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Fic: Ask and Tell

Title: Ask and Tell
Author: [info]ally_p_x 
Characters: Jack/Ianto,  Gwen OMC
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer. I do not own Jack. Or Ianto. Or Gwen Or TW. I do own  Sgt Walters, who works for UNIT.
Spoilers: Set after that episode of DW where Jack goes off and leaves Gwen and Ianto with a big gun and a Dalek fleet on the doorstep.
Warnings: Does a dead dalek need a warning?

Betad by:  A cast of thousands, but special credit and thanks to [info]likeitisntso [info]electrictoes  and [info]bookwrm89

Authors Notes: In which Gwen asks questions, Jack doesn’t answer, and Ianto has about 3 lines of dialogue and still manages to steal the show; just like an episode really!

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Tags: fanfic:pg-13

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