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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 33/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen, the Doctor, Donna.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: There’s some Jack and Ianto, and Donna has words with the Doctor.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.
A/N:  Usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.

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Chapter 33.

“ Jack.” The warning tone in Ianto’s voice was undermined by his body, as it automatically relaxed back into the Captain’s embrace as Jack’s arms encircled the Welshman’s waist from behind.

 They were in the kitchen, where Ianto was finishing tidying things away, having already washed and dried up the various cups, plates and cutlery from earlier.

“ It’s ok...” Jack placed a feather light kiss just below his lover’s ear, eliciting a soft moan from the man in his arms, “...the others have left for the night, and Donna and the Doctor have retired to the TARDIS.”

 Jack didn’t miss Ianto tensing slightly at the mention of the Doctor.

“ Thank you.” Jack said quietly into Ianto’s ear before placing another kiss to his lover’s neck.

“ For what ?” Ianto’s voice was alittle strained as he tried to control the onslaught of sensations Jack’s kisses were causing to run through his body.

“ For defending me to the Doctor.” There was another kiss from Jack, and another soft moan from Ianto, who now turned in his Captain’s arms to face his fiancé.

“ I wasn’t about to let him condemn you for something that wasn’t your fault...” Ianto was the one placing the kiss this time, a chaste one to Jack’s lips, “...You’ve suffered enough because of him, and I’m not about to let him hurt you again.”

“ You don’t have to fight my battles.” Jack’s voice was still quiet as the couple rested their foreheads together.

“ I might not have to, but I want to.” Ianto pulled back just enough to look into the blue eyes he couldn’t get enough of. He could still see in them the hurt that the Doctor had caused his lover. Jack tried to hide it and Ianto doubted the others would notice, but he did and it just made the Welshman reaffirm his promise to do everything he could to never let the Doctor hurt the man he loved again.

“ I love you, and I will always defend you,... whether you like it or not.” Ianto continued, “... I hate to see you hurting and being treated unfairly, so I’ll always do everything in my power to stop it...” Ianto kissed Jack again, this time alittle more heatedly, “... so get used to it !” Ianto smiled as he pulled away ending the kiss much to Jack’s obvious disappointment.

“ You know that works both ways don’t you ?” The intensity of the love coming from Jack left Ianto in no doubt that it did.

“ I know.” Ianto replied softly, before the couples lips met once again and hands began to roam.


“ Ok. Just what was all that about out there with Gorgeous and the Captain ?” Donna stood, hands on hips, staring intently at the Doctor.
The visitors had just entered the TARDIS after retiring for the night and Donna wanted answers.

“ Well ?” Donna pressed, her eyes never leaving the Time Lord as he fiddled with switches on the console.

“ I don’t  know wh...”

“ Don’t give me that. You know exactly what I mean !” The annoyed redhead cut in, anticipating the Doctors words. “ Why the hostility and accusations ?”

“ You wouldn’t understand. It’s complicated.” The Doctor still wouldn’t look at his companion, which in all honesty was probably a good thing because if he had he would have lost one of his regenerations !

“ Wouldn’t understand ! Complicated !” Donna was fuming. “There’s nothing complicated about prejudice, and that’s what it looks like to me. Or is it jealousy? Don't like not being the only long lived individual in the Universe any more. Worried Gorgeous and the Captain are going to ‘steal your thunder’ ? Why can’t you just accept them ?”

“ Because they’re wrong. They are fixed points and, however much the evidence seems to be in their favour, as a Time lord it goes against every fibre in my body. As a fixed point they shouldn’t exist.” The Doctor replied firmly.

“ You said that Pompeii was a fixed point, and that it had to exist. If they are fixed points why is it wrong for them to exist ?” Donna asked slightly calmer than she had been, but she was still extremely angry with the Doctor and it showed in the tone of her voice.

“ Pompeii was a fixed event. A moment in time, it happens, it had to happen and then it’s done with, relegated to history. The Captain and Mr. Jones are living beings existing in time. They are supposed to be born, age and die within it, but as fixed points that won’t happen. They are a constant throughout time which is as it should be for an event, but not for a living being. They just shouldn’t exist.” The Doctor stubbornly reiterated, still avoiding making direct eye contact with Donna.

