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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 32/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen, the Doctor, Donna.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Reaction to the Doctor’s words.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.
A/N:  Really sorry for not updating sooner but this chapter has been a total nightmare to get written. Finally got something that I’m fairly happy with, but I know it’s not the greatest so more apologies than normal !  Talking of apologies...the usual ones for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.
A/N2: Thanks for the support I’ve had, you guys are the best!!

Story starts here:

previous chapter:

Chapter 32.

 Jack tensed at the Doctors words. He knew that the Time Lord had realised there was something ‘different’ about Ianto from the way the Gallifreyan had been looking at the archivist ever since his arrival in the Hub. Jack had hoped that he had managed to distract the Doctor enough so that he wouldn’t realise exactly what it was, however from the Time Lords accusing question and tone of voice, it appeared that Jack’s attempts hadn’t been enough, and the Doctor seemed to have come to a realisation regarding the Welshman...

‘And why am I not surprised he’s jumped to the conclusion that I’m to blame,’ thought Jack.

“ Why do you assume Jack’s done something ?” Ianto spoke up in defence of his fiancé before Jack had the chance to respond himself. The Welshman’s voice was calm and controlled as he stepped protectively in front of his lover, conscious that the Captain’s mood had changed and he had tensed on hearing the Doctor’s accusation.

 On his return Jack had confided in Ianto, not just about the year that never was, but also about the trip to the end of the Universe, so the Welshman was well aware of the Time Lords opinion of Jack’s immortality, and just how much the Doctor’s words had hurt his lover. Ianto had made a promise to himself to do all he could to prevent Jack from being hurt again, and he wasn’t about to stand there and let the Doctor blame Jack for something that wasn’t down to him.

“ Because I can feel it...” The Doctor looked from Jack to Ianto, locking his stare onto the Welshman’s blue eyes with an intensity that would have had a lesser man backing away. Ianto however stood his ground, held the gaze, and returned it with interest. He was not about to be intimidated by this man – Time Lord or not !

“ ...I knew there was something about you Mr. Jones....” The Doctor continued, “...I just couldn’t put my finger on it until now. Being near Jack, and right on top of the rift ‘masked’ it, but I can ‘see’ it now...Time is moving all around you, but you’re not moving with it. You’re a constant, a fixed point, just like Jack. And just like Jack you shouldn’t be...you’re an impossible thing...you’re wrong...”

 The anger that immediately rose up in Jack, at hearing the Doctor call Ianto wrong, scared the older immortal with its intensity. It was only Ianto’s hand on his arm and the look of understanding, love and calm that radiated from the beautiful blue eyes that Jack loved so much that stopped him from launching a verbal assault on the Time Lord.

At the same moment both men felt more love, reassurance and acceptance from the TARDIS, while she aimed a wave of disgust and anger at the Doctor, who was stunned by it, and visibly flinched at the intensity.

“ We’re not the only impossibilities to occur in the universe...” Ianto began to reply, keeping calm, while Jack silently fumed at the Doctors words. “...After all, it’s supposed to be impossible for a bee to fly and yet it does, and that’s just one example here on Earth. You can’t tell me there aren’t others out there, if not in this galaxy then beyond... As for being wrong...” Jack inwardly winced at the use of that word again. “...that is merely your opinion.” Ianto held the Time Lords gaze once again.

“ Not just my opinion, but a Law of Time.” The Doctor replied matter-of-factly, giving Ianto a look that dared the young man to challenge him.

The Doctor would learn in time that Ianto enjoyed a challenge, and far from backing down the Welshman responded.

 “ And yet ‘time’ is allowing us to exist, the Universe is still here, and the keeper of the Time Vortex itself has no problem with us. In fact she accepts both of us unconditionally.” Ianto continued to look at the Doctor, as the TARDIS responded to the Welshman’s words by letting the Time Lord know exactly what she thought of ‘her’ immortals, and the Gallifreyan’s treatment of them – particularly Jack.

“ Think of me what you will Doctor, but do not call Jack wrong again.” Ianto’s voice held no room for argument. “ You know how he became immortal, that it was neither his choice nor doing, and you have no right to judge him for something that Rose did.”

 Both Jack and the Doctor were surprised to hear Ianto mention their former travelling companion and friend, and it showed in their expressions.

“ Your right, I do know how Jack became immortal, but I’m still in the dark as to how he managed to make you it.” The Doctor commented coldly.

“ Making assumptions again Doctor. Jack’s immortal, now I am, therefore he must be the reason. Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn’t down to Jack, so don’t point the finger of blame at him.” Ianto continued to keep his tone even and calm, for which Jack, who had moved closer to his lover, was grateful considering his own current feelings towards their visitor.

“ Then who should I point it at ?” The Doctor questioned tersely.

“ James Malloy.” Ianto instantly replied.

“ Who ?” The Time Lord asked, looking confused at the mention of the unknown individual.

“ James Malloy, the Torchwood One researcher who dropped the Xythlyen healing orb.” Ianto’s answer threw the Doctor, who stood staring at the archivist as he took in the information.

 Before the Time Lord could get a more in depth explanation Donna’s voice drew the three men’s attention, and it became apparent that she had caught part of their conversation.

“ Hang on a minute Boys ! Back up abit will you...Immortal ?! You said, immortal. As in not dying, live forever sort of thing ?”

“ Exactly that sort of thing,” said the Doctor coldly, his tone of voice still showing his displeasure at the idea.

“ Well, technically, not ‘exactly’ that sort of thing, as they can die...” Owen corrected as he and the others moved nearer to the men, “... but they don’t stay dead. Well we know that’s what happens with Jack. With Ianto it’s still theoretical, but as far as we know it will be the same for him.”

