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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 28/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Realisation, reassurance, and some talk of the experiment.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.
A/N: Really sorry for not posting last week but RL kind of got in the way for a while, any way here is the next chapter and usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc. Thanks for reading.

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Chapter 28.
As Owen, Martha and Tosh moved to the autopsy bays workstation and began to discuss the details of the proposed experiment, Jack’s attention focused solely on Ianto. The immortal knew the others were only a few feet away, and that he and Ianto had rules about their relationship and work, but right now Jack needed the reassurance that the man he loved was alright. Jack placed a tender kiss to Ianto’s lips, before pulling back and cupping his lover’s face.

“ Do you have any idea how much you scared me ?” Jack said quietly, as he gently rubbed his thumb against Ianto’s cheek, and looked into those gorgeous blue eyes he loved.

“ I’m sorry,” Ianto apologised leaning into the loving touch of his fiancé. “There really was no warning. If there had been I would have said something.” Ianto was concerned that Jack thought he’d been hiding feeling ill from him.

“ I know,” Jack reassured sensing Ianto’s concern, leaning in and stealing another kiss before pulling back as a small shiver ran through Ianto.

“ You ok ?” The concern in Jack’s voice was clear.

“ Other than every part of me aching, I’m alright.” Ianto gave Jack a small smile.

“ You’re not cold ?” Jack asked. He knew the ‘blanket’ around Ianto’s shoulders should be keeping him warm, but the shiver had Jack concerned.

“ I’m fine...just feeling ...a little exposed and underdressed.” Ianto glanced down at himself, taking in the ‘blanket’ and sheet that was all that was keeping his modesty intact !

“ Underdressed ? Personally I’d say you were overdressed ....” Jack waggled his eyebrows suggestively at his lover.

“ You would think that...” Ianto rolled his eyes, at his Captain, “...Time and place though Jack.”

“ I’ve got the time you name the place !” The immortal couldn’t help himself, as he revelled in the easy going normalcy of the exchange.

“ Jack !” came Ianto’s exasperated reply, although he too was relishing the familiarity of the flirtatious banter.

“ Hey, what do you expect me to say when faced with such temptation !” Jack smiled his incorrigible grin, moving just out of reach as Ianto attempted a playful swipe to his arm.

As it missed its intended target, Jack saw Ianto’s expression change as the Welshman’s eyes focused on his left hand. The immortal instantly knew what had caught his lover’s attention. Jack watched for Ianto’s reaction with growing trepidation as his lover looked where the cut had been barely a day before. Jack knew they had talked alittle about the possibility of Ianto healing, but the Captain was worried that the realisation that it wasn’t just a possibility but a reality would change things between them. After all, the immortal saw this as his ‘fault’. The vortex within Ianto was there because of him, and it was that part of the energy, not the orb part, that had healed the cut. What if, for all Ianto’s assurances that he saw it as a gift, the reality changed his mind and he saw it like Jack did, as a curse and more importantly a curse passed on by Jack..... ‘Of course this would change things between them’ the immortal fearfully thought.

 Ianto took in the sight of his healed hand as he missed in his light-hearted attempt to hit Jack. His hand was completely healed. Not a trace of the cut at all. He felt...actually Ianto wasn’t quite sure what he felt. The Welshman considered he might be a little in shock with disbelief, which he thought was slightly ironic considering this wasn’t the first quick healing wound he’d seen...though it was his first quick healing wound. Of course the wounds that had killed him had healed, but Ianto dismissed those as he hadn’t actually been that aware of the fatal injuries other than they had hurt like hell. This was different, and strangely fascinating. He remembered cutting his hand, and the sharp pain that had accompanied it. He remembered the blood in the sink, then cleaning and putting a plaster on it, thinking it would scar, and now he was looking at nothing but unblemished skin.

“ Well, at least we know for sure that the healing part works without the need of a freezer.” Ianto commented almost distractedly as he ran a finger over where the cut had been.

