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Fic: so beautiful when the boy smiles

Media: Fic
Title: so beautiful when the boy smiles
Author: remuslives23
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, Glee: Kurt/Blaine, Harry Potter: Remus/Sirius
Word Count: 1060
Summary: three stories of falling in love
Notes: I fell in love with this lyric but couldn’t decide who I wanted to write for. So I wrote for all my main OTP’s. Thank you to Di for making sense out of my tenses. I adore you.
Episode References/Timelines: Torchwood: S2, Glee: mentions of 2x16, Harry Potter: post POA
Disclaimer: This fiction is based on characters and situations created and owned by people far cleverer than I. No money is being made and no offense is intended. Characters are of legal age for sexual situations. Title is from 'Breathe (2am)' by Anna Nalick.

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Tags: fanfic:pg

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