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Characters: Team, family, friends, O.C.

Summary: They are waiting for the baby.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, songs, films, tales, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whit this fic.

NOTE: From my Winnieverse. A sequel of “I Want That Baby”.


Jack and Owen came from a rift alert, it was late evening.

"Lucky us it was a false alarm." said Owen.

"Yep, I want to hear what Yan and the girls have to tell us about the babyshower." added Jack.

"Six months, wow, in three more I'm gonna be delivering my grandson. It's a little bit scary the idea." Owen huffed.

Jack laughed "Martha will be here helping you, don't worry, mate!!!"

Indeed, the mobile rang "Harkness."

On the other side of the phone "Captain Harkness, it's Detective Swanson."

Jack grinned "Hello, Kathy, what can we do for you???"

Kathy sighed "We found Gwen Cooper, she was in a car accident, she crashed with a pole."

Jack was tense on the car wheel "And Yan and Tosh???"

"She was alone." answered Kathy.

Jack was very worried "Tell me where you are, we're on our way."

Gwen was being attended by the paramedics, Rhys was already at her side.

"Gwen, what happened??? Are you okey???" Jack and Owen came running from the SUV.

Gwen told the story. Jack could not believe it. Kathy was also very worried.

Andy came at that moment "A witness said the men take the way to the forest."

"We have to find them, in Teaboy's state is very dang..." Jack interruped Owen "I know."

Kathy was intrigued "What happened with Baby Face???"

Jack did not want to tell her "Nothing, Kathy."

Kathy insisted "If we are going to help you, you have to tell us everything, Jack, please, don't be stubborn. You look completely devastated."

Jack had to tell her "Yan is pregnant." Kathy and Andy's jaws drop to the floor.

Meanwhile in the alien's cave, Tosh and Ianto were chained by their legs in a corner.

"Ianto, are you okey, you're extremely pale." Tosh was very worried.

"I'm feel fine, but I'm so cold." Ianto's lips were a little blue.

Tosh sighed "I hope they find us soon, I was trying to communicate but the aliens blocked the mobiles and the trackers."

"I'm sure Jack will find us. I'm worried about Gwen, I hope she's okey." Ianto was shaking a little.

"She's strong, I know she's fine." But she was very nervous.

"We need to runaway if we can. We are not too far from the road. Maybe when they sleep..." Ianto said.

"It could be dangerous, but at the first opportunity, we'll try." Tosh agreed.

"Crap, I need to pee." Ianto was not happy.

Gwen wanted to help, but Rhys took her home, she was half slept because of the drugs the paramedics gave her. Jack and Owen were trying to find clues. Kathy, Andy and the police were helping them.

In the early morning, the four aliens were sleeping. Ianto was a little dizzy and very cold, Tosh was very concerned about him. "Ianto, are you sure you're okey???"

Ianto nodded "Yes, Tosh, I'm just cold and a little dizzy. Look, the aliens are sleeping, it's our opportunity to get out of here." 

Tosh had to ask him "How can we opened the chains' locks???"

Ianto looked in the sock of his left leg and took out his Swiss army knife "With this." Ianto opened the locks and they went.

They were walking almost half an hour, when Ianto began to feel bad. He put his hands on his belly "Ouh!!!"

Tosh was scared "Ianto, what happened???" Ianto was in real pain "I don't know, it hurts. Nathan, please, ouch!!!"

Tosh hold him "Do you think we can continue walking???" Ianto nodded.

They walked fifteen minutes and Ianto fell "I can't walk anymore, Tosh."

Tosh help him "At least, lets hide in this bush."

Jack and Owen were driving by the roads near the forest, some people had watched the motorcycles. Jack was so sad. Indeed , his mobile rang "Harkness."

It was Gwen "Jack, it's me Gwen, I'm in the hub with Rhys."

Jack was a little angry "Gwen, I told you to stay home."

Gwen cried "Jack, listen to me. Myfanwy is hysterical, she's flying like mad and screaming."

Jack was amazed "Myfanwy is screaming..."

Owen shouted "Myfanwy can feel Nathan, she has to know where they are."

Jack nodded "Listen, release Myfanwy and turn on her tracker."

Gwen released Myfanwy, who flied away.

Meanwhile, in the forest, the aliens were about to find Tosh and Ianto. Ianto was in pain and shaking, Tosh was crying silently. Finally, the aliens found them.

The boss was very angry "You are going to pay for this." But he had no time to say another word, Myfanwy cut his head in one peck. The other three began to run, Myfanwy cut another one in half and the other two fell under the bullets, Jack, Owen, Kathy, Andy and another policemen were arriving.

Jack knelt beside Ianto, Owen hugged Tosh.

"Baby, Yan, I'm here." Jack held Ianto and kissed his forehead.

