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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 35/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen, the Doctor, Donna.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: In the hub while Jack and Owen are weevil hunting.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.
A/N1:  Usual apologies for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.
A/N2: I am working on next chapter but the team aren’t playing nice, so could be a couple of weeks before the next update. Just thought I’d warn you !

Story starts here:

previous chapter: 

 Chapter 35.

 As Ianto informed Jack over the coms that Owen was on his way, the alarm signalling the cogwheel door opening sounded, heralding the arrival of Tosh and Martha. On entering, the women interrupted their conversation to voice their morning greetings to the Hubs occupants. Noticing Ianto at her workstation Tosh asked if everything was alright.

“ Couple of weevils. Bute Park. Jack and Owen are dealing with them.” Ianto told his friend.

“ Looks like we’ll get first choice of these for a change then.” Tosh smiled as she held up the box of pastries she’d brought for the team on her way in to work. Her comment reflected the fact that invariably when someone other than Ianto(the Welshman always managed to hide such treats until they could be fairly distributed,) brought in ‘goodies’ Jack and Owen always seemed to get to them first. Today however it looked like they would have to put up with what was left !  

“ Mmm nice, but can’t have pastries without fresh coffee !” Donna looked pleadingly towards Ianto with ‘puppy dog’ eyes.

“ In case you hadn’t noticed Mr. Jones is alittle busy at the moment.” The Doctor commented as he looked over at his companion.

“ That can be easily remedied.” Tosh said as she handed Martha the box of goodies and headed to her workstation, motioning for Ianto to vacate her chair as she put in her com unit, and proceeded to take over monitoring and assisting Jack and Owen with the capturing of the weevils.

“ That desperate for a coffee are you Tosh ?” Ianto said amusement clear in his voice as he moved, allowing his friend to be seated and take over from him.

“ You have no idea !” The petite woman replied smiling at the archivist, before turning her full attention to the monitors. 

“ Need a hand Gorgeous ?” Donna asked as Ianto collected the cups from earlier and placed them on the tray.

“ As long as the hand in question is restricted to the coffee and not the maker of the coffee...” Ianto commented raising his eyebrow at the redhead who was now trying to look the picture of innocence.

“ Don't know what you’re implying ...” Donna grinned, still trying the innocent look, though the mischievous glint in her eyes wasn’t helping her cause !

 Unable to keep a small smile from his lips Ianto shook his head, pretty sure that even if he declined her offer of help Donna would still find her way up to the kitchen anyway.

“ I suppose you could help sort out the pastries.” The Welshman said resignedly, still smiling as he began to head up to the kitchen, with Donna quickly following.


 As Ianto and Donna headed off to prepare the refreshments and Tosh concentrated on helping Owen and Jack, Martha moved to where the Doctor was watching the information Tosh was bringing up on her various monitors.

“ You stayed then.” Martha remarked as she joined the Doctor.

“ Didn’t have alot of choice.” The Time Lord stated matter-of-factly.

“ Ah, Donna.” Martha assumed, as her gaze drifted up to where she could see her ‘replacement’ following Ianto into the kitchen.

“ The TARDIS,” corrected the Doctor.

“ Really ?” Martha looked back to the man beside her.

“ Seems she’s taken a shine to the place.”

“ Or certain of  its occupants...I noticed the change in her when Jack and Ianto entered her yesterday.” Martha remarked watching for any reaction from the Time Lord, unsurprised when he tensed slightly at the mention of the immortals.

“ Are you going to tell me how wrong I am about them as well ?” asked the Doctor defensively after a few moments silence.

“ I would if I thought it would make any difference, but I think you already know you’re wrong about Jack and Ianto, whether you admit it or not is another matter.” Martha answered her friend honestly.

“ I can’t help how they ‘feel’ to me.” The Time Lord added.

“ Maybe not, but you can help how you react and deal with it. Don’t let your stubbornness and blinkered view of things rob you of too much.”

Once again there was a moments silence before the Doctor asked out of the blue, “ Why did you phone me Martha ?”

 The former companion glanced up to the kitchen, searching out a glimpse of the young man currently busy there, as the memory of Ianto’s lifeless body with Jack standing next to it sprang to the forefront of her mind. Looking back to the Doctor, Martha took a calming breath pushing the memory back down.

“ When Ianto died Jack was devastated. He was ‘broken’ beyond belief. I watched, as the man who had survived a year of torture and death at the hands of the Master fell apart in front of my eyes at the loss of the man he loved. There was nothing any of us could do. Nothing I could do. I felt so helpless...I just thought that maybe...”

“ I couldn’t have done anything.” The Time Lord stated firmly.

“ I know...I know, timelines etc... but if you’d seen him...I just thought...maybe...if you were here perhaps there could have been something you could have done, could have said...then everything started happening and I forgot that I’d called you until the TARDIS arrived.” Martha finished explaining as the alarm for the door sounded once again, this time marking the arrival of Gwen.

 The former PC headed to her workstation, seemingly oblivious to the fact she was late, saying ‘Hello’ to those in the Hub, and asking the whereabouts of the others. She was rather put out that Jack had wanted Owen called out to help him with the weevils and not her, but the arrival of Ianto and Donna with the coffee and pastries soon drew her attention.

 While Donna remained near Gwen and Tosh and began chatting to the pair, Ianto approached Martha and the Doctor who had begun to reminisce about their travels.

“ Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if I could have a word with you please Martha ?” Ianto asked as he handed first her, and then the Doctor their drinks and offered the pastries for them to choose from.

“ If you’ll excuse me...” the Doctor stood, “... I wanted to speak to Dr. Sato about her programming. Thank you for the tea.” With that the Time Lord moved to speak to Tosh, cup of tea in one hand and pastry in the other.

