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"It Don't Mean a Thing." Pt. 2

Title: “It Don’t Mean a Thing: Part Two”

Author: Ianto London Tai

Editor: Occulo_Lux a.k.a. Hidden_Light

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen

Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood. (I
wish I did though.)

Summary: “If you had a second chance to save the people you’ve ever cared
about, to start over, would you? Even if it meant changing everything you
knew?” Ianto asked himself as he wrote it into his diary. Thinking back, he saw
what Torchwood would do to his friends. He realized how he had been too late to
save them, how he had missed out on truly knowing them, missed out on a myriad
of things with Jack. He knew his answer; he wasn’t going to relive that. Second
chances were made for the taking.

“It Don’t Mean a Thing: Part Two”

Author: Ianto London Tai

Editor: Occulo_Lux a.k.a. Hidden_Light

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen

Disclaimer:  I do not own Torchwood. (I
wish I did though.)

Summary: “If you had a second chance to save the people you’ve ever cared
about, to start over, would you? Even if it meant changing everything you
knew?” Ianto asked himself as he wrote it into his diary. Thinking back, he saw
what Torchwood would do to his friends. He realized how he had been too late to
save them, how he had missed out on truly knowing them, missed out on a myriad
of things with Jack. He knew his answer; he wasn’t going to relive that. Second
chances were made for the taking.

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to update this! It’s
just that I had an idea how I wanted it to start and end this chapter, but the
minor details were what got me stuck. Oh and thanks for all the reviews! I’m so
glad that you liked part one!! And once again, thanks Light for going over
this! Okay, enough stalling, ENJOY!

E/N: And I would also like to add my apologies for delaying
this chapter even longer. With school around the corner, editing became
difficult. But now that school’s finally about to start, I can assure you all
that we will get chapters out much quicker! Thank you for your patience.


“You’re not my Jack, are you sir?” he whispered so
softly that the other almost hadn’t caught it.

“I knew it,” the other voice said as it made itself
know in the room, making both men turn to look at him,  “You’re
shagging the Tea-boy!”

yelled as his eyes grew wide at the sight of the man standing before him. This
was wrong. This wasn’t right. The man looked so alive, like he had just before
he had turned into a Zombie. This was all too much; he didn’t know what to
think at all.

Owen me,” the doctor said as he shook his head at him, “I won’t have any
excuses from you Jones. You’ve always kept your distance from us since the day
you got here. We never knew why and here I thought you didn’t like us! Now I
just see that you didn’t want anyone to know you’re playing with the boss
behind our backs.”

Jack protested giving Owen a glare, “We haven’t-“

off it Jack,” Owen interrupted with a smirk on his face, “You’ve practically
been undressing him with your mind since the day you met him and every day
since. By the way Ianto, what you do with him is your own business but if you
ask me, it’s very disgusting. I mean, you have no idea where he’s been. You’ve
only been here for a few months and he's already gotten into your pants.” He
began to laugh as he made the gesture of placing his hand on Ianto’s shoulder
but the man pulled away.

he cried, pushing Jack away in order to get away from Owen's touch but he
tripped and fell onto the floor.  He felt numb, as if all the blood
in his body had been drained from him. His mind began to race as he looked at
the figure. It looked just like the same, pain-in-the-ass man that he had come
to know as a brother. He stood there, with that same disapproving face he
always had on when he didn’t get his way. He swallowed the big lump in his
throat and forced himself to keep looking at Owen. The short, skinny man wore
that stupid leather jacket. Underneath that was a long sleeve shirt covered
with an opened button shirt. He was in jeans and stupid worn-out skater
shoes.  He looked the same. Looking away, Ianto fought back tears. He
couldn’t look at him anymore. He felt like it was his fault. The reason why
Owen died, it should have been him trapped in that factory. He should have
gone, and Owen would have stopped Grey from killing Tosh. He would have taken
care of her. Having this thing in front of him hurt but it would be worse if
the man touched him.

It scared him because it would it mean that there was something
else other than the dark. And the hub, a place that once was, would be real
again he would be trapped here. Not only that, but if he was here with Owen,
then it meant that Jack would be gone soon. He would forget everything as soon
as he woke up and think that there was nothing but darkness and the creature
that lurked within. Ianto couldn’t bear the thought of it, let alone face the
cruel reality. If it was true, he would break. He wanted to find another reason
why he was here with these things, no, he NEEDED there to be one.

 “Yanto!” Jack yelled out his name as he heard the
Welshman cry out in pain from falling off the table. He couldn’t understand why
Ianto was acting so weird. There was something different about him and what did
he mean that he wasn’t his Jack?

the devil do you think you’re doing?” Owen yelled as he ran to Ianto’s side. He
reached out for Ianto, trying to make sure he was okay, but the closer he got
to the young man the more he would inch back away from him. “If you don’t stop
fidgeting then you’re going to hurt yourself.”

was at a loss for words. He didn’t know what say, let alone what to do. All he
knew was that he wanted to keep them both at a distance. Without any more
hesitation, he reached for his gun that was always at his side during work. To
his great relief he still had it and pulled it out before either of the men
could reach him. “Stay away from me! I’ve shot the real Owen once before so
what makes you think I won’t do it to you!”