Ianto’s attention instantly turned to Jack, as he sensed the concern and fear radiating from his fiancé. Ianto instinctively knew that proof of his ability to heal had brought Jack’s insecurities and fears to the fore again. Knowing that the Captain saw his own ‘abilities’ as a curse, and that he found it hard to accept that Ianto regarded the possibility in himself a gift, the Welshman wanted and needed to comfort and reassure his lover that nothing between then had changed. Ianto moved his hand so that this time he was cupping Jack’s cheek, while his blue eyes sought out the Captains counterparts, and held them in a gaze that was conveying so much without the need for words. Jack felt the knot of worry and fear in his stomach begin to untangle as Ianto placed a chaste kiss to his lips.

“ Nothing’s changed. I meant what I said in the archives,” Ianto reiterated breaking the kiss and resting his forehead against Jacks, both men basking in the love, support and comfort coming from each other.

“ Put him down Harkness, there’s still work to be done.” Owen’s voice had the couple reluctantly separating, as the medic turned to face them. “ Now there’s been no fluctuations for over an hour, and Teaboys temperature is normal, so we’re going to run some more scans, then take some samples for the experiments.”

“ Won’t taking the samples cause ‘injury’ to Ianto and have the same effect as the cut ?...cause him to collapse again?” Jack asked as he realised the implications of the actions being talked about.

“ We think that’s extremely unlikely. From what we know, the cut triggered the vortex energy to activate and integrate totally with the orb energy. Now that process seems to be complete, - the scans should confirm this, - and Ianto’s body has adapted to the changes, there is no reason for his body to react that way to any future healing of an injury. Though if by any chance we’re wrong, and he does have the same reaction to the taking of the samples, at least he’s here in a controlled environment where he can be looked after instantly.” Martha replied, hoping to allay the Captain’s concern.

“ That’s reassuring.” Ianto remarked dryly before asking, “ How long will all this take ? I really need a shower and some clothes, not necessarily in that order.” The Welshman was feeling even more exposed now the others in the autopsy bay were all looking his way. “ And any chance of something to eat ?” Ianto added as his stomach rumbled loud enough for the others to hear.

“ No food until we’ve finished here, as for a shower I’d suggest getting everything done first before you freshen up. Clothes however...” Martha was interrupted by Jack.

“ I’ll get you something to put on.” Ianto gave his lover a grateful look.

“ This is where everyone is hiding...” Gwen’s voice drifted down from the railings above the autopsy bay, “...Oh Ianto, you’re awake, that’s...good.” No one missed the hesitancy or the barely hidden disappointment in her voice.

“ Now say it like you mean it,” murmured Tosh, bringing quiet agreement from Martha who was standing beside her.

“ Actually its more than good.” Jack smiled at Ianto, and then glanced up at Gwen, not missing the look on her face just before the former PC schooled her features.

“ So what’s going on ?” Gwen asked hating the idea that she was missing out on something.

As Martha went over what Gwen had missed, and Owen prepared the Aelranian scanner, Tosh moved over to Ianto’s side to speak to both her friend and Jack about what was required to kill the cells.

“ So you think the Mythan radiation will be the best option ?” Jack asked Tosh after she had gone through the options she, Owen and Martha had considered.

“ It’s fatal to both humans and the majority of aliens we know about. It’s fast acting, but dissipates quickly leaving no trace. From the records a Mythan Thral weapon came through the rift, but there’s no more information about its current whereabouts.”

“ It’s stored in the secure archives.” Jack answered. “ Are you sure it’s the best option ?” Jack trusted Tosh, but the Mythan Thral weapon had been outlawed in several galaxies for a reason.

“ Of the sources we have available...yes.” Tosh sounded apologetic. From the tone of Jack’s voice, and the fact the weapon was stored in the secure archives, Tosh knew it must be more dangerous than the usual items they came across.