“ What can I do for you Ianto ? Nothing’s wrong is it ?” Martha asked as the Doctor moved away from them.

“ No, quite the opposite actually. I feel fine and I was hoping that you’d clear me for full duty...” Ianto explained, adding, “...I know I should be asking Owen, but he’s not here and you are.”

“ You’re right, it really should be Owen, he is your team doctor, and by rights I shouldn’t even be here...” Martha began, noticing, even with Ianto quickly slipping his usual ‘mask’ into place, disappointment cross his face. “...but as you pointed out I am here, and although I can’t officially sign off on your medical clearance, I can check the data from the wriststrap and give you a full medical, so that once Owen is back he has all the information he needs to make the assessment, and as long as everything is alright I can’t see that he’d have a problem clearing you.”

“ Great. Any chance of doing the checks now ?” Ianto asked hopefully.

“ Someone’s eager.” Martha remarked with a smile.

“ I just want to get things back to normal.” Ianto replied honestly.

 Martha gave the Welshman a sympathetic look. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what he’d been through or what he was feeling about the last few days, but she did know how it felt to be out of your comfort zone and how important getting normality and control back in your life was in those circumstances.

“ I can understand that... Come on then, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish.” The medic smiled at Ianto as she turned, mug in hand, and moved towards the autopsy bay, closely followed by the Welshman.


Twenty minutes later Jack and Owen emerged from the entrance to the cells discussing the need for the weevil spray to be strengthened, stopping when the lingering scent of the last batch of coffee registered with their senses, and the plate with the remaining pastries was spotted at Gwen’s workstation. Owen made a beeline for the pastries, while Jack began to head towards the kitchen assuming Ianto would be there having not seen his lover as he looked around the Hub.

“ He’s not up there...” Tosh said absentmindedly, having glanced up at the men as they entered the Hub and seen the direction Jack had started to go. “...he’s in the autopsy bay being checked over by Martha.”

 Jack immediately changed direction and headed to the autopsy bay. The lack of concern from Tosh didn’t register with Jack, whose mind had focused on the fact Ianto was being checked over by Martha, leaving the Captain currently with a number of scenario’s running through his head, none of them good ! Arriving at the railings above the autopsy bay Jack looked down dreading what he would see. The sight that greeted him had the immortal releasing the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding. Ianto was sitting on the autopsy table, shirt off, blood pressure cuff around his arm, and Martha holding a stethoscope to his chest as the Welshman took deep breaths.   
 Sensing his fiancé’s presence Ianto looked up, the smile on his face faded as concern took over when he saw the look on Jack’s face.

“ Jack ? What’s wrong ?”

“ I was just about to ask you the same thing,” the older immortal said as he descended the stairs to join his lover and the UNIT doctor.

“ Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine,” Ianto reassured. “ Martha is just giving me a medical.”

Jack gave his lover a questioning look.

“ As you pointed out I haven’t been cleared for full duty, so I asked Martha if she could start doing the ‘ground work’, so that once Owen was free the required information would be available for him to assess, and he could make the decision on clearing me...”

 As Ianto talked Martha removed the blood pressure cuff, did a quick scan with the Bekaran scanner, and then told Ianto he could get dressed, the medic then moved over to the autopsy bays workstation, giving the two men a modicum of privacy as the Welshman continued.

“...I just thought it would fasten things up...” Ianto explained, “...I want to get back to normal Jack...well what classes as normal around here anyway !” Ianto added with a small smile, hoping to ‘lighten’ Jack’s ‘mood’ alittle.

 Jack sighed as he looked at his lover who was now slipping his shirt back on.

“ I understand that you want to get back to normal, but it’s only been a few days since...” Jack’s voice trailed off and his hands stilled part way through doing up one of Ianto’s shirt buttons.

 Ianto placed his hands on top of Jack’s and looked into his eyes seeing fear and worry there.

“ I know Jack...but I really do feel fine, and as long as I’m not a threat, - which I think we’ve established that I’m not, - then there is no reason for me not to be a fully operational member of the team again.”

“ You’re in that much of a hurry to get back to work ?”

“ I’m in ‘that much of a hurry’ to get my life back. I know it’s only been a few day’s but I miss dealing with people in the tourist office. I miss having the option of going out to collect lunch rather than having to phone for a delivery. I miss being able to just take a couple of minutes to lean on the railings and look out over the bay, and as ‘cosy’ as it is curling up with you on the bed in the bunker, I miss being able to sprawl out and getting lost under the covers with you in our king - size bed in our bedroom. I miss our home.” Ianto knew the last part made him sound like a right sap but he didn’t care, it was how he felt.

 “ So do I,” Jack all but whispered as he rested his forehead against Ianto’s,“ but the thought of losing you again...”

“ It’s not going to happen. The test, the Doctor’s reaction to me, everything ‘says’ I’m immortal, that I’ll come back like you do...” Ianto tried to reassure Jack, though he hoped he sounded more convincing than the felt. If the Welshman was honest with himself there was always going to be that faint niggling fear buried in the back of his mind, just as there always was whenever Jack died, that this time he wouldn’t come back. That this time, no matter what they had been told, the life-force/energy would have run out, and this time there would be no waking up only permanent death.  “...I’m not about to go rushing blindly into danger for the sake of it, and how I deal with situations won’t change. You have to accept, as I do with you, that I’ll make the right choices and do the right thing.” Ianto said, as he pulled back alittle and looked into his lover’s eyes.

“ I know you will.  It doesn’t stop me from worrying though.” Jack replied.

“ Just as I worry about you.” Ianto told his lover. Briefly forgetting where they were the Welshman leant in and placed a kiss to Jack’s lips, only for the moment to be broken by Owens’ “ Put him down Harkness !” as the medic entered the autopsy bay. 

next chapter: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5810675.html

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