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[fic] Ex Umbra In Solem 2/?

Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC and is the creation of the masterful Russell T. Davies. Recognisable characters and scenarios belong to the appropriate parties and are borrowed for entertainment purposes only.

Spoilers: Torchwood series 1-3, Doctor Who 'Army of Ghosts', 'Doomsday', 'The Stolen Earth', and 'Journey's End' (potentially others)

Warnings: To be included - slash, angst, fluff, sap, implied smut, bad language, Welsh (to include bad language), and TBD - though not all the time or necessarily at the same time.

Summary: Ianto Jones had made himself into a shadow, hidden in the background, unnoticed. How does a shadow cope with being brought into the light?

Pairings: Jack/Ianto (eventually), Ianto/Lisa (mentioned), Gwen/Rhys, etc (standard canon couplings)

Ex Umbra In Solem
(From the Shadows into the Light)
by Gwyddelig

Chapter 2: Day One
Tags: episode:1x02, fanfic, fanfic:pg

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