“ The radiation will have to be released in a controlled area, and I’ll do it in case there’s any problems.” Jack told the tech, his voice leaving no room for argument. The immortal didn’t like the idea of using the weapon, but could see the reasoning behind the decision his team had arrived at, - it was lethal to so many species, and they needed to be sure that all the cells in the samples would be killed.

“ Jack...” Ianto looked at his lover concern clear to see in his eyes. The thought of Jack dying due to the Mythan radiation if anything went wrong didn’t rest easy with the Welshman. Ianto hated Jack dying, even knowing he would come back, there was always a niggling fear in the back of his mind that this time it just might be the last time, and even if it wasn’t Ianto knew how much it physically hurt his lover to return to the living. Ianto hated the thought that he could be in some, however abstract, way the reason for causing Jack pain.

“ The experiment will take place within a containment box. I’ll set the weapon so it discharges once the box is sealed. I’ll only be there as a precaution, if there’s a problem I’ll be able to deal with it quickly and ‘safely’. ” Jack reassured, before quickly changing the subject. “ Now you need some clothes before I start getting jealous of you being on ‘show’ to everyone !” Jack winked at his fiancé as he turned and headed towards his office, and their room below, to find Ianto something to wear.
Ianto felt alot more comfortable, and less exposed, in the boxers and lose fitting t-shirt Jack had brought down for him to put on, and the young Welshman was also thankful Jack hadn’t decided to bring one of the more ‘suggestive’ pairs of boxers he possessed. A small smile settled on his lips at the thought of the last pair Jack had brought him, and the memory of his lover’s inventive attempts to divest him of them.

“ Care to share ?” Martha asked, as her face appeared into the once again lying down Welshman’s view.

“ Nope.” Ianto popped the ’p’ and Martha grinned at the accompanying expression and slight blush on the Welshman’s face, before becoming all business as she began to scan the archivist.

Owen, the only other remaining occupant of the autopsy bay since the others had all been banished to allow he and Martha to work unhindered, was studying the most recent readings from the wriststrap, while waiting for Martha to finish the scans with the Aelranian device.

“ Done.” Martha said a short while later, as the final deep scan by the device was completed.

“ And ?” Ianto asked.

Martha gave a small laugh. “ Patience Ianto...The scan’s complete but we still have to analyse it !”

“ Can I at least get up ?” Ianto asked hopefully. Yes, he ached all over, was tired and knew the tests needed doing and the samples needed to be taken, but he hated lying on the autopsy table and just wanted to get up from it, even for a few minutes.

Martha had moved over to join Owen and it was Torchwoods doctor that answered his teammate.

“ Stay right where you are Teaboy. Don’t want you collapsing because your leg muscles are too weak. Think getting over the flu.” Owen said in way of explanation, before returning his attention to the scan results and Martha.

Ianto reluctantly acquiesced to Owen’s order, although if he was honest he wasn’t sure if he could have got up from the table if he had been allowed. Owen was right; his muscles did feel as though he was getting over a particularly bad bout of the flu. Closing his eyes Ianto could do nothing but wait, not wanting to dwell on all that was happening until the chance for definitive answers were there, Ianto tried to distract himself concentrating on other things, such as decorating the flat and what to get Mica for her birthday.

“ Right...” Owen’s voice at the side of him had Ianto opening his eyes taking in the sight of Owen at one side of him and Martha the other. “...All the scans are telling us that the changes to your body have stabilised. The two energies have completely merged and have a new ‘signature’. It’s been absorbed into every part of your body, every cell. Your DNA is, for all intents and purposes to normal tests, still the same, though with our ‘specialised’ equipment the energy is detectable. We’ll keep monitoring you while we take the samples, so we have readings throughout the process, and in case of a repeat of your reaction to the cut, although as was said earlier we doubt that will happen...Any questions ?” Owen asked but didn’t give Ianto a chance to reply before carrying on, “ No ? Good. Let’s get started on taking the samples then.” His tone alittle too eager for Ianto’s liking !

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