"Jack, Nathan..." Ianto was shaking, Jack wrapped Ianto with his coat.

"Owen!!!" called Jack.

The doctor came running "Let me see." He checked on Ianto "The baby needs to born now."

Jack shouted "Lets take him to the hub."

"No, he has to go to a hospital, for the sake of the baby, he's just six months." said Owen.

"I'm going to call an ambulance." said Andy. Jack nodded.

Owen called Gwen "Gwen, we find them. We are going to the hospital, you meet us there, take the box that said "Baby Nathan." Jack took Owen's mobile and added "And lots of recton. And, call Rhi, tell her to bring coffee."

Tosh was stroking Myfanwy "They're going to be okey, now return to the hub." Myfanwy agreed and flied to the hub.

At the hospital, Rhi, Johnny, Gwen and Rhys were waiting. While Owen run with Ianto and Jack to the O. R., the other five were giving the policemen and the paramedics a very special new blend of retcon coffee.

"Ah, no, I'm not drinking that, every time you gave me coffee, I woke up with a lot of hours lost."

Kathy heard that and she refused to drink as well "We are your friends, you have to trust in us." The others agreed with them. They were waiting for baby news.

Owen was operating Ianto with the help of some doctors and nurses very amazed. Finally, baby Nathan was born, but Owen discovered that Ianto was bleeding, he had an internal wound. Ianto could see his baby and was very happy, but Owen have to sew the wound. Ianto fell asleep and began to feel that he was floating, he could see the O. R., Owen was trying to give him CPR, Jack was crying and the monitor by his side had a flat line.

Ianto found himself in a room where two people were playing chess. One of them was Father Time, the other one was... a man or a woman, Ianto was so confused, he or she was tall, slender, very beautiful, like one of the characters of "Knights of the Zodiac". "What are you doing here???" he or she asked.

Ianto was more confused "I..."

"Hello, Ianto, it is not your time to be here." said Father Time.

"That's, true, young man." agreed the other one.

Ianto blushed "Who are you, Sir... or Madam???

"I'm Death" he said.

"Death??? Am I dead???" Ianto asked.

Death huffed "No, you're not supposed to be here."

Father Time grinned "I told you, Ianto, it's not your time. Did you remember that I told you that you will have all the time you need???"

Ianto nodded "Yes, am I immortal???"

Death laughed "No, you're not, but I agreed to give the time that Father Time gave you, you will die when you're time comes, but it's not today."

Ianto could not help to ask "If you are Death, why are you here playing chess with Father Timer???"

Death snorted "Don't you watch "Dead Like Me", "Reapers"???"

Ianto blushed and Father Ianto laughed "Ianto, return to your home, your husband and your son need you."

Ianto's face glow "My son..."

"Yes, go, shuuu!!!" Death waved his hand. Ianto disappeared.

"His husband, that kid is so lucky. That man is so handsome, I watched him so many times, when he died, I always look at him, but he cannot see me..." Death sighed.

"Your turn to move." said Father Time.

Death made the move without thinking and continued talking "If one day I can catch him, we are going to be shagging a lot, he is..."

"Checkmate." Father Time was smiling. "Oh, shit!!!" cried Death.

At the O. R., the monitor started to bleep again.

A lot of recton, coffee and two weeks later, the team, their family and friends were at the hub, celebrating the babyshower. Nathan was a very healthy boy, gorgeous, he had Ianto's hair and nose, but his smile and chin were Jack's, his eyes were bluer than theirs, they were like two pieces of sky.

Everybody was so happy, Johnny, Rhys, Owen, Mickey and Andy were with Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, the three elves had developed a new drink, a magic beer. Martha, Gwen, Tosh, Rhi, Alice and Kathy were drinking beer as well, they became very good friends.

Steven, Micah and David were with their jaws drop listening the Easter Bunny's tales, who was eating welsh cakes so happy while he told the stories.

Myfanwy was behaving so good, Ianto told her not to eat the Easter Bunny. She adored his little "brother", she was watching him all the time, but... with the corner of one eye she watched the fat bunny and licked her peck.

Chrystal was there, she was an excellent nanny and was helping Ianto a lot. She, Mara and Winnie were making silly dances.

Ianto was sat on a big chair with Nathan in his arms, Jack was at his side looking at them lovingly. Kathy looked all around and then her gaze turned to Jack, Ianto and Nathan and she thought "Well, this only can happen in Torchwood, this is a perfect fairy tale and it has had a very happy ending, we all deserve it, so... we all live happy ever after."

They are timeless, the Torchwood we love, they can live forever if everybody believes in love, fantasy and in very happy endings, so the world can have Janto forever, can we try???


"You can do magic
You can have anything that you desire
Magic, and you know
You're the one who can put out the fire"




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