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Jack Series: Jack of Diamonds [4/4]

Well it's good to be back, after over a month of no fanfic... finally the final JS Cards fic! x

Title: Jack of Diamonds [4/4]
Author: [info]0theavantgarde 
Beta: [info]likeitisntso 
Rating: PG

Summary:  "The way she looked when he found the engagement ring – that look in her eyes for a nanosecond, as if now that everything had suddenly changed again and he was back, she was surprised to still be wearing it."

The fifth in my 'Jack' series, an exploration of just how damned common the name Jack is in children's stories, songs and general English-speaking culture though Captain Jack Harkness himself. Fourth (and final) in a mini sub-series of four about Jack's relationship with each member of the team.

Obvious disclaimer: if I was making money from this, I wouldn't be on LJ. I don't own anything.

( Jack of Diamonds )

Masterlist of the entire Jack Series
Tags: fanfic:pg, fanfic:series

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