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Characters: The team.

Summary: They are in their coffee break sharing memories.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, songs, films, tales, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whit this fic.


The team was finishing their coffee break at the hub, when Owen stand up to return to work and began to whistle.

"Hey, I remember that song, I watched the film last night." said Gwen.

Tosh grinned "We watched it, as well, it's a teen classic."

"The Breakfast Club". It seems that all of us were watching the same movie." said Jack.

Ianto nodded "I simply loved it."

"Yeah, five losers just like us grounded in a room." Owen snorted.

"Don't be mean, Owen, you liked the film." Tosh scolded him.

"Yes, but they're a little like us, we are grounded here in this hub all day." Owen answered.

"We're five. With which character do you identify yourselves when you were younger, at high school??? asked Gwen.

"That's an interesting question." agreed Ianto.

"Hey, lets make this more interesting. Tomorrow you will bring your teen photos, then we're going to decide who we look alike." Jack suggested.

"Loved the idea." Tosh clapped.

"Do you have a photo, cariad??? Ianto was curious.

Jack grinned broadly "I'll find something."

Next day, when the rift left them had their coffee break, the team brought their photos.

"Okey, before we show the photos, we could try to guess who looks like one of the characters or who do you think you were." Jack suggested, the others agreed.

"I'm going to be first, who do you think I was??? asked Gwen.

"Molly Ringwald." said Owen. The others nodded.

Gwen laughed "Nop, believe or not, I was Emilio Estévez." She showed her photo, she was wearing sports clothes.

"You looked strong. Now I know why you're the fastest runner here." Jack admitted, the others laughed.

"My turn. I think I was Anthony Michael Hall." said Tosh. She showed her photo, she looked beautiful with her pony tails and glasses. The others nodded.

"No doubt of that." Owen kissed her cheek.

"Who were you???" Tosh asked him.

"I think he was Judd Nelson." said Ianto.

Owen felt uncomfortable "Thanks, TeaBoy, but not."

"Another Emilio???" Gwen asked.

Owen blushed a little "I think I was Molly Ringwald."

The others laughed. Owen showed his photo, he was wearing a high school uniform "I was a daddy and mommy little son. My dad was an eminent neurosurgeon." 

"So, you were the cute boy." Gwen teased him, the others continued laughing.

Jack said "Who do you think I was???"

Everybody looked at him "Judd Nelson."

"Oh!!! Am I so transparent???" grinned Jack. He showed a very old photo, he was very handsome. He was wearing kaki pants, boots, a blue coat and his perfect smile. "It was my first year in the Time Agency, I never showed this photo to anybody, till now."

The others were amazed that Jack shared this memory with them.

"Well, Yan, it's your turn. I think you were another Michael." said Jack.

Ianto blushed "Nop."

"Molly Ringwald, you are always very well dressed." Owen teased him.

"Nop." Ianto blushed a little more.

"I don't picture you as Emilio or Jud." Gwen looked at him.

"I was Ally Sheedy." Ianto whispered. The others looked at him. He showed his photo, he looked gorgeous, his hair was longer and he had eye liner, his blue gray eyes looked stunning and he had lipstick. He was wearing black jeans, boots, a black shirt and a scarf.

"Wow, Yan!!!" Jack's eyes were wide open.

"Always the quiet ones, who would think you were gothic." Owen could not believe it. The girls were gapped.

"You looked beautiful." said Tosh.

"You have a mysterious past, Ianto Jones." Gwen teased him.

Ianto flushed  "I wanted to be different".

Jack intervened "Oh, yes, he even was arrested once."

"Really???" asked the others.

Ianto nodded "I was fourteen years old. Detective Swanson was the PC who arrested me at that time, I hope she never remembers that episode of my life."

The others were utterly impressed.

"Ianto, why did you steal???" Tosh wanted to know.

"Because we were poor and I want to have things."

Owen continued "What did you steal???"

Ianto turned redder "An eyeliner and a purple lipgloss." The others laughed to tears.


"Maybe one of those nights you could wear eye liner and purple lipgloss, you'll look so sexy." Jack was looking at Ianto maliciously.

"Harkness, please, save it to yourself." Owen growled.

"Oh, I loved this time we have had." Tosh smiled.

"Yes, we know each other better now." Gwen agreed.

"More coffee???asked Ianto. The others nodded.

And the team enjoyed a quiet coffee break sharing their teen experiences.



"Don't you forget about me
I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Going to take you apart
I'll put us back together at heart, baby"





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