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Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, OC.

Summary: They are waiting for the baby.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, songs, films, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whit this fic.

NOTE: From my Winnieverse. A sequel of “The Nanny”.


“Aaah, ouch, oooh, ouch!!!” Ianto cried.

“What…what???” Jack woke up scared and turned on the light.

“My leg... my leg... cramps...!!!” Ianto was in pain.

A half sleep Jack began to massage his leg.

“No, no, the other one.” said Ianto.

Jack changed the leg,  Ianto finally got relief.

“Oh, I can't believe that everything that Rhi told me about being pregnant was true.” Ianto was feeling many things that his sister had told him about pregnancy. Jack could not help but smile, Ianto had all the symptoms.

“Feeling better???” asked Jack, Ianto nodded.

Jack began to pat Ianto’s belly “Nathan, don’t be mean with your Taddy.”

Ianto looked at him “Don’t you mind about the name???”

Jack grinned “No, I like it.”

Ianto stroked Jack's chin “You’re my only Jack, I want our son has his own name and personality.”

Jack kissed the tip of his nose “I know, Baby, I’m happy with the name. I’m not so sure about the second name, but…”

Ianto rolled his eyes “He is the Godfather. And he promises me an abdominoplasty, I don’t want to look fat after the baby were born.”

Jack laughed and began to tickle Ianto “You’re so vain.”

They were wrestling on the bed.

“Do you want to feel cramps in another place???” Jack suggested.

Ianto blushed and nodded. They took of their pajamas and began to kiss and touch each other.

“Wait, cariad, please, Jack…” Ianto stopped him.

“What now???” asked Jack.

Ianto blushed “I need to pee.”

Ianto run to the bathroom and Jack was thinking “Mother Nature did an excellent job with him.”

Next day, Jack, Owen and Gwen were chasing aliens that were stolen cars and bikes' parts. They looked like humans beings, but their skin was orange and their eyes were yellow.

“Jack, behind you.” Cried Gwen, but it was too late, the creature had killed Jack with his weapon. Owen shot the alien and killed him, Gwen shot another one, but the other five run away.

“Ianto won’t like this.” Owen knelt by Jack's side. Gwen stroked Jack’s hair. A few minutes later, Jack gasped and returned to life.

“Are you okey, Jack???” Gwen was worried.

“Yeah, it was an ugly death, their weapons are strong and painful.” Jack stood up.

“But now you’re alive again, so get out of here.” Gwen hugged him.

“Immortal’s luck.” Laughed Jack.

“Let's take the bodies and return to the hub.” Owen hurried them.

They did not notice that two of the aliens were hidden and saw everything that happened with Jack. When the team went, they run to the cave were they were staying in the forest.

“Finally you’re here. We were worried. I’m so angry they killed our mates. But I least we killed one of them.” Their boss was saying.

“Boss, the human returned to life.” Informed one of them.

“What are you saying???” the boss was angry and curious.

“Apparently he is immortal, that was he said when he woke up.” Added the other.

The boss stroked his chin thinking “Immortal??? Mmmm, I want him. I want to discover what is the secret of his immortality. You, go and find him.”

“Yes, sir!!!” the other four went to find Jack.

At the hub, Ianto was very worried about Jack, he did not like when his husband died, even he always returned to life “Cariad, did it hurt, are you okey now???”

“Baby, I’m fine. Don’t stress yourself, it’s not good for Nathan.”

“Yes, Teaboy, don’t stress my godson.” Owen agreed.

“Why do you two go and get  ice cream??? Ianto, you were telling me that you want to eat ice cream.” Tosh told.

“Great idea, I’m going to buy you the biggest ice cream of the store.” Jack took Ianto’s hand and crawled him to the door.

Jack and Ianto sat on a bench eating their ice creams. They did not know that the aliens were watching them.

“Mmm, delicious!!!” Jacks had ice cream dropping on his chin.

“Jack, you’re making a mess.” Ianto rolled his eyes.

“I love ice cream, mmmm!!!” Jack cleaned the ice cream with his hand, Ianto just sighed. Suddenly, he jumped a little.

“I think Nathan loves ice cream as well, he’s moving a lot.” Ianto smiled broadly.

“Let me feel him.” Jack put his hand in Ianto’s belly and grinned.

“He’s kicking, he’s gonna be a rugby player.” Jack felt so proud.

Ianto looked at him lovingly, Jack was the happiest man in the world since he knew he was going to be a daddy again.

In the alien’s cave that night.

“And the immortal???" Asked the boss.

“We could not get him. But we have news.” Said one of the aliens.

“News, what news???” the boss was very angry.

“He’s going to have a baby.” answered another one.

“A baby??? Well, that’s very interesting, maybe his baby could be immortal too. Maybe we can get the mother.” Said the boss.

“Eeer, boss, he is going to have the baby with another man.” Informed one of them.

“With another man??? That's impossible. On Earth reproduction is male and female." the boss was amazed.

The other four just shrugged and looked at him. At last one of them spoke, "Boss, we are sure, we saw them talking about the child."

The leader smiled evilly "I want that baby. I need to discover the secret of immortality. I must be immortal. The child will serve us if he is immortal and if he is not, at least we will be sure that

the father will come to rescue him. "

"Boss, remember that the child was not born yet." added one of the aliens.
"I know, bring the man who carries him, we can wait, meanwhile we can make experiments with them." the boss laughed.


Two days later, Ianto, Tosh and Gwen were going to visit a place that they had told about for Ianto's babyshower. Ianto did not want to, but the girls were eager to make a pretty good party. Jack and Owen were working at the hub.


Gwen was driving her car and walking away from the center of Cardiff, when she noticed some motorcycles appeared to be  following them "Guys, I have the feeling that these motorcycles have been following us."

Ianto was going to his side and he could not see "I do not see them."

Tosh was going back "Yes, they're  five."

Gwen speeded and the motorcycles too. The bikes began to chase them.

"They are armed." Ianto realized soon.

Gwen manages to hit one with the car and the motorcycle exploded. The others were more aggressive. The persecution became more rapid until Gwen finally crashed miserably against a post.

The four aliens surrounded them. Tosh could leave the car, she had not suffered any damage and she helped Ianto out. Two of the aliens grabbed Ianto.

"Do not touch him." cried Tosh.

"Tosh." Ianto hugged her.

"We'll take the women too, she can be very useful." ordered the chief.
The aliens pushed Tosh and Ianto towards the motorcycles. Tosh took Ianto's arm and she turned to look to the car where Gwen was unconscious over the wheel.

















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