“ But, like Gorgeous said, they do exist...can’t you just accept it and be pleased you’ll have other people around who know and understand you when the rest of us are long gone ?... Mind you, after the way you’ve treated them I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t want anything else to do with you. To be honest I’m surprised that they haven’t kicked us out of here already, or that you haven’t yet just have us up and leave.”

“ Not for the want of trying...” muttered The Time Lord, “...but it seems someone wants us to stay.” The Doctor continued as he flicked another switch and pushed another button without any response from the TARDIS.

“ That makes two of us,” stated Donna. “ Owen said he would show me the plants in the hothouse properly, and Gorgeous promised me a coffee making lesson, so you can stop with trying to do a moonlight flit ! ...You never know perhaps for once you’ll actually admit you’re wrong, or at the very least make your peace with them.”

“ Why would I do that ?” the Doctor tone was blasé.  Donna just wanted to slap him.

“ Because you have a very long future ahead of you, and without friends that understand, it will be a very lonely one.” Donna looked pointedly at the Time Lord, before heading to her room, leaving the Doctor to muse over her words.


“ Do you think they’ll still be here in the morning ?” Ianto asked as he snuggled closer to Jack.

 Earlier the couple had quickly vacated the kitchen, and headed down to their room below Jack’s office. After some intense love making they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, though for the last ten minutes a semi conscious Ianto had been aware that Jack was wide awake and deep in thought, ‘No doubt about the Doctor,’ thought the new immortal, prompting his comment in the hope of getting his lover talking rather than brooding.

“ I don’t think he’ll dare leave until Donna’s ready to go. She is one feisty lady!” Jack replied, realising that he really shouldn’t be surprised that Ianto had known that it was the Time Lord that was playing on his mind.

“ That she is. I like her.”

“ The feeling appears to be mutual... ‘Gorgeous !’,” Jack attempt to impersonate the Doctor’s latest companion, and received a playful slap to his chest from a slightly blushing Ianto.

“ What can I say...it’s the coffee.”

“ Oh and I suppose looking hot in that suit you had on yesterday had nothing to do with it, not to mention the x-rated way you leant over to clear the boardroom table right next to her ?” Jack commented, raising an eyebrow at his fiancé.

“ Not my fault,” Ianto defended, “ The table needed clearing, and my boss has a thing for suits !”

“ Doesn’t he just ! Though I feel I have to correct you...it’s not suits. It’s just you in a suit. Only you.” Jack smiled as he moved in for what turned out to be a long languid kiss.

“ I’m sorry.” Jack said once they finally separated.

“ Sorry, for what ?” Ianto questioned as he settled his head on Jacks shoulder and the Captain began to card his fingers through his lover’s hair.

“ For the way the Doctor spoke to you and for what he said. He had no right to call you wrong”

“ It doesn’t matter what he said about me...” Ianto began.

“ It does matter what he said...” Jack interrupted. “...I’m not having you hurt by him. I know they are just words, but I know how much it hurt me when the Doctor called me that.”

“ The Doctor is someone you admire, you look up to him, you want his acceptance...you 'love' him... and for him, of all people, to call you wrong, it was bound to hurt. Whereas the Doctor calling me wrong didn’t have the same affect because he means nothing to me...As for you apologising... it’s not up to you to apologise for him. You’ve done nothing wrong...and if anyone other than the Doctor should be apologising it should be me.”

“ What on earth do you have to apologise for ?” Jack asked slightly confused.

“ I’ve made things worse between the Doctor and yourself. At least before he realised about my immortality you were getting on ok, now though...” Ianto knew how much the Doctor had hurt Jack in the past, but he also knew of the connection the pair had, and whatever the Doctor thought of  Jack things between them had seemed alright on the Time Lords arrival, but since the Doctor’s realisation about Ianto the atmosphere between the two had been decidedly tense.

“As you just told me, you’ve done nothing wrong.  It’s his problem and if he doesn’t like it he can leave whenever...” Jack began.

“... Donna say’s he can !” Ianto finished, making both men smile.

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Got to luv Donna ! You're right Jack and Ianto could never be wrong.
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I love Donna putting the Doctor in his place - gteat update
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There was no way Donna was going to let the Doctor get away with treating the boys like that ! Thanks, glad you liked it !
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Thank you ! :) Sharing coffee ( and hugs !) with the boys sounds a great way to warm up !
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