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Characters: The team.

Summary: Gwen has troubles with a present she received.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, songs, films, tales, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whit this fic.

NOTE: I need vacation, I'm in silly mood...


Ianto was reading some files when Gwen entered with something in her arms. Ianto was astonished "Oh, my God, Gwen, what did you run over in the road, is it still alive???

Gwen laughed "No, pet, it's just a carpet!!!"

Ianto could not believe it "Really??? It looks like a dead sheep with all its guts exposed."

Gwen sighed "Last night, me and Rhys went to his mother's and she gave us a pre-Christmas present. She wanted us to put on our flat to decorate it these days."

Ianto raised his eyebrow and took part of the carpet "Sorry to say it, but it's hideous!!!"

"I know!!!" Gwen agreed. Both of them were with half of the carpet in their hands when Jack came in. He saw them and got really scared, he took his Webley and pointed it to the carpet.

"Gwen, Yan, don't move, I'm going to kill that thing." Jack shouted.

"Jack, no, no, please, it's just a carpet!!!" Ianto and Gwen said almost at the same time.

Jack froze "A carpet??? I thought it was a amebabious, it's a very dangerous alien."

Gwen continued her explanation "Rhys' mother gave us this carpet last night, we don't like it, but Rhys doesn't want to throw it away, I don't want it at home and I promised him not to throw it out, so I brought it here, maybe some of you would like it."

Jack and Ianto looked at each other and Ianto said "I know our hub it's not a palace, but I try to keep it clean and cozy."

Gwen sighed again "I know, pet, but I don't know what to do with it. Any idea???"

"Let's see how it looks." Jack put it on the floor, it looked horrible, he scratched his head "Maybe we can get used with it or...maybe not."

"I need some coffee!!!" Ianto went to the kitchen and Jack and Gwen followed him.

They were drinking their coffees when they heard a scream. They run to the hub, Tosh was pale.

"Tosh, are you okay???" Jack was very worried.

"What's that thing??? Tosh whispered.

"It's just a carpet!!! Jack, Ianto and Gwen answered in a choir.

"Really???" Tosh looked at the carpet again "I'm so sorry to overact, but it astonished me, it's utterly disgusting."

Gwen told her the story.

"I'm going to put it in the autopsy bay, it combines with blood and guts, maybe we can use it there for something." Ianto took the carpet and went there.

They continued working normally and then came Owen.  He went directly to the autopsy bay.

"Son of a bitch!!! Who throw up here!!! Oh, shit!!!" he came to the workstations very angry.

Tosh was laughing "It's just a carpet!!!"

Owen looked at her "It looks that an alien puked there."

Gwen told her story again.

"I'm going to find it another place." Ianto went.

They continued working normally.

"Squeeeak!!!" Myfanwy shouted.

The five of them saw the carpet flew over their heads.

"Now I've seen everything, a creepy flying carpet." Owen huffed.

Myfanwy poked his head from his nest and looked at them "Squeeeak, $%!@*/&", squeeak!!!"

"What a mouth!!!" Jack spoke.

"Did you understand her???" asked Gwen.

Jack shrugged "No, but I can figure it out what she said."

Ianto was distressed "Sorry, honey, I'm really sorry, I'm going to bake you a chocolate cake, I promise!!!"

Myfanwy gave him the look and went to her nest.

"Ianto, why did you put it to Myfanwy???" Tosh asked.

"Because I scared Janet with it, she didn't like it as well." Ianto answered.

"We have to threw it away, Gwen, sorry, but nobody likes it, including me. It's nauseating!!!" Jack ordered.

"Do we have an enemy to send it???" Owen suggested.

"Owen, don't even think about it" Tosh scolded.

Ianto was thinking "I have an idea, maybe I can used it."

Jack told him "Don't put it in my room and if you take it to your flat, I don't think I'll go again."

Ianto took the carpet and went.

Next day, Ianto was cleaning the floor of the hub, it was shining.

Gwen came and looked at him "Wonderful job, pet!!!"

Ianto smiled "Yeah!!! And thanks to the carpet!!! I cut it into pieces, you can tell your mother in law that it looked wonderful in the floor, but in a very different way."

Gwen laughed "You're brilliant!!! We didn't throw it away and I don't have to lie to her. Thanks, Ianto!!!"

"Anytime, Gwen!!! But next time, don't bring more monster here, we have enough!!!" Ianto giggled.

"I promise!!!" Gwen was very relief.


"Well, you don't know what
We can find
Why don't you come with me little girl
On a magic carpet ride"











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