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Theft of a Hustler

Summary: #49 of mattmetzger's Snapshots. Ianto's got an ex from old Torchwood One days that comes calling after their bad relationship ended demanding him back. Jack is not pleased. Meddling!AU
Categories: Humor, Relationships, Hurt/Comfort
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Language, domestic issues, Torchwood One
Word count: 4k+
Author Notes: Blah. Writer's block has killed me. So I went reading about for ideas and BAM! I found mattmetzger. Can I hear an amen? I went knocking on an email box and got permission to snag some of these fun and exciting little tidbits. But now they are MONSTERS. Pure evil! They're like tribbles. You feed them and they MULTIPLY INTO MAN EATING MULTITUDES. So this story will probably end up being a two shot. If that. Maybe a story and a half? I don't know. And it is not beta-ed. Anyway, I HATE Mary Sue's or John Doe's, but unfortunately this will probably land in one of those shitty AUs where they pop out of the wood works like fucking ants. Not there one minute, but biting the shit out of you the next. Fuckers. Anyway, comments, reviews, complaints, asking where the nearest liqueur store is, tin cans with bits of string are always welcomed. Enjoy. Or not. And no fucks were given today.
Disclaimer: The author doesn't own shit. She can barely own a lunch right now. Thank you University and your ideas of appropriate money concepts.

Jack remembered hearing about telephones and tin cans with bits of string.

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