Owen said slowly as he took a step back, raising his hands to show that he was
unarmed, “You just had some kind of fit and if you don’t get back on that
table, you might collapse again. I am not going to let that happen while you’re
under my care.”

Jack wanted answers and he wanted them now. But seeing how things were going,
he didn’t think he would get any of them until he acted. “I can see that you
want to run but Owen is right. You need to rest and we need some answers, so
this is what we’re going do. We’re going to step back and keep our distance,
but you need to put the gun down and rest. Then, you’re going to get back on
that table and save your strength. So what do you say, do we have a deal?”

nodded slowly, agreeing to the proposal, and waited for them to make the first
move. He wanted to maintain all the personal space he could get. Only when the
men had moved back to Owen's desk, did he move. He struggled to get to his feet
and as painful as it was, he didn’t lower the gun. His limbs still felt heavy
and his knees buckled under his own weight. “Don’t,” he said as he saw Jack,
no, not Jack, the Captain move slightly. The man took in a deep breath but
nodded as he watched Ianto move slowly to the table. Getting to the table,
Ianto decided that he would stay seated in case he needed to run, even if his
body did protest and beg for him to lie down. He looked up at the men, studying
them closely before saying anything. The Captain’s hair was more of a spiky
mess than normal, as if he had been running at one point. His ocean blue eyes
were giving him a concerned look but there was still the beautiful spark in his
eyes that had disappeared the day that he had died. The man was in his light
blue shirt that he had secretly loved so much. Even though the man was wearing
a belt, he still wore the red braces that made him, well, him. He shook the
feelings back that he had for his lost friends; this wasn’t the moment to
wallow in self pity or grief. Just because they looked like the people he had
known, it didn’t mean that they were. 

 “Who are you and what’s going on, because it isn’t
funny?” Ianto demanded, not lowering down his gun.  

was there anything wrong with his head?”Jack asked, not turning from Ianto’s

and I thought that I’d just keep that bit of information to myself,” Owen
snapped angrily at his boss. Really, he didn’t go to medical school just so
someone could doubt his decision on the human body. “If there was, don’t you
think I would have told you, Jack?”

ignored the comment, “What did you mean by, I’m not your Jack?”

you don’t get to ask me that,” Ianto quickly snapped, trying to stop the tears
from falling, “Not yet. Now answer me, who are you?!”

not going to answer if you don’t put that gun down,” Jack said as calmly as he
could. He never fancied having a gun in his face, even less when it was pointed
at one of his friends. “We promise that we’ll keep our distance.” The Welshman
didn’t make any signs whether or not he believed them, but he lowered the gun.
He didn’t put it away though.

man gave a grateful sigh before stating, “Captain Jack Harkness and Owen

“STOP IT!” Ianto raged angrily, slamming his hand on the
steel table, causing it to echo throughout the hub. He looked at the men before
him, “Stop playing games with me!”

anyone is playing games, it’s you!” Owen sneered back. He was growing tired of
this game already. He needed to get close to him to get another reading from
the man. He didn’t want to admit it but he had grown fond of the Tea-boy, even
if he had been here for a short while.

one is playing games here,” The Captain said calmly as if he had chosen his
words carefully, not wanting Ianto to pick up the gun and point it at either of
them. “That’s who we are.”

you’re not,” Ianto argued angrily, raising the gun once again. The men move
back and it was at this moment that he realized that they were backing away
from him because he had a gun. He had been too busy trying to figure out what
was going on, going through so many possibilities, that he didn’t know why he
hadn’t thought of this earlier. If it was a dream, he wouldn’t have a gun since
he had always been vulnerable in his nightmares, never had the upper hand. So,
why would things change now? And if there was something else other than just
darkness, why would they still fear it? You couldn’t really die again, now
could you? He needed answers.

the fuck else would we be? Are you so damn blind that you can’t even tell who
your coworkers are? You’re so pathetic, always keeping away from everyone,
always hiding away... No wonder you don’t fucking recognize us,” Owen demanded
angrily. Yet, as soon he had let his anger get the better of him, he regretted
it. He shouldn’t have yelled at the poor man. Whatever had happened had
affected his memory or something and yelling at him wouldn’t fix anything. He
held his breath as he saw the Welshman aim at his head.

“Shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you!” Ianto’s finger
itched to pull the trigger. Even though he didn’t believe that this man was
Owen, he sure knew how to get under his skin.

Jack spoke softly, trying to keep the peace. The gun was pointed at Owen and it
scared him. Owen was a prick most of the times but this was a good man and a
good friend. “Put the gun down. Think of what the girls would do! It would
shatter their hearts if you killed him.”

