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Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, Kathy, OC.

Summary: From the hub to the catwalk.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, songs, films, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whit this fic.


Detective Kathy Swanson was reading a file "Things changed from their places in closed rooms. Strange lights that appear and disappear. People that feel something touches them and nobody was there."  She closed the file and tried to think in a logical explanation when someone knocked the door "Come in."

Andy entered the room "Sorry for bother you, Chief, here it is the last file of the fashion's case."

"Thanks, Andy. More spooky things???"

Andy shrugged "I don't know what to think about. I would like to go to investigate. It's a very strange case, it's like someone doesn't want that this people have their fashion show."

Kathy stared at him "So... you don't believe in ghosts."

Andy scratched his head "I've have seen a lot of things, but everything was alien."

Kathy smiled while reading the file "I have an idea. Two male models, one photographer and one technician resigned. I think you can go undercover as a photographer and I'm going to ask Captain Harkness if he will lend us Baby Face to be a model and the little brain, the Japanese girl...???

Andy reminded her "Toshiko Sato."

Kathy nodded "Yes, she's a remarkable technician. The two of them can help us if there is an alien at the show."

Andy laughed "I don't think that Jack wants that his boyfriend turns into a model."

Kathy laughed as well "He needs to help us, Captain Harkness owes me many favors."

"You want what???" said Jack at the phone, the others looked at him. "But, Kathy, as a model..." he continued listening. "Okay, okay, I know, yes, I agree. Yeah, I tell them. Bye." Jack hung up very upset.

"What happened, Jack???" Gwen was curious.

"It was Detective Swanson, she needs that Yan and Tosh help her on a mission as undercover agents with Andy at the fashion event that starts this Sunday."

Tosh was so excited "Oh, yes, I read about it. The new fashions designers are going to present their work to the country. But, what's going on???"

Jack explained "There are many strange things around this event. People are thinking about ghosts, but it must be an alien thing. Things that moved, lights that appear and disappear."

"And why do they don't believe about ghosts???" asked Owen.

Tosh laughed "Don't tell me you believe in ghosts."

"It's almost Halloween, maybe they want to buy new fashion sheets."

"Owen, be serious." Gwen was laughing.

"What  does she want me to do???" Ianto was a little worried.

Jack cleared his throat "Errr, Andy is going to be a photographer; she needs Tosh as a tech and you... as a model in the catwalk."

Ianto turned red "What???" Owen almost fell from his chair, he was laughing a lot "Hey, Teaboy, you're a fashionista, you're going to make an excellent job."

Ianto was in shocked "But... I don't have any experience. That's crazy."

Gwen was laughing as well "Don't worry, pet, you're gorgeous. You're going to be an excellent model."

Jack had to admit "That's true. And you watch "America's Next Top Model" all the time. You even like that we play that I'm Nigel Barker and you're my model..."

"Jack!!!!" shouted at the same time and embarrassed Ianto and a disgusted Owen.

"Save it to yourself, Harkness. I have enough images of you two in my mind to add more." Owen grimaced.

Jack smirked "But, it's not my fault that you came every time we're playing characters."

Owen snorted "And then you ask me why I can't stop drinking." The girls were giggling, Ianto was redder.

Ianto went next day to the house where the fashion event would take place. Tosh and Andy were already there. A tall woman came to him and watched him from head to toes "Yes, young man???"

Ianto blushed "I'm the new model."

She licked her lips "Well, you're more gorgeous that I was thinking. I'm Madam Silka."

She gave him her boned hand, Ianto shook  it "Ianto Jones."

"Come with me. I'm going to introduce you to the rest of the people and you can begin to rehearsal." She said.

Ianto had a very interesting day, he never thought that he could make a wonderful job as a model, everybody was very happy with him. The camera loved him and all the colors looked utterly good in him. That night, he went to a big party with Tosh and Andy that last all night.

Ianto returned to his flat at four in the morning, when he entered the room, he was surprised to find a very upset Jack waiting for him "Jack!!!"

Jack pouted "Where have you been???"

Ianto blushed "In a party, one of the designers invited us. I was with Andy and Tosh."

Jack raised an eyebrow "Well, I think that Owen and Trish are very upset as well."

 Ianto told him "Andy broke up with her. She left him, she said he worked a lot and didn't have time for her."

"Poor kid!!!" said Jack.

Ianto smirked "He met another girl, the assistant of one the designers, her name is Stacey, she's very pretty!!!"

Jack was jealous "Mmm, and you???"

Ianto rolled his eyes "Hey, I told them I have a very handsome American boyfriend, they respect me."

Jack grinned "Really???"

Ianto nodded "Of course!!!"

Jack looked at him "Okay, but next time remember the rules, you have to stay here by three."

Ianto laughed "Who are you now, Brian Kinney???"

Jack jumped over Ianto and began to tickle him "You'll see, little twat!!!"

Ianto was laughing "Asshole!!!" And they had a very wonderful dawn.

The Saturday, Jack, Owen and Gwen were at the hub.

Gwen was talking with Tosh by phone "Yes, Tosh, I'll tell them. Thanks again!!! Bye" Gwen was happy. "Guys, Tosh said they haven't seen anything yet, but there is a little rift activity."

Owen talked "I think we should go to the event."

Gwen looked at him "I'm going, Tosh got me tickets for all the nights."

"I mean to investigate, not for fun." Owen snorted.

