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The Song of Life: Through The Rift Glass Darkly

Title: The Song of Life
Chapter: Chapter 7: Through The Rift Glass Darkly
Author: usakiwigirl
Pairings/Characters: Ianto, AU! Jack, AU2! Tosh, Gwen and Owen
Rating: PG-14
Word Count: 6305
Genre: Angst
Summary: Ianto revives in a world that isn’t quite expecting to see him. He is confused and determines to find out exactly what is going on
Warnings: Language, character death
Beta: None
Disclaimer: All characters belong to RTD and the BBC. No copyright infringement is intended
Note: Been a long time coming, this! LongliveIanto Bingo prompt: Meeting AU counterparts. Hope this makes sense. More twists and turns than a snake with a bad case of colic! Links to the previous chapters here, as well as a brief recap of what has happened so far. Enjoy!

The Song of Life: Through The Rift Glass Darkly
Tags: fanfic:pg-13, fanfic:series

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