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29 September 2011 @ 10:10 pm
Futurus Redemptor  
Title: Futurus Redemptor
Author: blucougar57
Summary: People can use their lives to seek either redemption or oblivion, but their time to do so is finite. For Jack Harkness, it's just not that simple.
Rating: Strong T
Warnings: Spoilers for The Series That Never Was (AKA, Children of Earth.

A/N: This is a belated bribery chapter of my new fic for miladydragon. I promised to post it in exchange for another chapter of her awesome Ianto!dragon series, but then I came down with Tracheal Bronchitis (my second bout of it in less than two months) and my plans went awry. However, here it is, and I hope it lives up to expectations.

Chapter One: A Grim Find
sandysan2013 on September 29th, 2011 02:09 pm (UTC)
This is off to an exciting start. I can hardly wait to see where you take this. Just a comment on the quality of your writing: I've been reading your work for quite a while and have enjoyed it. I must say, however, that I do notice growth in plotting, story and character development, narration, and dialogue. My personal canon for some characters differs from yours but because you have created a whole world for them, their characterizations work in that world without seeming to or being forced. Having a character work in his or her context is all that really matters in the end.

My enjoyment is even greater with your recent pieces and I thank you for all the joy you have given me.