“That’s enough,” the Welshman replied through his teeth. He
needed a real answer but all they were doing was playing with him. It was just
like bloody Torchwood. It didn’t matter if you were an employee or not, they always
left everyone in the dark. And now, even in death, they did the same. “Now
either you tell me what the hell you know or your friend gets another hole in
his body! And not one he will like either!”

straightened himself as he crossed his arms, as if he was changing his mind on
what he thought of Ianto. “The rift was quiet today and you made us do paper
work while you were in the archives. Nothing happened throughout the day. It
wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I told everyone to go home that I realized
that I hadn’t seen you for awhile. It was then that I went to look for you in
the archives and I found you lying on the ground, holding on to your chest.”

chest pain,” Ianto muttered more to himself rather than as a response to the
others as he placed his hand over his heart, remembering the agonizing pain that
had made him fall and the fear that it had brought with it. His hands began to
tremble at the thought of the darkness and the creatures that it held.

The fear didn’t go unnoticed by either of the two men before
him. In fact, at the sight of this, Jack now feared that if he didn’t get the
Welshman to aim the gun at him, Owen would most likely be shot. He took the
opportunity to step closer to Ianto who unknowingly did what the other man
wanted. “I SAID STAY BACK!!”Ianto yelled angrily as he jumped off the table, slowly
making his way to one of the two stairways the med bay had.

“Yanto,” the man repeated once again as he took another step
towards him. He had already taken the aim of the gun away from Owen and he
didn’t want it to be aimed at him again so he’d do the only thing he could to keep
the gun at him. “You really don’t want to shoot me, do you? We’re just trying
to help so let us help you.”

With every step the man took, it forced Ianto to back up the
steps. It was only then that he saw it; the small mirror that hung on the wall.
He could feel his heart sink as he looked at his own reflection. He looked
younger, way younger than he was meant to be. Looking at his refection, he
could see that he hadn’t been getting much sleep or maybe any sleep at all. He
was thin, almost as thin as when he was taking care of Lisa. What was going on?
‘Oh god, what if there was a Lisa here too?’ he thought. This was all too much.
He needed out. He needed space. Panicking, he began to take fast breaths as he
thought of the only thing he could do at the moment. Run!

The Captain in front of him kept getting closer and closer
and even he wasn’t sure if these people were who they said they were. He wasn’t
going to shoot them. He didn’t have the heart to. Quickly as he could, he
changed the gun point from Jack to Owen.

“Mate, come on, please don’t-


He heard them plead but it didn’t matter. He took the shot.
Owen gave a yell before falling to the ground and for once, Ianto was glad he
was on the stairs. He used them to his advantage of height to kick the distracted
Captain in the face. “Sorry!” he muttered quickly as he ran up the stairs,
making his way to the barred doors. He looked at the keypad and hoped that it
was the same code. Quickly as he could, he punched the numbers in, holding his
breath until he heard the soft click and the doors swung open. He did the
same for the cog door and was relieved when the siren went off as it began roll
open. He dashed as fast as he could to the small lift.


Fear raced through Jack as he saw Owen hit the ground. He
was shocked. He never really thought that Ianto would do such a thing. Sure, he
kept to himself but he always thought that they were still friends and that
they had meant something to him. Before he got the chance to do anything, he
felt something hard hit his jaw, knocking him back. As he fell, he could feel
the edges of the stairs digging into him until he had fallen to the bottom of
the steps. As much as he wanted to stay on the cold cement for just a few, brief
seconds to let the pain go away, he knew that he couldn’t let Ianto get away.
Forcing himself to his feet, he made his way up the steps just in time to
see the young Welshman get past the cog door. Not knowing what else to do, he pressed
the button on his vortex manipulator to stop the elevator from opening its

Now the only thing was left to do was disarm the Welshman. He
didn’t want to but he found himself with no choice but to pull out his own
weapon. Just when he was about to step through the door, he heard footsteps
follow him. “Are you injured Owen?” Jack asked, not looking away from where he
was headed.

He heard Owen give a quick chuckle before he replied, “I’m
fine. Good thing he’s a crap shot.”

Jack just nodded in response as they made their way in, both
with weapons in hand, aiming at the man trying to escape. “Drop your weapon or
we’ll shoot!” Jack yelled, giving Ianto another chance to comply. He didn’t
want to take him down by force but he would if he had too. However, Ianto
didn’t move from his position. He had one hand pressed against the door as if
he were some sort of a statue. Jack repeated himself only to get a very faint
reply, “No...No, you’re not mine...and…not …yours.” 

It was so faint that he had nearly missed it. He didn’t
understand what Ianto had meant by it but at the moment, it didn’t really seem
to matter. Giving Owen a quick signal, he silently ordered the medic to take
the firearm from the archivist’s hand. With that, Jack pulled Ianto’s arms
behind his back, grabbing them by the wrists and led him to the vaults where he
would remain for the moment until the rest of the team was called in.


A/N:   P.S. Please make sure to review and
tell me what you think! Also, thank Hidden because she has to go through all my
horrible spelling and grammar just so you guys can read it, please. See you
next time!


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