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Blackbird Song

Fic - In Your Image

Title: In Your Image
Author: Blackbird Song
Series Included: Allusions to S1, S2 and a character in Miracle Day. Takes place before CoE.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper and others.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys implied.
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of bloody violence.
Rating: R-ish (Violence, swearing)
Word Count: 17,750-ish. (MS Word lies)
Summary: Jack and Ianto sitting in a tree: Torchwood-style.
Author's Notes:
1. Written for the tw_bigbang challenge of 2011.
2. Many thanks to my husband for the beta and to smirnoffmule for suggestions on Welsh namecalling/nicknames in school.
3. The link goes to Part One. Part Two is linked at the bottom.
4.I believe that art by tamda will follow, and I'll link to it as soon as it becomes available.

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Tags: challenges, fanfic, fanfic:r

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