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Fic - In at the net (3/3)

Title: In at the net (3/3)
Verse: Serve and Volley
Author: choccy_grl
Sequel to Defending the baseline
Word count: 7202
Rating: R
Beta: dibbun_k
AN: For anyone who isn’t sure what/when the four Grand Slam competitions are:
Australian Open, takes place at Melbourne, during the last fortnight in Jan, on an acrylic surface.
French Open, takes place at Stade Roland Garros, at end of May, on a clay surface.
Wimbledon, takes place at Wimbledon (London), at the end June, on grass.
US open, takes place at NY, at the end Aug/begin Sept, on a hard court.
AN2: This starts one year after the last one finishes, therefore for those keeping track Ianto is 17 and Jack is a month away from his 21st b’day.

For anyone new to this series it is totally AU and set in the world of tennis and starts here


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