“ What do you mean it will be the same for him ?” Gwen’s voice questioned. “ I know his hand healed, and he came back before but that was just a one off, - wasn’t it ?”  The tone of her voice held a barely hidden hopefulness, as if the former PC could cope with Ianto healing as long as she knew that anything fatal was just that – fatal.

“ That’s what we were trying to determine with the test we were carrying out earlier.” Owen commented.

“ And ?...” Gwen pressed.

 Owen glanced at Jack who gave the medic a small but affirmative nod.

“ And ...sorry to disappoint you Gwen, but it wasn’t a one off. The result of the test confirmed that Ianto’s body not only has the ability to heal quickly, but also to revive after death... Looks like we’re stuck with Teaboy for a very long time. Mind you as long as Jonesy keeps making the coffee I’m not complaining !”  Owen couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his lips as he saw the expression on Gwen’s face at the confirmation of Ianto’s immortality, and her attempt to hide her disappointment at the news. ‘That woman is pissed !’ thought the medic, watching as the Welshwoman just about managed to school her features once again.

“ So, let me get this straight, Gorgeous and Captain Handsome can get hurt but heal quickly, and can die but don’t stay that way.” Donna checked, looking at Owen.

“ Yep.” The Torchwood medic confirmed.

“ Wow...”

“ You could say that.” Martha smiled at Donna, thinking that it was the first time the redhead had seemed to be lost for words since entering the Hub, even Myfanwy hadn’t thrown her that much.

 As the conversation continued around him, the Doctor considered the impeccably dressed young man standing in front of him. Just before Donna’s interruption Jones had mentioned a Xythlyen healing orb, and Torchwood One. Of course the Doctor had heard of Xythlyen’s existence in the ‘dark’ area of space, but even the Time Lords knew very little of the planet or its inhabitants. Then there was an apparent connection to Hartman’s Torchwood One, which only heightened the Doctor’s anger, unease and displeasure of the current situation.

 While the Doctor had been observing Ianto, Jack had been watching the Time Lord. The Captain knew their visitor would want the full details of how Ianto had become immortal, and wouldn’t be put off until he had them. Noticing that the Doctor was about to speak, and guessing he was going to bring the conversation back to Ianto’s last comment about Malloy and the dropped orb, Jack got in first wanting the inevitable discussion to be on their terms and not the Doctors.

“ I know you want an explanation Doctor, and you will get one. However, it’s getting late and I for one am hungry. Ianto, would you be good enough to organise some food please...”

“ Of course, Sir.”

 Jack smiled his thanks at his lover, then continued, “...I suggest we relocate to the boardroom where we can eat, and explanations of recent events can be given...Owen and Martha, could you bring all the relevant medical data you have up to the boardroom please, and Tosh, if you could do the same with the information you have discovered and accumulated over the last couple of days in connection with this as well. Thanks...Gwen could you check on the rift please, while I give our guests a slightly belated tour.”

 Jack really didn’t want to be around the Doctor right now, but he also didn’t want him left to his own devices in the Hub so he thought a brief tour, avoiding the cells and Janet (Jack could just imagine the Doctor’s reaction to their resident weevil in his current mood,) seemed the best idea to fill the time before the food arrived. So with acknowledgements from the team, the group left the TARDIS and went about their tasks.


 Ianto re-entered the boardroom carrying the latest round of drinks. Dinner had been eaten and cleared away, the events surrounding and including the Welshman’s resurrection had been recounted to their guests, and The Doctor was currently going over the medical data supplied by Owen and Martha. As Ianto handed out the drinks, the Time Lord looked up from the information in front of him and challenged the Welshman.

“ You said this wasn’t down to Jack.” The Doctors tone was accusing.

‘ Ah,’ thought Ianto. ‘He’s noticed the trace of the time vortex.’

“ It wasn’t.” Ianto reiterated.

“ And yet you have the time vortex within you...”

“ Jack’s my lover, if the orb energy in me somehow ‘latched’ onto some of the vortex energy from Jack that’s been exchanged between us, that isn’t down to Jack, it is an accident of circumstance, nothing more.” Ianto stated calmly as he returned to his seat. He wasn’t about to tell the Doctor how Jack had revived him during the Cyberwoman incident, and that that was how they believed the vortex energy had entered his system. It would only give the Time Lord more reason to blame Jack and Ianto wasn’t going to let that happen.

“ And you can see that the amount of vortex energy is far too small to be the reason for Ianto’s immortality.” Martha added. The former companion didn’t like the change that had come over the Doctor since he had realised about Ianto’s immortality. She really couldn’t understand why he seemed so prejudice against Jack and Ianto. Martha had overheard the Doctor’s conversation with Jack at the end of the Universe when the Time Lord had called the Captain wrong, but after ‘that year’ she had thought things between the two men had improved, - after all the Doctor had asked Jack to stay with them, and travel on the TARDIS again, but it seemed that the news of Ianto’s immortality had set things back to square one. Martha really didn’t get it, if anything she thought the Time Lord would have been pleased at the thought of others being around with whom he could share his longevity, but evidently from his reaction she was mistaken.

 The Doctor looked back to the information laid out in front of him on the table, and he grudgingly concede to himself that the amount of vortex energy within Jones was small, and certainly not enough to cause his newly gained immortality. The Time Lord was far from happy at there being a second immortal, another fixed point existing, but it did,- he did,- and Ianto Jones was right, the Universe still existed and had accommodated for the new constant, and the Doctor couldn’t sense any disturbances to the timelines. It was hard, very hard, for the Doctor to admit it, even if only to himself, but he was wrong. It seemed that both the Captain and Mr. Jones, - as impossible as they were, - were meant to exist, and far from it being the case that they ‘shouldn’t be’, it was in fact the case that they definitely should be.

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