all survived COE but there are no happy endings
Genre: Angst

Title: Death in a Back Alley- how typical
Rating: K+
Summary: Ianto is made into a part of the team as a means of necessity after Jack leaves and goes out into the field with them when missions dictate. The latest mission evidently also dictated he wasn't supposed to escape unscathed if he can escape at all
Genre: Angst
Warning: one swearword at least and possible character death, I leave it to the readers discretion

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