Jack agreed "Yes, if there is rift activity, we have aliens. Gwen and Rhys can go undercover at the events as potential clients. But, we have to have better access."

Owen was very interested "What are you thinking???"

Jack grinned "You'll see."

At Sunday afternoon, Ianto was trying clothes, when he heard a very known voice behind him. "Yan, where's my little pony??? Come here and give some sugar to your daddy!!!"

Ianto didn't have time to react; Jack gave him one of those kisses that left him like jello. When they broke apart, Ianto blushed "What are you doing here???"

Jack smirked "Do ya think I'm gonna miss the runway of my gorgeous model. Never in my life." Everybody was looking at them giggling; at that moment Ianto realized that Jack was wearing a cowboy hat, a fringed suede jacket, khaki pants and cowboy boots.

Madame Silka approached them "Would you introduce us your friend, Ianto???"

Jack gave her his best grin and introduced himself "I'm Coronel J. B. Harkness, Yan's boyfriend, Miss...???"

"Madam Silka, the master of the event." Now she was under the spell of Jack's charms. Jack took her hand and gave it a sounded kiss. She was delighted. Ianto was in shock.

"Let me introduce you to my assistant, Owen Harper, we're here to see my little pony and maybe buy some new clothes."

Ianto was a little upset and thought "Or course, and to mark your territory as well."

"Ianto told us about you." said Madam Silka.

"Really??? My little pony is lovely!!!" Jack pinched Ianto's buttocks, the poor kid just jumped. Madam Silka laughed.

Jack took her by the arm "Would you show me the place???" "Of course, my dear Coronel!!!"

When they went, Andy approached to Owen and Ianto "What was that???"

Owen looked at them "We came undercover as well."

Ianto looked at Owen, who was wearing glasses, a cheesy suit and a bow tie "Seriously, Owen, a bow tie???"

"You looked like a nerd." added Andy.

Owen groaned "Two days in the fashion world and now you're brilliant, Teaboy can work in "What Not To Wear" and Andy is a "fashion police." Now, if you excuse me, I have work to do." And he went.

An hour before the show, all the lights of the place began to turn on and turn off and nobody was doing it and some of the clothes began to float, Tosh and Ianto run behind a skirt and they could see something that look like a little pixy, but it flew faster than them. Nevertheless, the show was a success, Ianto looked stunning, he was the best.

When the runway ended, they told the others what they saw. Gwen opined "Maybe they're fairies." Jack disagreed "No, I don't think so. We have to continue investigating."

The days passed, Andy and Stacey were closer, Madam Silka and Jack became great friends, Ianto was in hell sometimes with him. The Thursday, Jack and Ianto had the opportunity to talk alone, they were in one of the sewing rooms.

"You're going to pay for this. You like to embarrass me in front of everybody" Ianto was complaining with Jack.

"But, baby, you're mine. I wanted to be with you, it was the only way." Jack kissed the side of Ianto's mouth.

"I know, but, with that outfit." Ianto rolled his eyes,

"You said I was American." smiled Jack.

"And you have to make your best performance of J. R. Ewing. And why J. B. and Coronel??? I think that I'm dating Coronel Sanders." added Ianto.

Jack laughed "It sounds American, I liked it. I mixed Jack with Boeshane. J. B."

Ianto had to smirk "I like it." They began to kiss each other, when the sewing machines began to work by themselves.

"What the hell???" said Jack. They tried to see what was moving the machines, when seven little beings flew. Ianto took a blouse and grabbed one, Jack caught two more with a piece of cloth. Jack called the others and Owen brought a cage.

Jack was amazed "Oh, they're polliliants. They like to eat cloths and make jokes. But they're totally harmless." They looked like a mixed of pixy and moth.

The polliliants begged "Please, let us go, we're not making bad things."

"They can talk." Gwen was gapped.

Jack grinned "I know. Hey, I'm going to let you free, but you have to promise us you're going to return to your own planet." The little beings promised, but they asked Jack to let them see the end of the show, it would be next day. Jack agreed "Okey, but then you go away." The polliliants were very happy.

"Well, our mission is finished, we can go now." said Jack, but the others didn't want to go, Owen and Tosh were enjoying their time together; Andy had a new girlfriend, he knew now he could tell her he was a policeman, not a photographer; Rhys and Gwen were amazed watching the clothes and Ianto was having the time of his life on the catwalk. Jack just sighed and had to agree.

The last night, when Ianto was walking on the catwalk, he had extra lights and shine, the polliliants wanted to give him a present and they created beautiful effects for him.

The show was a success, Madame Silka was very sad to lose that brilliant model, but Jack told her he wanted to keep him just for himself.

That night at the flat, Jack and Ianto were cuddled in bed, they were talking about everything tan happened.

"I never thought you could be a model, a really good one." Jack kissed the tip of Ianto's nose.

"Me neither, I loved the experience." Ianto was thrilled.

"But I'm happy that everything ended." Jack hugged Ianto stronger.

Ianto smirked and looked at Jack "I want to say a very wise words that I learnt from the wonderful Tyra Banks."

"What words???" asked Jack.

"You wanna be on top???" was Ianto's answered.

"You betcha." And Jack gave him a hot kiss.


"Come on, vogue
Let your body move to the music, hey, hey, hey
Come on, vogue
Let your body go with the flow, you know you can do it"








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